A new elegant and casual women’s clothing store opens in Playa Del Carmen

Dinendance clothing store Playa Del Carmen

Dine ‘n’ Dance

A new women’s clothing store has opened in Playa Del Carmen. The name is Dine ‘n’ Dance referring to the perfect style to go out and have fun. This women’s clothing store is Caribbean inspired offering lightweight yet elegant and casual clothes. Most of the clothing is made in Europe with some artisanal items being made here in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Owners Arturo and Christoph have traveled Europe and looked at trends from St. Tropez, Capri, Mykonos and Ibiza among other trendy locations. This store is a welcome addition to Playa Del Carmen because it offers women a source of well made clothing with sensible styling.  Prices are also very good value, ranging from about 1000-3000 pesos.

Dine ‘n’ Dance offers dresses, blouses, skirts, shorts, pants, hats, beach bags and accessories. Dine n Dance Store Playa Del CarmenThe Dine ‘n’ Dance store on 1st Avenue and 28th Street in Playa Del Carmen.

Dinendance clothing store Playa Del Carmen
Here is a sampling of dresses and blouses you can find and Dine ‘n’ Dance.


Dinendance clothing store Playa Del Carmen
Local handmade hats hang above the clothing at Dine ‘n’ Dance.

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Email contact

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Where is the Dine ‘n’ Dance store?

You can find this store on the corner of 1st Avenue and 28th Street. This is just one block off 5th Avenue. They also have a second location in Playa Del Carmen on 5th Avenue between 38th Street and 40th Street.

Dine & Dance Store
The second location of Dine & Dance in Playa Del Carmen.

Store hours

Monday-Sunday 9:00am-10:00pm.

Have you been to the new Dine ‘n’ Dance clothing store? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

Dinendance clothing store Playa Del Carmen
A view of the interior of Dine ‘n’ Dance store in Playa Del Carmen.


  1. I shopped at Dine ‘n’ Dance today. The clothing is fashionable & eclectic. Perfect resort wear or going out for an evening of fun.
    Arturo has great taste and can assist you in picking out just the right thing.
    Gracious Arturo, love you and Dine ‘n’ Dance – we’ll be back next year!

    • We are so happy your found this new store. It is good to have another option for women here with good taste and quality.

  2. La tienda está súper bonita. Todo es de primera calidad y los precios están accesibles. Si buscas un estilo muy playero, cómodo y elegante Dine’n’Dance es la mejor opción. Los dueños están ahí para asesorarte y buscar las mejores opciones para tu outfit. Esta muy céntrico en . La calidad, los colores, y el estilo muy original. Definitivamente lo recomiendo

  3. Fabulous store with high quality imported clothes and acessories for women. Whether you are skinny or full figure, you will find something to suit your size. Great owners! Unique, a must!!!

  4. I went to playa del carmen for a wedding party and I was very lucky to find them. They have beautiful stuff. Very casual, nice colours, nice quality and they have all sizes. The stuff is very nice, very friendly and very helpfull. I really recomend this shop because it was a great experience, and I received nice complements from friends how I looked.

  5. If you are in Playa del Carmen you must stop by Dine’N’Dance. Not your ordinary 5th Ave clothing store. It is a unique boutique featuring chic flowing feminine fashion for women of all shapes, sizes and ages. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful finding my size and recommending pieces designed to flatter and impress. High quality and reasonably priced you can find clothing fit for any occasion. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

  6. I do agree with all the other people that found this store so nice. I loved the range of clothing for women. This is a great addition to Playa and the guys that run it are very nice!

  7. I loved the range of styles, colours and sizes. Beautiful clothing and very gracious a d friendly customer service. Well worth the effort. Thank you for a great shopping experience,

  8. Discovered this gem on my last visit to Playa. We returned daily to always find new treasures. The owners are professional and love what they do! The store itself is a doll house! The clothes are out of this world!
    I travel all over the world and this boutique holds its own in comparison to style, selection
    and quality. Cannot wait to return!!

