Fruteria Esmeralda- Fruit and Vegetable market in Playa Del Carmen

Fruteria Esmeralda in Playa De Carmen

Fruteria Esmeralda is a bright a colorful market where you can buy your fruits and vegetables. This market is good if you are living on the north end of Playa and don’t want to Dac Market or another one.

Some of the things you can find here a fresh juice (homemade), herbs, eggs, beans, and most of your fruits and vegetables. Prices are good and better then some of the markets in the center of Playa.

Be sure to check out these other markets in Playa if you are looking to avoid the grocery stores.  Pacsadeli  is a small restaurant supplier that is open to the public or Sapori Di Casa which is an Italian specialty store. For fresh meat or seafood you could try these two independent markets as well.

Hours at Fruteria Esmeralda

Open Monday-Saturday 6:00am-7:00pm Sundays 6:00am-3:00pm

Fruteria Esmeralda in Playa De Carmen
The fresh fruit selection at Fruteria Esmeralda


Fruteria Esmeralda is on 46 Street (which is also called CTM Avenue) between 10th Avenue and 15th Avenue on the north side of the street.

Have you shopped here before? What do you think about this market? Have you found something you like? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. We were just in Playa del Carmen renting near this fruit store. We saw it on your site and love the small herbs and things we could get here. In that area there were not too many stores so it saved us from going to the big supermarket all the time. This place is a nice local find. Keep up all the good work and we love to see what you guys find in Playa. We plan on coming back this fall for a month and will be checking out your site for new stuff!

    • Thanks so much for reading the site and it is always nice to hear from readers who appreciate the little finds in Playa Del Carmen. We are glad it added to your enjoyment of the area and we will be working hard here to find new stuff and bring you more for your next time here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away and we will do our best to give you the answers.

  2. I am coming in April. Your website is great. I learned so much and love all the excursion you have. I can’t wait to visit. Also I love to eat all the tropical fruits. Is there a fruit store that sell local grown or wild fruit? is there any open market that the local go to? also, since it is a fish town, can you buy directly from the fisherman’s daily catch? thanks so much for all your work!

    • Hello Jen

      Thanks for rading our site and we are glad you are coming to visit this part of the world. We hope to have soon more info on local options for food. Unfortunately there are not great local markets. Valladolid has a good market to visit but that is about one and a half hours away. It is very Mayan and you can learn a lot about the region and food. There are fisherman that come ashore at CTM and the beach. This is just in the morning and you can buy. It is not super exciting though.

      • Thank you so much! I saw there’s a hand made market in Valladolid. So I will visit there too.
        Any tips for talking to fisherman to buy their catch? Is it just one boat or multiple boat? I am okay with not exciting. I care about the catch.

        • There is no catch to talking to the fisherman, just go down by the beach at the end of CTM Avenue. It is where they come ashore. They sell it there. There are also the fishing tours that leave from 14th Street but they don’t sell the fish but you can ask. They usually give it to the restaurant or to the guest to take to the hotel. If you go to Rio Lagartos there is a large fish market there and also in the town nest to it, San Rafael. There is a whole fish collective and you can buy as much as you want there, but it is far.

  3. Just curious….has anyone besides us noticed that the bell,peppers in Playa taste like bleach or disinfectant??.? We have purchased from DAC and from Chedraui and on more than one occasion (actually four) we can taste bleach in the red and yellow peppers….we have seen the clerks emptying the veggie displays due g shipping hours and spraying bleach to clean, then piling veggies back into the display bin…..this can’t be ethical?m?, any comments.

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