Cool Rides of Playa Del Carmen

Cars, bikes and modified cars

Cool Rides of Playa

A look at Classic cars in Mexico and fun rides

This is a cool look at how people get around in Playa Del Carmen get around. With warm temps and creative people there are some classic cars in Mexico. There are many modified cars (especially in Cozumel).We hope you enjoy the gallery and make sure you check out the other fun galleries of Playa Del Carmen that give a little insight into how people live here.

Classic cars in Mexico
An old VW Thing.


Tiny van in Playa Del Carmen
First minivan.


VW Bug in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
A modified VW Bug in Playa Del Carmen.


Mexico classic cars
Is it a truck or a Bug?


mopeds, playa del carmen
Mopeds are a very popular means of getting around.


Mini truck in Playa Del Carmen
These little trucks make for fun deliver vans.


car, playa del carmen
Old VW bug modified into “truck”??


Dune buggy in Playa Del Carmen
Street legal dune buggy.


car, playa del carmen
Traveling van!!!


car, playa del carmen
All lit up for driving at night.


Moter bike in Playa Del Carmen
Most customized scooter in Playa!


old car, playa del carmen
VW thing in blue.


old car, playa del carmen
VW thing in red.


Car in Playa Del Carmen
Rental buggy.


Car in Playa Del Carmen
Homemade convertible car.


cars in playa del carmen
This green makes this van stand out!


Old car Playa Del Carmen
Driving old school! Actually this car was for a road rally here.


moter bike in Playa Del Carmen
Looks like it drove from Thailand to Mexico!


VW thing car in Playa Del Carmen Mexico
VW thing in army green.


cool modified car in Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Futuristic VW Bug


Classic car in Mexico
Blue driving machine.


cars in Playa Del Carmen
Herbie lives in Playa!


cars in Playa Del Carmen
Driving around with a little advertising for the be playa Hotel.


Car in Playa Del Carme Mexico
Art on four wheels.


Old truck in Playa Del Carmen
Back form the past and looking like the future truck.


Modified car in Playa Del Carmen
Is this a Jeep???


Cool Cars of Playa Del Carmen Mexico
These people are going places and have been places!


Fun car in Playa Del Carmen
Loco little car.


Old car in Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Romantic car from the 1960’s.


Car Playa Del Carmen
Is this car real life size or a miniature???



car, playa del carmen
Cutest car award!


car, playa del carmen
Replica car.


car, playa del carmen
Where is your car? It is over there hiding buy the wall!


car, playa del carmen
This car needs a paint job and gas lid.


Cool Rides of Playa
There goes the water deliver guy.


car, playa del carmen
Chop chop, you have a convertible van now!


Cool Rides of Playa
How do five people take one motorcycle?


car, playa del carmen
Black buggy.


car, playa del carmen
Another convertible VW Bug.


gulf cart, playa del carmen
A golf cart will get you around in Playa.


car, playa del carmen
When James Bond is in town.


car, playa del carmen
Yellow buggy.


Cool Rides of Playa
Golf cart on steroids.

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  1. Great pictures! Do you know if there is anywhere in Playa, or nearby, where you can rent old VW cars, vans or buggies for the day?

    • Hello Jakie

      On Cozumel you can rent buggies and older VW Bugs. In Playa there was a place on 10th Avenue between 8th and 10th that rented buddies or modified cars. Just remember that usually any coverage with your credit card does not cover modified cars and in Mexico you need to purchase liability insurance.

  2. I’m looking for transportation for my wedding guests from the hotel to the chapel, a limo for the wedding party and a vintage car for myself and my fiancĂ©

    • Hello Christina

      We do not know of any company that does vintage car rental here. Vintage cars take a pounding with salt and sun. You might find a VW bug with a sunroof and that would be very Mexican and sort of vintage. You will have to search around but we don’t have any suggestions for you, sorry.

    • We don’t have any clue either. We only have seen scooters for rent or cars. You can always rent a golf cart on Isla Mujeres or Isla Holbox.

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