    • Hello Susan

      We are glad to hear you had such a good experience at this store. Your recommendation no doubt will help other people find it. Thank you for supporting one of the good businesses in Playa Del Carmen.

  9. My sister and I so enjoyed our shopping experience at Dine ‘n’Dance. We could have bought out the whole store. Arturo and Chris helped us find outfits and gave us their expertise on if they looked nice! We had a jewelry party this afternoon ( handmade in Mexico) and recommended it to our amigas! We even modeled the clothing! Thank you!

  10. We thoroughly enjoyed our shopping experience at Dine ‘n Dance. The clothing selection is casual with a unique flair, perfect for warm evenings in Mexico. Arturo is a wonderful host! I highly recommend this shop to visitors and locals.

  11. What an amazing store. The clothing is unlike all of the other stores on 5th. The soft pastel colours of the fabrics are similar to what I have seen in Europe. Arturo was very helpful and a wonderful man.
    I will definitely be back.

  12. Christoph and Arturo are very simpatico and have distinctive taste. Their shirts, dresses and colors flatter all shapes, sizes and skin tones and I would return to Playa del Carmen just to shop here.

  13. Dine’n’Dance is an Amazing little boutique!! We had fun shopping here on several occasions during our vacation. Special items hand selected make the shopping exciting. Arturo and Christoph are the boutiques owners. They are wonderful people. Theresa also works for them and is simply outstanding!! This little gem is a must when in Playa Del Carmen!!

  14. I was visiting Mexico for the week and had a few hours in Playa Del Carmen. Thrilled to have happened upon this fabulous shop. I bought two dresses and a lovely bracelet. Not always easy to find high quality and reasonable prices but this store offers just that. Such a great selection of stand out dresses and honestly I had to drag myself out as I wanted to buy more! The owners are lovely friendly people. If I had been in Mexico longer I would of gone back for sure as the dress I bought was so beautiful and under $60.00 I considered getting one in a different colour. If you’re in Playa Del Carmen do check this store out!

  15. I visited Dine ‘n’ Dance today with friends. Their clothes are fun and sassy and charming. Arturo was helpful and friendly and I plan to get in another visit before My PdC stay is over. I love the dress I bought because I can wear it on vacation and at home during the summer. Their clothes are out of the ordinary, and there is something for every woman.

  16. I shopped here twice in five days . Wonderful collection of casual to dressy. Lots of linen “resort” style dresses and silk tops. Clothes made in Mexico, Greece and Italy. Terrific shop!

  17. We stayed in Playa for a month and not a week went by without us not passing by at this wonderful boutique! The owners have such a great taste, the clothes are beautiful and special, the place ist always nicely decorat d and the attention and service is superb. Really a gem in Playa! Make sure you go – it is worthwhile in many respects. We are looking forward to summer in Germany, so we can wear our nice shorts and dresses!

  18. What a lovely Store, we stoped by Dine’n’Dance and we really had Fun. The clothes are high quality, beautiful colection, the prices are razonable, nice people working there, And we are looking forward to wear our clothes in Mexico city.

  19. We found this gem while in Playa and were very impressed with the quality and fashionable clothing at Dine n Dance. The owners Arturo and Chris are super charming and have a great eye for fashion, and the selection of clothing is exceptional compared to other shops in Playa. Will certainly be going back next year to see what they have in store. LOVE my new top guys!!

  20. Do yourself a favor and get off 5th Ave. Find Dine n Dance on 1st Ave. you won’t be disappointed

    Dine n Dance is the place to buy all your vacation fashions. I loved shopping here last month. Everything I bought I can easily wear at home in Southern California

    The place is charming and the owners are amazing. Their fashion sense is fresh and feminine. High quality with very reasonable pricing

    Arturo knew exactly what I needed to try on and he was’t wrong. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  21. It’s been a LONG time since I have enjoyed clothes shopping. I went to Dine n Dance the other day and had a blast! Arturo was so helpful. I tried on things I would have never considered without his help and left with 3 outfits for the rare “gala” dinners here in Playa. I love the natural fabrics and the feminine styles. Thanks Arturo – it was fun!

