Dac Market-Good For Finding the Things Not In Supermarkets

Fruits and Vegetables and more!

Dac Market Playa Del Carmen

Dac Market in Playa Del Carmen

Dac Market is where many people go to get fresh produce, imported items that they cannot find in large grocery stores or they come just for the feel of the market. There is a small café at the front of the store that is also an allure.

Where is Dac Market

Dac Market  is conveniently located on 30th Avenue just north of Constituyentes Avenue, parking is available in front but limited. There is a small parking lot on 20th Street on the opposite side of the market.

Dac Market is good to find some Asian food stuffs that you cannot find in the larger grocery stores, a small selection fresh baked goods, greens and herbs, and bulk spices and dried fruit. It is fun to go shopping there and then come up with new menu items for your diet. The other day I was there and bought cous cous, then found yellow curry and added raisins to my order and put it together for an Indian style curry dish. Even though there is a variety of restaurants and so much great Mexican food in Playa Del Carmen, it is still nice to be able to explore further into the food world at Dac Market and other small local markets.

When at Dac Market if you feel hungry or want a good juice of coffee, check out La Ceiba Restaurant in the front. It has a nice atmosphere and good menu.

Hours at Dac Market

Monday-Saturday 7:00am-8:00pm Sundays 7:00am-2:00pm

There is another market pictured below that is on the south end of 30th Avenue almost to where the airport is. It is not as popular but carries some similar things and makes for a quick market trip instead of waiting in long grocery store lines.

Food Markets Playa Del Carmen
Food Market on the south end of 30th Avenue below Juarez Avenue.

Other Markets in Playa Del Carmen

If you cannot find what you need at Dac Market then you might try Pacsadeli which is a small restaurant supplier that is open to the public or Sapori Di Casa which is an Italian specialty store. For fresh meat or seafood you could try these two independent markets as well. If you live on the north end of Playa Del Carmen you might want to check out Fruteria Esmeralda which is on CTM Avenue.

Do you shop at Dac Market? What have you found here you like? Let us know in the comments below.

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LoQseaPhotos of Dac Market in Playa Del Carmen

Food Markets Playa Del Carmen Dac
Spices by bulk at Dac Market.


Food Markets Playa Del Carmen Dac Market
Asian foods and other items at Dac.


Food Markets Playa Del Carmen dac Market
Fresh fruits at Dac Market.

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  1. Hi, I love Dac because they offer so many options of dried food, vegetables and less people then the supermarkets in Playa del Carmen.

    • You can buy copal at some of the small local stores. There is one on Avenida 40 between Constituyentes and Calle 20 on the west side of the street. It comes in clear plastic bags.

    • Hello Zandra

      The comments go to our website and not to DAC market. You will need to contact them to ask if they have those products.

  2. I love DAC, their selection is awesome. The fruit and veggie selection is great. If you are looking for flaxseeds, sunflower,sesame or pumpkin seeds they have it, as well as nuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts and many more. Frozen vegan burgers. It’s the best option in Playa del Carmen to buy healthy food. I go there all the time. If you shop at Wholefoods in the US, you will definitely like this store and their prices.

    • We have never seen them there. Sometimes you need to ask if they have something in the back that they don’t have on the floor of the store. They sometimes have things.

  3. tienen servicio a domicilio fuera de Playa del Carmen? Puerto AVenturas, va el costo incluido con la compra? si tienen harina de semolina? queso parmesano en barra? cuanto cuesta?

    • You actually can find bio degradable cleaning products in the big supermarkets. Every once in a while we see an organic cleaning store pop up and then close. You can find some at Bio Natural Store on 10th Ave behind Quinta Alegria.

  4. DAK used to carry brown and white rice flours, BULK. We are gluten-free and last time we were at DAK, they didn’t have any in the bulk section. Where could I buy this bulk. Also, where can I buy whipping cream lactose free and sugar-free

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