3 Great Activities Around Halloween in Playa Del Carmen

Halloween in Playa Del Carmen

 3 Great Activities Around Halloween in Playa Del Carmen

As you might know, Halloween is more of a holiday celebrated in the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. Mexico has “Dia de Muertos” or Day of the Dead. But did you know that in the Mayan culture there is another festival also around the same time of year and it is related to death and afterlife as well? The Mayan holiday is called Hanal Pixan.  Mexico has also adopted Halloween. With three holidays all in a four day period, it is a busy time in Playa Del Carmen. So what is there to do for Halloween in Playa Del Carmen and these other holidays? Here are some ideas for you.

Note: Each year we will update this article before Halloween so you can find out about the best events and things to check out.

Visit Xcaret for the Festival of Life and Death

Xcaret Park does a four day festival of special events for the Day of the Dead.  At this special event you will see decorated alters, concerts, expositions, dancers and more. Visit and explore the traditions of Mexico. This special event will take place October 30th, 31st and November 1st and 2nd. This year marks the 14 year of this festival.  It is becoming a popular tradition in Playa Del Carmen to visit for the event.  For tickets click the link below to go to the official page. To see what this event is like, see our article here on Xcaret’s Festival of Life and Death

Visit a Mayan village for Hanal Pixan 

For those looking for a more authentic look at local Maya culture, you can visit a local community. there have been several tour companies in the past that arranged tours, but these have now changed. We will update you if other tours are started to these communities. 

Hanal Pixan Riviera Maya
Shaman during the Hanal Pixan ceremony.

Walk 5th Avenue on October 31st in costume or to see costumes

For people that have not been in Playa Del Carmen for Halloween, you are in for a surprise! This is a huge party in Playa and thousands of people come out in costume. People start walking up and down 5th Avenue around 8:00pm. Most people stroll to look at other costumes and some people give our candy to kids. Each year there are some crazy and creative costumes.

At around 11:00pm the kids go home, and the adults go to 12th Street to party. This is the street that has most of the night clubs. You do not even need to get into a club because the street will be filled with revelers. Be prepared for a long night!

What do you like to do in Playa Del Carmen for Halloween or one of the other festivals related to this time of year? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Halloween in Playa Del Carmen 2014 Photos

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  1. I am planning on being downtown in the crowd for Halloween, and plan on having a bag of candy to distribute to the kids. What is the social etiquite? How do you signal you have candy, or do you approach the kids? Is there a “trick-or-treat” phrase in Spanish I need to expect?

    • You will have no problem giving out candy. Kids will come to you. There is an expression but not used as much as trick or treat. Hands out means they want candy. We are sure will get a lot of attention.

      • I had a GREAT time passing out candy to the kids. As you said, it was easy to flag down interested kids. A couple of “feeding frenzies” aside, it was a blast. I highly recommend grabbing a bag here stateside (think of it as reserving space for return souvenirs B-) ) and joining the party!

  2. Hi! I would like to offer realistic injury makeup for Halloween for $300 MX on 5th avenue. Do you think I can just bring my makeup/materials and doing the makeup directly on that street during the day?

    • Street vendors on 5th Avenue are regulated and need permits. It might be better if you go to peoples homes or rentals to offer professional makeup or offer it out of a salon.

  3. We would like to get our faces painted for the celebration on 5th Avenue. What day would be best and is that service available?

    • Hello Valerie

      Usually we hear of places but this year no one has said much about it. Usually most of the salons offer some face painting. Zona Caos Salon on Calle 28 between 1st and the beach we believe is doing some face painting event on the 31st but we do not have the full details.

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