The amazing Choux Choux Cafe in Playa Del Carmen

Chou Chou Cafe Playa Del Carmen

We are so please to tell you about this new café and restaurant in Playa Del Carmen. Chou Chou Café (pronounced “shoe shoe”) is a well designed restaurant and café with an environmental consciousness. Note: now spelled Choux Choux Café.

See why we like this amazing café in Playa Del Carmen and why you should go there. 

A look at Choux Choux Café

The first thing you will notice is the open space, artwork, modern design and décor. The next thing you will probably notice are the nice looking plates of food coming out of the kitchen and the smell of great coffee. All of these things put together make this a great place to come and visit.

Décor at Choux Choux Café

If this place represents the new style of Playa Del Carmen, then we welcome it. There are large windows open to 20th Avenue that let light in for guest and plants. You will notice small plants and reused objects like old TV’s and suitcases now used as planters.

Around the walls there is art and this will all be changing over time so there will always be something new here.

On the one end is a reused shipping container from Progreso, Mexico. This container houses the coffee bar.

Choux Choux Cafe Playa Del Carmen

The menu at Choux Choux Café

The café serves breakfast and lunch for now. You can be assured that they try to use locally produced food and organic when possible. They also have good vegetarian options, so you will find them on our vegetarian guide to Playa Del Carmen.

On the breakfast menu you can find things like:

  • Quiche-60 pesos
  • French toast-56 pesos
  • Granola bowl -55 pesos

This is just a sample of the menu and good value with the prices. There are many more good options.

For lunch or brunch they have a large menu. Some of things on the menu include:

  • Greek salad-70 pesos
  • La Robusto Salad (pictured below with tuna) 95 pesos
  • Pan bagnat sandwich (pictured below) 85 pesos

There are a lot of other salads and menu items to choose from. Most prices are from about 55-90 pesos. This makes this a very affordable place and the quality of the food is superb.

Also on the menu are mixed fruit juice and smoothies. These are 35-50 pesos and come in large, recycled glasses.

Chou Chou Cafe Playa Del Carmen
La Robusta salad.


Chou Chou Cafe Playa Del Carmen
Pan Bagnat fresh tuna sandwich.

Coffee Menu at Choux Choux Cafe

The coffee here is excellent, so no matter what caffeinated drink you choose, you cannot go wrong. With the average price around 35 pesos for a beverage, you get great value.

For those of you used to going to Starbucks we challenge you to try out this place.

Choux Choux Café is going on our list of coffee shops in Playa Del Carmen as one of the best!

Tip: In addition to having you coffee, this is also a good place to use the Wi-Fi. So for all you digital nomads, check this place out! This café is on our list of places to use the internet in Playa Del Carmen. Chou Chou Cafe Playa Del Carmen

Recycling in Playa Del Carmen at Choux Choux Café

One of the passions behind Choux Choux Café is being responsible to the environment. This comes through how they operate as a business. The idea to be a center for recycling was something they wanted to offer the community.

How to recycle at Choux Choux Café

For residents of Playa Del Carmen that want to commit to bringing your recyclables to the café, here is how it works.

  1. Bring your clean recycling to the café.
  2. Fill out a form and commit to bring your recycling there.
  3. Receive a card that will entitle you to a 15% off in the café.

On the side of the café are recycling bins. Once these are full, they take the recycling to a center. This makes it very easy to recycle in Playa Del Carmen. There are not convenient places to take recycling, so this is a welcome addition. And with such a nice café, who wouldn’t want to come here all the time?

What are the hours of Choux Choux Café?

The café and restaurant open at 6:30am until 9:00pm Tuesday-Sunday. Closed Mondays. We expect these hours to be expanded in the future, if they do, we will update this.

Where is Choux Choux Café?

Choux Choux Café is on 20th Avenue between 20th Street and 24th Street.

Have you been to Choux Choux Café? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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    • We are pleased you had a good experience here at Chou CHou Café. We are sure they are only going to get better with age as they get settled in and become part of the community. We swear there is something addictive in their coffee, we keep wanting to go back!

  1. LOVE Cafe Chou Chou and LOVE the owners. Just French enough to bake excellent french pastries and breads yet international in feel and style. Get my coffee daily and drool over the pastries (today was chocolate eclairs, that’s right FRENCH CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS with best Mexican coffee. Entire staff friendly and helpful.

  2. Is it just me or is the coffee not as good as when they first opened? I hope not. It was so good when I first tried it.

  3. My hubby and I went to Choux Choux recently and found the place to be very lovely with great food and coffee. It did take a bit of time to find a parking space, but it was well worthwhile. The capuccino (sp?) was absolutely delicious and the french toast is to die for!! The only negative I can think of is that the metal chairs at our table were a bit uncomfortable, but we survived and that should not hold you back one bit from coming to this great cafe!!

  4. After finding this place on your website we are going here everyday. We love it! Great find in Playa and good coffee!

  5. Lousy place. really disappointed. The service was lousy, i waited 1/2 an hour to get someone to give me a menu
    and no one came up to me to offer me a menu or take my order, so i left. employees on their cell phones or just minding their own business and never came to my table to ask me if i wanted to order anything. The second time i went to the coffee bar and it took 20 minutes for them to serve me a coffee. TERRIBLE SERVICE. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE

    • Thank you Denise. We will relay your comments to the owner. We have heard other complaints about this.

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