Yearly Calendar of Events for Playa Del Carmen

Celebrating Mexican independence day in Playa Del Carmen

Looking for Playa Del Carmen events to enjoy? Well here is a list of annual holidays and what and when things usually happen so you can plan to attend some of the fun events that are here. We will try to update this list when we hear of new things.  This calendar is not meant to be a exact dates but rather a general guide. See links to websites of some events for exact details.

Playa Del Carmen Events Calendar

Besides events that take place on a certain date here are some things that take place daily or weekly. There is also one place to check out as an event space in Playa Del Carmen. It is the open plaza (called 28 de Julio) in front of the Palacio Municipal (City Hall). This area is used for events, concerts, expositions, and fairs. This square is between 15th Avenue and 20th Avenue and 8th. Street and 10th Street.

Two thing that happen every week is:

  • Every Thursday is Art in Quinta. This is an art exhibit of local artist on 5th Avenue. It is usually from 24th Street until 30th Street and the best time to view the art is about from 7:00pm-10:00pm.
  • In Parque Fundadores there are Mayan dancers performing in the evening and papantla dancers performing throughout the day.

Playa Del Carmen Events and Holidays in January

January 1st-New Years Day (Año Nuevo). The day traditionally starts with people being up all night and going to the beach to see the sunrise for the new year. The city starts to come alive after noon on New Years Day after being up all night.

January 1-3 is DJ Fest At Mamitas. This is an music festival at Mamitas Beach Club with national and international DJ’s.

January 6th- Dia de Los Santos Reyes. This is when some in Mexico exchange Christmas presents. There is also a special bread called rosca which you will see in supermarkets. It is kind of like fruitcake. There are hidden plastic babies and whoever gets it in their piece has to make tamales on February 2nd.

At the end of January and usually going into February is the Arena Festival. It is a five day gay and lesbian dance and music festival.

Playa Del Carmen Events and Holidays in February

February 2nd- is Día de la Candelaria. This is a day that families get together to have tamales.

The first Monday in February is Constitution Day (Día de la Constitución). Most employees have this day off. Banks and government offices are closed. Some private businesses close.

The week before Ash Wednesday is Canival. This is celebrated in Playa and the parades have been getting bigger and better each year. The parade usually includes some of 5th Avenue and Constituyentes Avenue. There is a stage in the Municipal Park on 20th Avenue between 8th Street and 10th Street where there are shows and dancing.

Here is a short video we made to show you the parade for Carnival.

February 14th-Valentines Day.

February 22-28th are the dates for the Cozumel Carnival for 2017

February 24th is Flag Day in Mexico. You will see more flags around town on this day.

Playa Del Carmen Events
A proud Mexican flag waves on the beach.

Playa Del Carmen Events and Holidays in March

Third Monday in March is the birthday of Benito Juarez (Natalicio de Benito Juárez). Most employees get off for this day.

Around March 20th is the spring equinox. This is the day to go to Chichen Itza to see the shadow line up with the main pyramid and form the snake shadow.

Semana Santa or Holy week can fall in late March. This period is one of the busiest times in Playa Del Carmen because most Mexicans have off and they love coming to the beach. Check out our gallery of 7 Signs it is Semana Santa in Playa.

Playa Del Carmen Events and Holidays in April

Semana Santa or Holy week can fall in early April. This period is one of the busiest times in Playa Del Carmen because most Mexicans have off and they love coming to the beach. Check out our gallery of 7 Signs it is Semana Santa in Playa.

The Cozumel Air Show usualy falls in April. Although there was a tragic crash that resulted in a death so we will have to see if this show continues. To see the show it is best to go to Cozumel. This is a free event and you get to see a lot of aerial acrobatics with planes.

Around the middle of April look for the Riviera Maya Film Festival. This is a week long showing of multiple films around town and the area. Many of them are international award winners and best of all, it is all free! This is a highlight to culture vultures in the area.

April 30th- Children’s Day. You will see many post on Facebook but no official celebrations.