  22. I love this store! I love their clothes, everything is very beautiful, the decoration! Everything is beautiful! Thanks to Carolina for your attention and patience !! I love! We hope to see you next year!

  23. Visité la tienda durante mis vacaciones y me quedé impresionada desde el primer momento. ¡Todavía estoy encantada con el ambiente y la mercancia! vestidos muy especiales y maravillosas! ¡Tienes que visitar dine’n’dance en Playa del Carmen si buscas piezas únicas y bonitas! Y lo mejor: ahora hay una segunda tienda en 5ta avenida entre calles 38 y 40 – Love it!!!

  24. I was in Playa del Carmen and found the new shop of Dine & Dance…. Amazing… Fine clothes and a wonderful staff. Best of all Arturo, he knows what woman makes beautiful. I will come back to shop more….. ?

  25. I love this boutique Dine & Dance !!! such an elegant & classy designs full of fun and colourful clothing, cool linens and funky unique styles !! I come here every time we’re in playa del Carmen which is every year for the last several !! Cant wait to go visit our favourite store & amazing staff Teresa & Arturo are beautiful people ❤️ You must go see there new ! Second location on 5th ave between 38 & 40 street .. just look fir the white or pink bicycle just outside the store !! You will fall in love it’s a MUST see store !! Trust me ?

  26. We are from Houston and we were at Playa del Carmen last week and we stoped at Dine’n’Dance. They have beautiful stuff. We bought a few dresses and we love the natural fabrics and feminine style.Everything is very unique and the prices are good too. Now they have 2 stores and the other is on the 5th.Av between 38 and 40th St. Look for the beautiful bycicles outside from the shops. By the way… They have now mens collection.

  27. I was recently in Playa Del Carmen and had the opportunity to stop in at Dine and Dance. Arturo and Kristof have a fantastic shop – so many beautiful articles of clothing to choose from. There are sizes for everyone – whether you are a size 2 or 16, there is something for you. They have 2 shops – one on 5th Avenue, and one on 1st. Both have the same quality of clothing, and the prices are identical – you don’t pay any more at the shop on 5th Avenue than you do on 1st. The staff is exceptionally friendly as well – offering choices for you to consider, but not pushing them to you. Special thanks to Teresa for her care and attention to my shopping! Love this store!!

  28. Dine and Dance is by far my favorite clothing boutique in all of Playa del Carmen. I live here in Playa, and every time I walk past their beautiful store front they have new attire and always something that pulls me in. The store is always clean, the staff is always smiling, and the clothes and accessories are sophisticated with a side of glam. Love!

  29. This was my 2nd tríp to Playa del Carmen, and I always like to do shopping and see what is New. Dine’n’Dance is my favorite Shop in town and I didn’t know that the have another Shop on the 5th.Av It is very pretty and belive me… They have the Best prices, quality and designs.
    If you have chance, go and visit them cause the stuff and the staff are really nice. Specially Anat and Arturo.

  30. I love the two Dine and Dance boutiques in Playa del Carmen and have met the 2 owners. Wonderful men with a great taste in women’s clothing. You will find something that is perhaps a one of a kind that you will not see at home. Arturo found me a number of nice things. You have to try them on because my dress that I bought I did not like on the hanger but once I had it on it was ME! I walked out with a few Dine & Dance t-shirts and sweat pants for our cold weather at home! Make sure you visit both stores because I found different things in both!!!

  31. My girlfriend and I visited the Dine ‘n’ Dance in on our last holidays to Playa, as we walked by on the famous fifth avenue, she spotted a dress that caught her attention and instantly fell in love with it, she was so happy and excited which was a plus for our trip, they also have a clothing line for men, which was a great surprise, it’s fresh and a unique elegant style, I couldn’t resist picking up something for me! Highly appreciated!

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