What do you think of the NEW Park Fundadores and 5th Avenue?

Park Fundadores Playa Del Carmen

The Renovated Park Fundadores and 5th Avenue

Back in May of 2020 we wrote an article about the planned renovations of 5th Avenue and Park Fundadores. It did have a somewhat of an optimistic completion date that some took with a grain of salt. The project did go well passed the projected time, but is now just about done. The new look will present tourists with a fresh look of Playa. The project is ready for the return of tourism in larger numbers.

Most people liked the renderings of what it was going to look like when finished. Some lamented the quirky style or the park and how modernizing it too much would make Playa Del Carmen look like many other places. In the end, well, here is what it is like now.

The project is about 98% done with just a few side streets being finished. 

What it looked like before

Park Fundadores was slightly different before the renovations. In the near enter was the pole for the papantla dancers show. There were paths that bisected the park and more divisions with raised planters. Overall the park was a little more divided up with separate areas of the block large park. 

Of course this park has always been changing. The name means “Founding Fathers Park”. This area was one of the oldest parts of Playa Del Carmen. Ju├írez Avenue that ends at this park was the main entrance from the highway to the beach. In fact, the oldest hotel was just up the street from this park. 

Park Fundadores
Papantla dancers at Park Fundadores before the renovations. 

5th Avenue had smaller pavers that were one color. Below you can see what it looked like in front of the Quinta Alegria Mall.

 Playa Del Carmen 5th Avenue
5th Avenue before the renovations. 

Photos of how it looks now

Park Fundadores

This is what the renovated Park Fundadores looks like now. It is already full of people taking a break from a stroll, shopping or taking in a street performance. 

The most striking thing is the tiered steps that make kind of an amphitheater of the center of the park. The small gazebo is still there, just with an updated look. The papantla dancers pole is now lower to the left of the park and in this photo. 

Park Fundadores
The newly renovated Park Fundadores in Playa Del Carmen.

The small white church is still in the corner. There are a lot of places to sit as you can see many people taking advantage of this now. The newly planted greenery will surely look better once it takes hold. 

Park Fundadores
This is the newly renovated Park Fundadores where you can see the small church is still there.

5th Avenue

Below you can see the renovated 5th Avenue between 16th and Constituyentes Avenue. It feels wider and has a cleaner look to it. 

5th Avenue Playa Del Carmen
The new look of 5th Avenue.

Below is 5th Avenue between 10th Street and 12th Street. You can see the sides of 5th Avenue have dark grey pavers. This helps mark the spaces that some businesses are allowed to use. 

5th avenue Playa Del Carmen
This is 5th Avenue between 10th Street and 12th Street. 

What Park Fundadores and 5th Avenue mean to Playa Del Carmen

Two of the most iconic things of Playa Del Carmen are the statue in Park Fundadores and 5th Avenue. Most everyone wants to see these things in addition to the beach. Quinta Avenida as it is called in Spanish, or 5th Avenue, is the lifeblood of commerce, and tourism in Playa Del Carmen. Each day thousands of tourists stroll 5th and many end up at Park Fundadores. In the evening many people enjoy the ocean breeze in Park Fundadores and often a show. There are the papantla dancers and usually Mayan dances under the statue. 

The renovations breath a little life into the park. With more space and a larger area for more events, this can be and entertainment spot on the south end of the downtown of Playa Del Carmen. Overall, the renovations to the park are nothing revolutionary, but do update the park for an important return to tourism for the city. 

The renovations to 5th Avenue make it easier to walk since the older pavers started to sage and it was not as flat. The new pavers should allow more water to pass directly to the ground and this will avoid some pooling of water and less runoff to the ocean. The look of 5th is also more clean and has demarcations for the sides with the different colored pavers. This renovation also marks a new year for Playa as it has passed the worst year for tourism. 

More infrastructure projects

The renovation of 5th Avenue and Park Fundadores was just one project planned for Playa Del Carmen. There is also the Mayan train project that is already under construction. You can see what it will look like when done here in our article

Tren Maya
Playa Del Carmen Train Station.

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  1. 5th Avenue repairs looks wonderful, so much easier to walk and ride a scooter. Fantsstic Job! We ARE SO IMPRESSED.. But we really miss the handicapped Beach, “Inclusiva” operated by the city… Are there any plans to redo this portion… I see the cabana is gone. It was a one of a kind benefit that my husband really enjoyed, he finally could go into the beach… with the wonderful attendants. I miss them…

    • We dont know what plans they might have for this beach, but the beach at Punta Esmerelda is handicap accessible. This is the beach on the north end past Paradisus Hotel.

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