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Uber arrives in Cancun Mexico!

Cancun Uber

Uber arrives in Cancun Mexico!

After a long wait many people are excited at the arrival of Uber in Cancun. This is a gateway for the Rivera Maya and we expect this service to expand to Playa Del Carmen and other parts soon. Cancun Uber is going change the way people move around the city (we will keep you updated if Uber expands to Playa Del Carmen).

While Uber is just beginning, it will catch on fast and there will be more drivers available for service to customers. We have used Uber in other parts of the world and it is a highly recommended service. Not only is it in newer cars that are clean it also has drivers are friendly.  The prices are already know before you get in and every one is a confirmed user.

Get your first ride for on Uber!

Are you new to Uber? Do you want to have your first ride for free? Have you been putting off joining Uber because it was only in other places? Now is your chance to see what all the excitement is about.

How does it work to get your first ride free on Uber in Cancun?

  1. First click the link below and it will take you to Uber’s website. This is a special invite we have for you.
  2. This is for first time users to sign up. Already have an account? Well sign up a family member so you can enjoy the savings!
  3. Enter your information and then just download the Uber app.
  4. You will have a credit up to 150 pesos for your first ride. This will be valid for three months.

Get your free ride coupon here!

How much does it cost to take Uber in Cancun?

This is the really exciting part! Since these are independent contractors that use cars to transfer people to one location to another, it is much cheaper then a taxi or even some of the shuttles. Here are some sample fares you can get in Cancun.

We chose some of the popular routes and destinations in Cancun. What is really exciting is that previously with a taxi these trips would have cost much more, maybe even double the price. Uber in Cancun is going to change how people get around and make it much easier for people to visit locations.

  • Cancun Airport to ADO Bus Station in downtown Cancun- 116-152 pesos.
  • Coco Bongo in the Hotel Zone to Mercado 28 in downtown Cancun- 71-94 pesos
  • Aventura Water Park at the bottom of the Hotel Zone to Coco Bongo at the top of the Hotel Zone-93-122 pesos

Screen shots of estimates Uber rides in Cancun

The above mentioned routes and estimated prices are screen shot below. Most of the rides we choose are longer distance rides. For those that transport around Cancun you will know that there is limited pubic busses that service some of these routes and times can be over 1/2 hour for some trips. Now with Uber you can schedule your ride and take a private car. This will having you arriving at your destination in comfort and affordability.


Cancun Uber

Cost of using Uber from Cancun Airport to ADO Bus Station


 Uber Cancun Mexico

An estimated Uber trip in Cancun from part of the Hotel Zone to Mercado 28 in downtown Cancun.

Uber cancun Mexico

An estimated cost of a trip from the water park in Cancun on Uber to the tip of the Hotel Zone in Cancun.

Have you taken Uber in Cancun? How was your experience? Please tell us and other readers in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

23 Comments on Uber arrives in Cancun Mexico!

  1. Is Uber available down to Playa from Cancun airport or around Playa?

    • Hello Ed

      Uber is not supposed to be allowed to operate in Playa Del Carmen yet. Even in Cancun there are not a lot of drivers and there have been issues. It is still best to use the bus or transfers to the airport.

    • I took Uber December 22 2016 from CUN airport to Royal Haciendas, a resort a couple kilometers before PDC. The driver called a friend to ensure she could drop near PDC (the app said it would..) and the fare was just over 400 pesos, about 35% less than a taxi. Car and driver were all fine

  2. Is it easy to Uber from Hotel Zone (Km 9.5) to the ferry stop in Puerto Juarez, for day trip to Isla Mujeres?

  3. Hi there, if I need a uber to come get me at the airport is that a problem? Also I’ll need to go to Cancun first pick someone up then head down to Playa del Carmen. Is this going to be a problem?

    • Hello Bryan

      If you read another comment that was just posted from Adam I think you will see that it is still a developing situation in Cancun. Uber drivers are being cautious because there have been blockades from taxi and other drivers that are making it hard for Uber to come in. There are also laws that are being passed to prevent Uber from operating. It is changing everyday. It should be fine for you to use more in Cancun. There always is the Playa Express vans from Cancun to Playa that are nice or even ADO.