Playa Del Carmen Events and Holidays in May

May 1st- Is Mexican Labor Day (Día del Trabajo) Most employees have off on this day.

May 5th- Cinco De Mayo. Expect no official celebrations but every bar will have specials.

May 10-Mothers Day. No official celebrations but cards are exchanged and mothers are treated to dinners out.

In Mid May (sometimes April) look for the Cozumel Air Show. It is better to go to Cozumel to see it but you may see a little from the shore in Playa. It is a great spectacle of high flying adventure.

In the end of May look for the Sacred Mayan Journey. This is a large boat launch between the mainland and Cozumel. Everyone is traditionally dressed and rows the boats over and back. It is a event with tons of photo opportunities.

Playa Del Carmen Events and Holidays in June

June 1st-Navy Day in Mexico. You will not notice much being done for this holiday.

The third Sunday of June is Fathers Day.

Playa Del Carmen Events and Holidays in July

In Mid July look for the Festival of Virgin of Carmen. There is usually a parade somewhere in town (usually Juarez Avenue) and look for a tent with events in front of the Plaza Municipal.

There is usually a Fair in Playa in July. This can be an innocent and fun thing for families. (See Gallery here of what Fairs are like here).

July 28th is the yearly anniversary of Playa Del Carmen.

Playa Del Carmen Events and Holidays in August

Nothing Yet! Actually that is pretty funny, we have not heard of anything yet.

Playa Del Carmen Events and Holidays in September

Check for the dates of the Corona Elements music festival. This is a new music venue for the Yucatan Peninsula.

September 16th-Mexican Independence Day (Día de la Independencia). This is always celebrated on the 16th. every year. This will be the best time of the year to see fireworks.

Check for the Xplor Bravest Race event. This can be a great fun race to do (See gallery here). This can take place September or October.

Playa Del Carmen Events and Holidays in October

October 31st-is Halloween in Playa. This is a huge party. Families stroll 5th Avenue in costumes and then after 11:00pm the adults head to 12th Street to party late in the night. This is a great time to be in Playa (see the link to the gallery).

Xcaret does their annual Day of the Dead festival. This takes place October 30th-November 2nd. For more about what it is like to attend Xcaret’s Day of the Dead, see our article here.

Playa Del Carmen Events and Holidays in November

November 1-2 is Day of the Dead. This blends into Halloween and makes for a long holiday period. You can see a special presentation of this in Xcaret Park.  You will also see special bread in the bakeries.

Mid November see Buen Fin. This is like Black Friday in the United States. This is a sales promotion leading up to the holidays.

November 20th is Revolution Day (Día de la Revolución). This is observed on the third Monday of November. Most employees have off on this day.

The forth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving (USA). Many places offer a special meal for this holiday. Check out our gallery here of how it looks in Playa Del Carmen for this holiday. Sorry Canadians, your Thanksgiving is not really celebrated here.

In late November look for the Rivera Maya Jazz Festival. This is a free event with professional jazz acts from around the world. This is a several day event. This usually takes place on the beach by Mamitas Beach Club.

Playa Del Carmen Events
Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

Usually the end of November is the Ironman competition in Cozumel. Hotels in Cozumel fill up but it can be a great weekend activity to go see by taking the ferry across to Cozumel.

Playa Del Carmen Events and Holidays in December

December 12th- is Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Sometimes there is a religious procession in town. Leading up to this holiday you will see people running and biking on the highways with torches and statues of the Virgin of Guadalupe. People make pilgrimages all over Mexico during this time. It is important to keep a watchful eye out for people on the road. Also expect to hear fireworks in communities around Playa Del Carmen.

December 25th-Christmas day. Most Employees have off on this day.

Christmas in Playa Del Carmen
Frosty the snowman even came to town!

December 28th-Day of the Innocents. This is the Mexican equivalent of April Fools Day. There are lots of practical jokes on this day. Watch out for crazy Facebook post and even weird headlines in the news papers

December 31st-New Years Eve. This is when almost everyone in Playa goes out for dinner and then heads to 12th Street to party all night in the different bars and clubs. See our gallery of how Playa does New Years here.


