Do you know the saramuyo fruit? aka sugar apple or sweetsop fruit

Saramuyo fruit sweetsop

Do you know the saramuyo fruit? aka sugar apple or sweetsop fruit

These fruits might look like something that is edible but actually saramuyo fruit is tasty. This is just one of the interesting finds you can discover in local fruit markets in Mexico.

Saramuyo is native to Mexico as well as tropical Americas and the West Indies. This fruit is high in vitamin C and manganese and is a good source of thiamine and vitamin B6.

What does the saramuyo taste like and how to use it

Since one of the other names in English is  the custard apple, the name gives a hint to the flavor of this tropical fruit. A light custard flavor can be detected. It also can be likened to a light green melon with a mild taste

This fruit is best made into a water with the pulp or into ice cream.

What is this tropical fruit like on the inside?

From what looks like a dragon’s skin on the outside, the inside is soft and white. The stem protrudes into the heart of this fruit and is not edible. Inside you see large black seeds, these also are not edible.

The fruit is the part around the seeds and part of the inner rind. The sweetest part is the pulp around the seeds. However this is hard to separate from the seeds. The best way is by scooping it out with a spoon and sucking the fruit from around the seeds, then spitting out the seeds.

Saramuyo fruit sweetsop
The inside of the saramuyo fruit.

Where can you find saramuyo fruit in Playa Del Carmen?

These not so popular fruits will not be found in large supermarkets. Small local fruit markets will carry this when in season. One local fruit market is Fruiteria Esmeralda on CTM Avenue between 10th Avenue and 15th Avenue on the north side. Here you can find them selling saramuyo fruit.

Other tropical fruit to try in Playa Del Carmen

There is so much “new” stuff to try here if you visit or move here. We love exposing people to new taste and experiences. Here are some other foods to try:

  • Capulin fruit. These are a small red berry looking fruit that grows on trees.
  • Mamey fruit. This looks like a potato from the outside but inside it is bright orange.
  • Caimito fruit. Purple ball shapes fruits that arrive in March.

Have you tried the saramuyo fruit or sweetsop? What did you think? Did you find some clever ways to use it? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Hey I am so glad I found your website. We are moving to the area and are always looking to learn something new. We love exploring and finding new fruit and foods.

  2. Cool to know about these tropical fruits. I love exploring with my taste buds new things when traveling. Wonderful website!

  3. I have never seen or heard of this fruit before. So cool that you discovered this. We only get the “typical” fruit in our super market here in Minnesota. Looking forward to some new taste when in Playa Del Carmen.

  4. I love this fruit and miss it. We have them in India. Definitely will look for them in playa. We call it Sitafal in India.

  5. SARAMUYO is known in English as sugar apple or sweetsop, you can find it at the local markets or supermarkets in Yucatan.

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