Art in 5th Avenue

Thursday night event in Playa Del Carmen

Art, 5th Avenue , Playa Del Carmen
Art in 5th Avenue Playa Del carmen

Art in 5th Avenue every Thursday in Playa Del Carmen

Every Thursday night there are artist that set up easel on 5th Avenue. This program has successfully been going for years, supporting artist and the arts in Playa. Don’t think of this as just some street art though, some of the artist are internationally recognized and just show here on the side. This is a great opportunity to buy from local artist as well to take a stroll and enjoy the vibrancy of 5th Avenue. We will be bringing you articles on individual artist that are from the Playa Del Carmen area.

The location is mostly from 24th Street until 32nd Street on 5th Avenue. When it is not Thursday night you can still catch some of the artist next to Quinta Alegria Mall on 16th Street between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue.

Art, 5th Avenue , Playa Del Carmen

Art, 5th Avenue , Playa Del Carmen

Art, 5th Avenue , Playa Del Carmen

Art, 5th Avenue , Playa Del Carmen

Art, 5th Avenue , Playa Del Carmen

Art, 5th Avenue , Playa Del Carmen

Art, 5th Avenue , Playa Del Carmen

Art, 5th Avenue , Playa Del Carmen


Art, 5th Avenue , Playa Del Carmen
If you like this last artist, they you should read our article about this artist Jacobo Roa. He is one if Playa Del Carmen’s best artist and has an interesting story. Maybe once you read about him you will have a greater appreciation for the paintings you see on 5th Avenue.

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  1. It is so cool that Playa del Carmen has this art show in 5th each week. We love strolling along each week to see the artist. There are some very talented ones!

  2. I was there the 17th of December and there was a woman who was the artist and her helped her translate. She had beautiful paintings of women and couples…one with a Champaign in particular. I really want to buy her art but I don’t have her contact. Can anyone help me. I can’t stop thinking about those paintings.

    • Hello
      We will try to get list of artist and their contacts because many people ask us. We will hope to post this by next week. Thanks

      • I saw an artist this past Thursday, 3/1 on 5th. He had paintings on cotton paper with copper leaf. There were lots of them, with a few variations on skulls, hearts and different animals. Do you have his contact info by any chance? Thanks in advance!

        • Hello Meredith

          No sorry we don’t. We have asked several times to the artist to give us a list and contacts but they never have done this. We will keep asking.

  3. Hello- I saw some art a couple weeks ago downtown and don’t know contact info. Does anyone have the artist’s websites?

    • We have asked the artiest several times to get contacts but they have not given us a list yet. Can you describe the art? We might know the artist.

  4. hello we were there in November and saw some pictures during the art show, there were actual pictures and developed on metallic paper that apparently could hold up in the moisture and could be wiped clean. many of the photos were Playa related. we went back another night and he was not present. are you familiar with this male photographer, I believe french was his first language?

    • We are not sure what artist you are referring to. We have tried to get them to give us a list of artist because many people ask about them after they see them once on 5th but they miss them again. Sorry we are not able to help you.

  5. i am looking for contact info for the artist who paints using a straw to move the paint on the canvas. some of his work was featured in the first photo of the above article

    • This artist is usually always on 5th near 26th Street on Thursday evenings. Sorry we don’t have more contact info for him.

  6. We’re heading to PDC in a few weeks from a cruise. We’re really looking for some art and paintings. We won’t be there for the Thursday night showing of artists. Can somebody recommend some of the nicer galleries to visit.

    • Hello Doug

      There is a gallery on 5th down a small alley way between 6th street and 8th Street. There is also an art shop with high end statues just near the entrance. There is also a gallery on 5th beetween 40th Street and 42nd Street.

  7. we were there in march 2017 and there was an artist shop on 5th and calle 40. it is not there anymore. does anyone know that artist name. his paintings were textured oil paintings mostly of the fishing boats tethered by ropes to the shores on playa.

    • If it the one we are thinking of, he is still there. It might have been closed. He has been in Playa for years.

  8. who is the artist that painted the 2nd set of pictures in this artice–yellow background with the tree?

    • We will try. We have asked several of the artist in the past for a list of their contacts so people could find them more easily, but this has not happened yet.

  9. I’m trying to find the artist that had paintings of an elephant and another of a parrot. Both were on a white background, were abstract with beautiful explosions of color. We saw them on March 8.

  10. Also looking for an artist that had a ‘fish’ mural- he had one in golds and was working on one in silvers/blues around March 5-6. I believe that he was also the one with the ‘straw blowing’ mentioned above? It rained the 3 nights following when we were trying to go back to purchase. Would LOVE contact info. Thank you- and thank you for your forum.

    • I’m looking for this same artist as well. Huge canvas painting of elephant with explosion of color. Please let me know if anyone finds out who this is!!

  11. There is a man who has the most amazing photography of doors and lanscapes. Does anyone have any idea of who he is or how to contact him? Foolishly we “thought” about it and never came back.

  12. Hi
    I am looking for an artist. I have his cArd but put the web address does not take me to a website for him. The name on the card is Dalfora artista plastico ; David Alfonso Guevara L.
    He has a large painting of the Statue of Liberty that I can’t believe I didn’t buy when I was there. I would love to buy it if it’s still available. Please help me get in touch with him.

  13. Who is the photographer in the second photo with the black and white pictures with touches of color (underneath the yellow tree picture). I have two photos of his and am dying to purchase more.


  14. I just left this past weekend. I saw a gentleman that had paintings of elephants and Frida Kahlo. Abstract and extremely colorful, absolutely beautiful! We were going to purchase a tall painting of half of Frida Kahlo but didn’t have enough cash to purchase on us. Would love to get in contact with the artist to purchase and have it shipped! Please help!!

  15. My parents were there and saw a painting of a large white owl with bright blue eyes they loved but didn’t buy. The artist gave them his business card which actually had that painting on it but they can’t find the card now to get his contact information. Does anyone know who he is or how to contact him?

  16. On January 17/19 I saw a painting on 5th ave at artwalk of a bleeding heart dripping and a woman in the painting. Who is the artist and contact info?

  17. Thank you so much for all the comments! They helped me track down an artist there and I couldnt have done it with out this page!!

  18. Hi, it is possible to have the name and contact phone number or e-mail of the person who I have to contact to see if I can show my art on this space.

    I appreciate very much,thank you.

  19. My family visited in Sept. 2020 andmy son purchased a painting from an artist named H luriel A. If you could send me his contact info I would appreciate it. My son wants to purchase another one of his paintings. He said he had an instagram account but we can’t find him. Thank you!

  20. Is it possible for expats now living here in Playa Del Carmen to showcase our work on Thursday nights? If so, does anyone have the email/contact information of the person to speak with?

    Many thanks

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