How to Best Get From the Cancun Airport to Dreams Tulum Resort

Cancun Airport Transportation to Dreams Tulum

The Best Cancun Airport Transportation to Dreams Tulum

What is the best Cancun Airport transportation to Dreams Tulum Resort? Most reservations do not include transportation, so this is an import thing to book for your trip. The transportation time is 1 hour 20 minutes from the airport so it is important to have a comfortable ride. It is also good to have your shuttle or transfer waiting for you so you can not waste time at the airport. Here is what most people book for transportation and the best private transfers for that perfect vacation you are looking for.  See our most recommended private and safe transfers for 2020 here

Private transfers from the Cancun Airport

Private transfers are what most people book for their trip to Dreams Tulum Resort. These are private vans that wait for you at the exit of the terminal and take you directly to the hotel. These transfers are just for your family or group and are not shared, saving you time and giving your a more comfortable ride. The most recommended and reliable transfers are the ones listed below. You can click the reserve now button to check prices and book your transportation from the airport. Note: Prices are for van transfer and not per person. 

Cancun Airport to Dreams Tulum
These are what the private transfer vans look like that will transport you from the Cancun Airport to your resort. 

Luxury transfers are also available from the Cancun Airport

If you are coming for a special occasion or just want to have an extra nice vacation, there are luxury transfers available also from the same recommended company. They offer luxury transfers provided with Suburbans or similar vehicles, for example Explorers, Expeditions, Escalades, Sienna, or Yukons.

cancun airport transfers
One luxury option for Cancun Airport transportation to Dreams Tulum Resort. 

What is included with these transfers from the airport?

When you book one of these transfers for your trip you are getting these services:

  • Bilingual driver. 
  • Pick up service at the airport direct to the hotel. 
  • You can book an optional stop along the way. This is good if you want to pick some items at the store for your trip or stop at a restaurant. 
  • All taxes and airport fees are included. 
  • Optional payment methods. 
  • Insured transportation to and from the airport. 
Cancun Airport transportaiton to Dreams Tulum
Getting from the Cancun Airport to your hotel has never been easier!

What about taxis or other transportation from the airport?

We do not recommend taking taxis from the Cancun Airport to Dreams Tulum for several reasons.

  1. Number one, taxis are not metered nor do they have set prices. There are no booths to buy tickets for the taxis at the airport, you will need to ask and/or negotiate the price. The prices are equal to or more often, more expensive than a private transfer. 
  2. You are not eligible for a round trip discount with taxis. For example, when you book here, you get a $10-$25 USD discount
  3. Taxis from the Cancun Airport are small sedan cars. Since the trip is about one hour and 20 minutes, you will be more comfortable in a private van. 

There also is no public bus service that goes between the airport and stops near Dreams Tulum resort. Uber also does not operate in the Riviera Maya nor from the Cancun Airport. So again the transfers are the best option. 

Combined shuttles to the hotel from the Cancun Airport

Since there is no ADO bus service that goes from the Cancun Airport to the Dreams Resort, the only other more affordable option is a shared shuttle from the airport. These are small vans that just sell seats and make multiple stops along the route. These can be good for people looking for a budget option. You can book one below with the link. This will take you to the official website where you will be instructed to fill out your details. 

Now that you have planed your transportation…what more?

Here are some tips for things you can do for tours on your vacation to the Dreams Tulum Resort. We know you might be waiting to just see what is available when you arrive, but did you know you can save up to 15% off some of the most popular attractions if you buy ahead of time? This can save a family some serious money. 

Xel Ha Snorkel and Water Park

Xel Ha is a beautiful inlet where you can snorkel all day, float in rafts and discover the natural beauty of the area. This park is all inclusive. You will have access to the restaurants and drinks all day including alcoholic drinks. There is so much to see here that you will be occupied all day. Just see our video below for a glimpse at this park. This park is just 9 minutes away from Dreams Tulum Resort so it is easy to get to. You can book transportation with your tickets, but it is also possible with a taxi, which might be cheaper for this park.

If this looks good for you, you can book tickets with this link and save up to 15% if you buy in advance. 


Xcaret Park

Xcaret park is the largest and fullest day tour you can have of any of the parks. At Xcaret you will see animals, the natural beauty of the area, have a chance to swim in underground rivers and see many small shows during the day. The highlight of Xcaret for most people is the grand show at night. This is a two hour show that has hundreds of performers!

