Where to find the food trucks in Playa Del Carmen – StrEAT Park

Streat park Playa Del Carmen food trucks

Where to find the food trucks in Playa Del Carmen – StrEAT Park

StrEAT Park is a new concept for Playa Del Carmen. You don’t see food trucks in Playa Del Carmen actually on the street. This is because of regulations from the city. So a way around this is have food trucks on a lot. This is how StrEAT Park Playa Del Carmen came about.

A group of food truck owners decided to set up a place where they could all park and offer a range of food. This food truck paradise is on Constituyentes Avenue between 60th Avenue and 65th Avenue on the north side. We stopped by to show you what this place is like.

Our video intro to StrEAT Park

What type of food is served here?

There is a wide range of options at StrEAT Park. Here are some of the options:

  • Burritos
  • Enchiladas
  • Seafood tacos and tostadas
  • Gourmet hamburgers
  • Tortas or sandwiches

The prices are very reasonable and it is possible to eat for under 100 pesos. Because of this, we are adding this location to our Cheap Eats Guide where you can eat for under 100 pesos in Playa Del Carmen.

Streat park Playa Del Carmen food trucks
Mini hamburgers at StrEAT Park.

Other details for visiting StrEAT Park

  • There is a tented area so if it is raining you can still go here.
  • Check out Funbol in the back of the StrEAT Park. Here you kids and adults can play in huge inflatable balls that you wear. This is a great place for you kids to burn off the calories you just ate.
  • There are bathrooms here.


Tuesday-Sunday 12:00 noon to about 10:00pm. Closed Mondays.

Where is StrEAT Park food trucks?

Constituyentes Avenue between 60th and 65th on the north side.


For more about street food in Playa Del Carmen you can read about it here. There is also Mi Ranchito Playero Food Truck Village on the south end of town you can visit as well.

Have you been to see these food trucks in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

Streat park Playa Del Carmen food trucks
Sample menus at StrEAT Park in Playa Del Carmen.


  1. A bunch of us went after church on Sunday. The service was great, the food was awesome and the price was right.
    But if it rains the covered area will not protect you. We all got drenched!!!!

    • That is good to know Maureen about the rain. It rained a little when we were there but it was just drizzling. We are glad you found this place. They have not promoted it very much so we hope we help others find these food trucks in Playa Del Camren.

    • Hi Maureen, they already have an area to protect from rain!! I went yesterday and saw a couple of awning in front of the field. The burgers are really delicious!!

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