News, new things and updates from Playa Del Carmen (Aug 2023)

Luis Tussauds Wax Museum Playa Del Carmen

New things in Playa Del Carmen August 2023

Playa Del Carmen is always changing. New stores and businesses come and go, and we are here to keep you up to date with news and new things in the area. Here are our latest updates from Playa for August 2023. 

Tussaud’s Wax Museum is being built

Yes, a new Luis Tussaud Wax Museum is under construction now. If you are like most people, you probably read that as “Madame Tussauds”. But Luis Tussaud was the great-grandson of Marie Tussaud who started Madame Tussaud Wax museums. The museums are not related but have exactly the same idea. Playa Del Carmen will now join “world class cities” of Niagra Falls, Atlantic City, and Pattaya, Thailand to have one of these museums. Will it be popular? Will it be just about as popular as the 3D Museum in Playa? Or the Frida Kahlo Museum?

The wax museum is being built on 5th Avenue by Calle 14 Bis. This is between Call Corazon and Quinta Alegria Mall. Let’s see how this tourist attraction goes. It won’t be hard to miss. 

Police checkpoints get an upgrade

The entrances to Playa and other towns and cities often have police checkpoints. These often make people nervous because this is something different than some countries. They are there to check for drunk drivers, faulty vehicles for travel, drugs, and other things. Often when it is raining, police don’t stop cars because of the difficulty. Now there are extra buildings that will allow to pull over cars without holding up traffic and under a roof. 

Police Checkpoint Playa Del Carmen

A new building is changing the beachfront of Playa Del Carmen

The “skyline” or beachfront of Playa Del Carmen is taking another turn. Many remember Fusion Restaurant and the building attached to it on Calle 6 and the beach. It has all been torn down for some time now. The new hotel building that is being built is getting big. This is another project that will change how Playa Del Carmen looks. 

New construction in Playa Del Carmen
The new building rising where the old Fusion was on Calle 6.

Colosio Avenue gets a little bit of help

Avenida Colosio is on the north end of Playa and the avenue that Home Depot is just off of. It is a big avenue and is where the 305 Highway enters Playa Del Carmen from Nuevo Xcan. For those of you who have driven this avenue, especially between the 307 Highway and west, it is known as a little messy. The pavement is not even, there are huge topes, 4 to 6 lanes of traffic, and a lot of people using it. It is a main avenue, and it has gotten a little help. New curbs have been put in, some small plantings installed, a new traffic light, and yellow paint to warn drivers not to hit the new curbs. It is an attempt, but this avenue still needs some work. You can tell these remedies are not going to fully work, just look at how many times cars have scratched or hit the new curbs. 

Avenida Colosio

Train Maya construction continues

Originally the Train Maya was going through the center of Playa by the highway. This have been moved back and will pass around Playa like a ring road. Part of the train will be elevated so it can allow traffic to pass below it. Construction continues on this bypass of Playa with the train. Below is a photo from Colosio Avenue near the entrance to the Playa/Xcan toll highway.

Train Maya construction Playa Del Carmen
Tren Maya construction in Playa Del Carmen.

Trendy new store on 5th Avenue by 4th Street

Stores come and go on Playa Del Carmen’s 5th Avenue, but it is unique when on lower 5th Avenue of all places, a nice-looking shop opens. Lower 5th Avenue is dotted with cheap souvenir stores, buildings in need of renovations and is the older part where Playa Del Carmen began. This is a nice-looking addition and to boot is made in Mexico swimwear and clothes. 

swimwear shop Playa Del Carmen
A new store on 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen.

Trees planted show signs of growth

Back in May of 2020, we showed you plans from the city to renovate 5th Avenue. This project was a new stepped area for Park Fundadores, pavers for 5th Avenue, tree planting, benches and Wi-Fi installations. We are now starting to see some of those new trees grow some two years later. Just look at the photo below. 

5th Avenue Playa Del Carmen

New bathrooms for beachgoers

Public bathrooms near the beach have been something lacking for a while. This beach entrance by Call 44 now offers showers, changing rooms and bathrooms during the day. During the night they take off the shower knobs and lock the doors. This is a welcome addition to the beaches of Playa Del Carmen because there are not a lot of public bathrooms near the beach. We actually made a map for this article about where to find bathrooms in Playa because it can be difficult. 

Beach bathrooms Playa Del Carmen

Iconic dive shop moves with statue

Phantom Divers was on 1st. Avenue and 14th Street for years. It had an iconic statue of a diver out front. Almost everyone knew this statue. A short while back it was stolen, and an effort was made to find it. It is back with the dive shop and now they have re-opened on 5th Avenue Between 44th and CTM Avenue. 

Phantom divers Playa Del Carmen

Adios The Pitted Date Restaurant 

The Pitted Date Restaurant was really good! It was one of the places you could count on quality healthy food and even if you were not a vegetarian, it was a place you wanted to eat at. It has unfortunately closed. The Pitted Date is open in Tulum though for those that miss the taste of the dishes. We hope they open again in Playa!

Thanks for reading our latest updates from Playa Del Carmen. Playa is always changing, and we are here to show you what is new and what things have changed. 


    • The back area where the palapa was and the restaurant are all being demolished now. Still no official word as what is going to happen.

  1. Beste geweldige web site ! En een vraag op heel ander gebied …hoe zit het nu met roken … we lezen overal iets anders , wij gaan met vrienden en die roken ..dus graag hoe en wat voor december 2023 , Alvast bedankt groeten Diana

    • The smoking laws are strict but not totally enforced. We still see people smoking in public. Like many laws, they dampen the habit but not totally. Most places do cover cigarettes , so you need to ask in the store for them.

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