Yes Mamey!!! Eating Mamey Fruit

Tropical fruit with exotic taste

Mamey fruit

Discover mamey fruit on your trip to Mexico

Mamey (pronounced mah-may) is a fruit you may have not seen before and will be something to look forward to trying when you are on vacation in Playa Del Carmen. This tropical fruit grows year-round and sometimes trees produce two crops in one year. In general, it is more available May-July here in Mexico, but you may find it in a grocery store at any time. Mamey is high in vitamin C among other vitamins and high in dietary fiber.

What is mamey fruit like?

Mamey fruit has a flaky dry skin and is the shape of a football but only 6 inches long. The skin hides the creamy orange interior. In the center is a beautiful seed that looks like lacquered hardwood. The taste of the mamey is different and not for everyone. It can be described as a cross between a papaya and sweet potato. Most people like to make something out of the mamey rather than just eat it by itself.

What are some used for mamey fruit?

Uses of the mamey include ice cream, shakes and baked goods. It is easy to make a shake at home. mamey fruitAdd one mamey to milk and a little sugar if you prefer and blend. As an alternative you can add oatmeal for a heartier shake.

How do you tell when a mamey is ready?

Hold the fruit in your hand and press with your fingers. It should give slightly but still feel firm. Ripe mamey do not have a strong odor when ripe so you cannot go by smell. If it is soft and kind of mushy, it is passed its prime. If it is rock hard, you can either pass on buying it or leave it out for a while until it softens.

What does a mamey tree look like?

The mamey tree looks like the magnolia tree with large leaves. In the Yucatan it usually grows to about 50-60 ft. tall.

Mamey fruit tree

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