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Best of Playa Del Carmen 2016 edition! Year in Review

Best things Playa Del Carmen 2016

Best things in Playa Del Carmen 2016

Each year we do a review of the past year for Playa Del Carmen (best of 2014, best of 2015). We like to bring you the best things in Playa Del Carmen for the year of all the new things. It also is some of the existing things as well that keep doing a great job. This review includes restaurants, places to go and fun things to check out. Where some of these your favorite places to visit? Let us know in the comments below.

Best sandwich in Playa Del Carmen

The bagel sandwiches at Robin Bagels are the perfect combination of taste, moist and not too dry, and just the right about of bagel. On top of all that, the prices are a very good value. Robin Bagels in not in the downtown but worth the trip to visit them. To see more about Robin Bagels and location see our article here.

There are a few to choose from so it might be hard. Try our favorite, the salmon with cream cheese. You just might have to order two at a time, one for now and one for later.

Robin Bagels one of the best things in Playa Del Carmen

Best Beer in Playa Del Carmen

2016 brought us one of the best things in Playa Del Carmen, a new brewery! The Carmen Beer Company (now closed 2018) with a bar and brewery. Not only is this a cool place to visit, it is also very good beer. Be sure to check out this place this year and also look for their  upcoming food menu to start.

Carmen Beer Company in Playa Del Carmen

Best adventure location from Playa Del Carmen

This past year we took you to the small town of Solferino. It is just a small blip on the map and a town that people pass through on the way to Holbox. Little know to many is the fact that there is a beautiful cork forest here. To read more about visiting El Corchal and Solferino, see our article here.

The tour is completely run by the community and all money goes toward preserving this area.  Your tour starts in the small town where you will take a truck into the jungle. This is a very remote area with many wild animals. After a short walk to the waters edge, you get in kayaks to go out in the lagoon to see the cork trees. If you have not seen our video, you should. It is a magical place.

Best new gourmet restaurant in Playa Del Carmen

There are tons of chefs and fancy restaurants in Playa Del Carmen but this one stands out because not only the value, quality of the food, but also the couple that runs it. After working at high end restaurants all over Latin America, Chef René opened his own little e restaurant with his wife Karla. Together they have created the little restaurant of Copate Che. We expect to see good things come from this restaurant in the following year. We also expect it to get a little busy, so make sure you call ahead and reserve a spot.

Copate Che Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

Best new attraction in Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen saw the first museum open this year. It was the 3D Museum with paintings you can jump into and take photos. This is a good thing to do when it rains in Playa Del Carmen. However there was a larger attraction that opened this past year as well. It was the new aquarium in the Calle Corazon Plaza on 14th Street.

Some thought this was going to be like another “swim with the dolphins” type attraction where animals are exploited but it is actually an educational center for the preservation of our eco system. Not only is the aquarium well done with three levels of tanks and exhibits, it also works hard outside the aquarium to preserve the reef system along our coast. 

Best new coffee shop in Playa Del Carmen

We knew as soon as we saw Chou Chou café opening that it would be a good addition to Playa Del Carmen. It has a nice urban feel inside and is a great place to site and read or have a meal with your coffee. Oh, and the coffee is really good as well!

best things in Playa Del Carmen

Best new beach club in Playa Del Carmen

There still is the biggest and most popular beach club Mamitas but there was a new smaller beach club that opened in 2016. Inti Beach was formerly more of a yoga center. Now it is a relaxing place to go to the beach and get  bite to eat. To see more about Inti Beach and what it is like, see our article here.

best things in Playa Del Carmen

How is this view for you? Inti Beach Club.

Best Steak dinner value in Playa Del Carmen

There are some big name steak restaurants in Playa Del Carmen which are nice. When you compare value to charm we have to say that 500 Gramos is the best of Playa Del Carmen. For as little as 240 pesos you can have a steak dinner in this cute restaurant. Compared with to some that are 1200 pesos or more, this is a very reasonable place. The couple that runs it is also very nice and checks on everyone to make sure they are enjoying their dinner.

best things in Playa Del Carmen 2016

Get ready for the best of Playa Del Carmen 2017!

It was a super year going around and discovering places for you. We have some BIG plans for 2017 in order to help you have the best vacation in Playa Del Carmen or the Rivera Maya. We will continue to strive to bring you all independent information and bring you things that you will not read about other places.

What were some of your favorite things in Playa Del Carmen in 2016? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

3 Comments on Best of Playa Del Carmen 2016 edition! Year in Review

  1. Hi, I look forward to this annual round up each year. There is always so much change in Playa Del Carmen. It is good to get a real take on what is good and what is new in the area. Thanks

  2. Best website about PDC I’ve ever come across. I’ve been to Playa five times, next month will be the first without an all inclusive resort and I am so excited to check out some of the spots highlighted on your site.

    • Thanks Matt! We hope you get to discover so many of the hidden things here and you get to meet some of the amazing people here that love living here and sharing what they do with others. We hope you have a great vacation.

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