  4. Just returned from Cancun and we took Uber everywhere(4 of us total). We stayed at Moon Palace and took Uber in to La Isla plaza, from there we took another Uber to Market 28, from there to Sun Palace and then back to Moon Palace. The next day we went from Moon Palace to Sun Palace again. What’s different with Uber in Cancun?…..Each driver will call you before they arrive to ensure the request is legit. In speaking with the Uber drivers they have advised the local taxi drivers have their friends and family request Uber’s and then cancel the request…all to keep the Uber drivers tied up. We have also found the Uber drivers are cautious where they pick you up and drop you off. If there are taxi drivers near by they will try and avoid that area(One driver asked us to walk up the street to avoid being beside the taxi drivers). The taxi drivers have been harassing and causing trouble for the Uber drivers. You will not see an Uber driver with the U in the window as they do not want to advertise they drive for Uber. One of our Uber drivers specifically told us when we got out to not tell anyone around(if they ask) that he drives for Uber. Now with all that being said we still loved our experience with the drivers and it was MUCH cheaper than the taxis would be. I would recommend Uber in Cancun.

    • Adam

      Thanks for your review and experiences in Cancun. It is good to hear first hand experiences. It is s time of adjustment and the situation is always changing. Thank you.

  5. Michael Kavish // January 1, 2017 at 11:34 AM // Reply

    We arrive on Feb 28 for a week and will be staying in a house (gated community) near the Rivera Maya north of Punta Maroma. We wanted to avoid renting a car to get around. Besides getting back and forth from the airport we wanted to visit ruins in Tulum, go zip lining at Selvatica, do one of the water parks like Xcarat, etc. Possible with Uber now?

    • Hello Michael
      This is not possible of yet. Uber is still a developing story but not really useable in Playa or south. Even around Cancun is it is limited since there are not may drivers and there has been a big push against Uber and the legality is still up in the air.

  6. Michael Kavish // January 1, 2017 at 9:28 PM // Reply

    So can we easily get around to the various locations listed via taxis? How easy is it to call them since we are in a residential neighborhood? We don’t speak Spanish.

    • We are not sure how familiar you are with Mexico but taxis are pretty prevalent. If you live in a gated community sometime just walking to the street will be sufficient for getting a taxi. Or if there is a guard at the entrance he might be able to call a taxi for you. You might find a mix of Uber and taxi to be helpful for you.

  7. Michael Kavish // January 2, 2017 at 8:32 PM // Reply

    Great. Thanks for all the help.

  8. I had several friends just get back from Cancun and they said everyone was just going to the airport to the hotel and not going downtown. So Uber was not really used with transportation since there was some crime happening in the center of Cancun. The private vans were the best option and safer.

    • Hello

      Yes there was some isolated incidents the other day in Cancun. How ever this did not effect the airport or the hotel zone and transportation between the two was not effected. There are not as many Uber drivers in Cancun as there are in other cities and we still like the private transfers especially for small groups of people.

  9. Is it possible to take an UBER February 3, 2017 from Villa Del Palmar Cancun going to Joya Cirque Du Soleil at Vidanta Riviera Maya? If so what would be the cost roundtrip? We really don’t want to rent a car.

    • It should be possible but there also might be limited amount of cars. A really good option is booking your ticket to Cirque du Soleil with transportation. There is one location they leave from Cancun. That might be just as easy.

  10. Has anyone taken an Uber from the airport?

  11. Hello, I will be staying somewhere in the hotel zone. This is my first time so I would love all the information on transportation while in Cancun. I will appreciate all feedback and tips. What is the cost from the airport to the hotel zone? Looks like uber is the best bet. Should I use uber when going into downtown or shopping malls?

    • Hello Lynn

      Congratulations on your first trip to Cancun! Cancun is very divided into two parts. The Hotel Zone and downtown. Most people only visit the downtown once or never while on vacation. The downtown will give you a break from the super touristy Hotel Zone. Uber is great to get around because the prices are less. We have not heard much as to quantity and reliability of the service. So it will be something you just might have to open your app and see how long it will be. From the airport there are transfers that are private that we also recommend.
      There is a public bus system in Cancun but this can be very slow for taking from the Hotel Zone and downtown, but it is inexpensive. We hope you have a fun trip to Mexico.

  12. Is Uber available from the Cancun airport to the Excellence playa mujeres?

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