Since this park is about 40 minutes from the Dreams Tulum Hotel, we recommend buying the transportation with your tickets. You can do this by clicking the link below to the official website.  

Xplor Park for Lip lines and More!

Xplor park is a day of fun with some of the best zip lines and other activities. This is an all inclusive park meaning food and non alcoholic drinks are included. Since this park is about 35 minutes away from the Dreams Tulum Resort, purchasing the transportation with your entrance ticket can be a good idea. To save on your trip here, book with the official link below and save up to 15% off when you buy in advance. 


Tours to Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is one of the most popular ruins to visit from the Riviera Maya. Most people take a tour for the day. Here are two tours that you can go on that are recommended. You can see a video and more details in our articles. 

tours from Dream Tulum Resort
This is what everyone wants to see at Chichen Itza and one of the most popular day trips with transportation from Dreams Tulum Resort. 

Xichen Clasico Tour

This tour takes you to Chichen Itza and to one of the more popular cenotes Ik Kil where you can swim. For more about the Xichen Clasico tour, see our article here. To book this tour you can use the link below to go to the official website for the best price. 

Xichen Deluxe Tour

This tour takes you to Chichen Itza, the colonial city of Valladolid and a stop to look at a cenote. For more about the deluxe tour, see our article here. To book this tour, you can use the reserve now button to go to the official website and book for the best price. 

We hope you have enjoyed our article on how to get from the Cancun Airport to Dreams Tulum. We hope you have a great vacation. Let us know if you have any comments or questions below. 

Tulum Mexico
Soon you will be on vacation in the Riviera Maya and can visit places like this, Tulum ruins.


  1. We always book a private transfer to the hotel each year we come. It is very good to have a pick up at the airport and not have to deal with the taxi driver.

  2. We booked this transfer for our last vacation and it was a great option. We got to the hotel quickly and our driver was very good about explaining things in English to us. It was right on time going back. It made our vacation super easy and enjoyable.

    • Hello Drew

      We are glad you had such a good experience. It is why we recommend this transportation company from the Cancun Airport to the Dreams Resort. They have always been good to our readers.

  3. We have booked in June at Dreams and hope the situation is going to be ok for travel. Are these shuttles going to be running at this time?

    • Hello

      If the hotels are open and things are going well in the Riviera Maya, these private vans will be all ready to go for you! We are hoping for the best situation soon. Thank you for asking.

  4. Now that we are all stuck at home, I am thinking of traveling and planning future travel. Last year we booked a private transfer for our family and got a great driver. He happened to be the same driver that picked us up as well. We gave him a nice tip at the end for being so polite and welcoming to us. We would be sure to use this service again.

  5. We have just booked for September so we hope that we can enjoy Dreams resort this year. We figured this transport service will be good since it is private and takes us there direct. Fingers crossed we get to make this happen.

  6. We are booked at the Dreams Resort and have our transportation to and from the airport already with this company. We wanted to know if we could also hire the driver to take us to the ruins one day?

    • Hello Jim

      That is great you are all ready for your vacation in the Riviera Maya! This transportation company also does point to point transportation in the Riviera Maya or a little farther. You can book on the same website. We will note that the ruins are currently closed but there is a gradual plan to open ruin sites by the end of August. We assume you are talking about Tulum or Coba ruins? These will be some of the first to open. We will post the official opening on our website when this happens.

  7. It is odd that the Dreams resort does not have a main bus from the airport. At least you don’t have to wait for everyone to fill a bus when you take the private transportation.

  8. Can anyone tell me what occupancy is like at the Dreams Resort now? We are going there in two weeks and wonder how full it is now.

  9. I am glad to see the Dreams resort is open. I guess it is best to book in advance the transportation. How are beaches now?

    • Hello Michale

      The beaches are in good shape now. Both the past two storms have passed by on either side of us. Usually storms clear up the air and seaweed. We are headed into fall and the weather is really good now, so you should have a great vacation.

  10. Hello. I have a question about transportation. We are staying at the Dreams Resort and have booked the transportation to and from the airport but we also want to do a side trip another day to Xel Ha. We are five people and the transportation of Xel ha is a little expensive. Can I also book a transfer but not to the airport from the hotel?

    • Hello Judy

      You can do this on their website. You can book any point to point transfer service you want in the Riviera Maya and it does not need to be to or from the Cancun Airport.

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