Is there a yearly Playa Del Carmen event we should add here? What is your favorite event or time of year in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. This is a good guide to events in Playa Del Carmen. We had been looking online and found your site. you have lots of other great stuff too! Thanks.

  2. This is a very useful calendar of events for Playa del Carmen. We have added it to our guest house references for people to check out.

    • Hello Josh

      Thanks for adding us as a reference.We also hope to have daily events soon so people can know what is going on in Playa Del Carmen. Stay toned.

    • Hello Howard

      Just before Christmas there are concerts and dance recitals in the Plaza Municipal and now the Theater of the City is open. There will be some events there. If we hear of anything we can post it here. Thanks for asking.

  3. Hello. We are in Playa del Carmen and looking to party for independence day this Thursday. Looking forward to the fireworks and seeing all the kids dressed up.

  4. This is a good list of things that go on in Playa Del Carmen. We know it is hard to know what exactly will be going on because things are announced like a week ahead of time. Living here we just randomly go by the Palacio Municipal and see what is playing. It is random and sometimes we luck out with some big performance.

  5. My favorite event in Playa is Halloween. This is a world class holiday event that is a happy event and many great and creative people make great costumes. I think people should just come to Playa for this event!

  6. Is there anything special going on for Halloween this year in Playa del Carmen? We want to attend some events. Thanks.

  7. Last December there was an artisan market type of show going on in Parque Leona Vicario. Wondering if this is happening this December too?

    • Hello Lesley

      Last year there were some crafts people from Chiapas that were in the park. We have not been by lately to see if they are there now. We will go by and see for you and let you know if we see them.

  8. Your website has been incredibally helpful planning our upcoming trip! Thank you for all of your time and effort:)
    I just realized that my family and I will be there during carnival. Parades and music sound really fun… but I am a little worried about crowds in the city, being able to sit down in a restaurant to eat, and busy beaches during the day. Is there a lot of commotion in the city for all or Carnival? We are staying on the north side of town.

    • Hello Family of 3

      The carnival is not that big in Playa Del Carmen. The larger carnival is in Cozumel. Here it will consist of a parade down 5th and then on Constituyentes where they will meet the floats and parade to the City Hall. There will be concerts at the City Hall but that is not near where you are staying. Only during the parade will 5th Avenue be crowded. This will be about 40 minutes, so nothing to worry about. The beaches will be normal. We hope you have a great time here and let us know if you need anything else.

    • Hello Kenny

      There is a big dance event happening this Sunday April 30 at Chou Chou café. That is on 20th Avenue and 24th. Besides supporting a nice show you can have a good coffee or meal there. Enjoy!

  9. Pretty decent list of events. I would love to know about art openings or local jazz nights but I know these things change all the time.

    • Things will be getting ready for the Christmas season. There will be décor in stores and around the Palacio Municipal. There might be some concert around the Palacio or in the Theater of the City. There is no schedule as yet for events. Usually the local ballet performs also, usually in the Theater of the City on the other side of the highway.

  10. There is an Art With Me – Eco Festival in Tulum April 22 – 26, 2020. It is an eclectic mix of Art, Music, Food, Culture, Wellness, and social involvement across Tulum.

    • Thank you for sending us a message. If this becomes an annual event, we can permanently add this to the events calendar.

    • 5th Avenue is busy from about 7pm onward and is a collection of people in costumes. It is not a parade sort of speak. It is a stroll of people that are out to enjoy the night.

  11. Hello my family and I will be going to playa middle of December’23. Are there any events occurring during that time? Thank you !

    • There might be a Christmas music event by the City Hall where they just redid the park. Or by the Portal Maya statue. Other than that, the Jazz Festival was a big event just before December and then people are just focused on Christmas and New Years. You can check out article on Live Music venues. There is a link there to a Facebook group that post the weeks schedule of live music, and there might be something special during December.

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