Babe’s Noodles and Bar Review

Asian Fusion, Thai and Vegetarian

Babe's Noodles, bar, playa del carmen
Babe's Noodles and Bar

Babe’s Noodles and Bar

It is hard to get good Asian food in Playa Del Carmen, in part because you cannot find the ingredients. The other part is people don’t know how to cook Asian. This is why it is nice to go to Babe’s Noodles and Bar. They serve up some good noodles in various Asian styles among other international noodle dishes and plates  (not to forget salads and curries). Each dish is freshly made and can be ordered in whole or half portions. If you ask most people about this place everyone says how good it is because of the taste, and this is very true from our experience.

The restaurant is small and casual with a few tables on 10th Street. There is seating at the bar and if you sit there you will get wafts of delicious smells coming from the kitchen.

Babe's Noodles and Bar
The new interior of Babe’s.

The Menu at Babe’s Noodles and Bar

Most people know it for their Asian noodles. They have the recipes down and the consistency is great. You can see why they have been open since 2000. Expect to have a tasty meal every time. Below are some photos of plates of noodles. Prices for a plate are around 130-230.

Babe's Noodles and BarBabe's Noodles and BarBabe's Noodles and Bar

One very special thing on the menu are the Swedish meatballs. Once you taste them, they will take you to your mothers kitchen, to Sweden  and back to Mexico. The mash potatoes, pickled cucumber salad and meatballs with lingonberry sauce is a great combination!

Babe's Noodles and Bar
The Swedish meatballs that are a must try list!

The bar at Babe’s

They have a good drink menu here and some creative drinks. There have a whole range of frozen drinks here like the Mezcalitas. They are fruit flavored frozen drinks with a little mezcal in them and they are only 55 pesos! They are big to and great for cooling down your evening.

Babe's Noodles and Bar Playa del Carmen
Frozen mango mezcalita drink at Babe’s


For a nice casual night out try here for delicious Asian noodles. Get a frozen drink and enjoy! Expect to pay about 180-220 pesos per person here.



Tuesday-Sundays 1:00pm-12 midnight

Phone Number



The restaurant is conveniently located in the center of Playa Del Carmen on 10th Street between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue.

Have you been to Babe’s Noodles and Bar? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.


  1. Hello. I’m a representative of Babe’s. They are open. Would you like to come down for dinner. Or happy hour. ? Check out our Facebook for more details. Please please please. Repost that we ARE open.


    • Hello Ramona

      We have updated this article but we would like to get to know the new Babe’s. We emailed you but your email address did not work. Can you contact us via email please?

    • We have emailed twice because we want to update this article but we have never heard back. We will email you again today. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about this place. We went to Babes years ago and are glad they are still open. We will have to go back out next time.

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