See the amazingly clear waters of Casa Cenote

Casa Cenote

Welcome to Casa Cenote

Do you want to swim in these crystal clear waters of Casa Cenote? This is just one of the beautiful cenotes here in the Riviera Maya that is accessible to people on vacation and living here. Cenotes are part of the underground river system here in the Yucatan Peninsula. This is fresh water that is moving out toward the ocean.

At Casa Cenote you can find divers and snorkelers. This is a beautiful cenote so at times you can find it to be active with people.

Our video introduction to Casa Cenote


Snorkeling at Casa Cenote

If you come here to go snorkeling you will be in for a treat. In some parts you can see the roots of the mangroves reaching down into the water. Among the roots you can see many small fish. On the map below you can see that this cenote extends back from the entrance and into the mangrove area.

Casa Cenote
A map of Casa Cenote.

Tips for visiting Casa Cenote

  • Bring towels.
  • Snorkeling is great here so bring your snorkel, you can rent them there as well.
  • Do not wear sun creams or body lotions. These run off your body and create a film on the water. Help keep this place looking beautiful by not wearing any. No sun creams are allowed here, not even biodegradable.
  • If you want anything like a snack or drink, there is a small store just up the road from the cenote entrance. It is possible to walk there.
  • If you want to eat something, there is a restaurant directly across from Casa Cenote. There is an ocean view and reasonable prices for the location.

How much is entrance to Casa Cenote?

Entrance to Casa Cenote is 120 pesos. Kayaks are 100 pesos for single and 200 for a double. Lockers are 50 pesos, life jackets, snorkels and paddle board are also available for rent.

Casa Cenote
Kayaks by Casa Cenote.

How do you get to Casa Cenote?

Coming from Playa Del Carmen and points north

Drive south on the 307 Highway. Casa Cenote is about 60 kilometers south of Playa Del Carmen. You will actually pass the entrance on your left because you will need to turn around when there is a break in the divided highway. Look for the signs by the road for Pavo Real and Tankan Inn by the entrance. See the instructions for the entrance road below.

It will be about 50 minutes from Playa Del Carmen to Casa Cenote.

Coming from Tulum and points south

From Tulum go north on the 307 Highway for about 8 kilometers. Look for the signs to Pavo Real and Tankah Inn on your right. It will take about 14 minutes from Tulum to Casa Cenote. Then follow the entrance instructions below.

Instructions for the private road to Casa Cenote

Once you turn onto the dirt road, continue to the end where the entrance of Pavo Real Resort is. The road will turn left. Here you will find a guard and a rope across the road. This is a private road.  He will ask where you are going and you just say you are going to Casa Cenote. Drive for about 4 minutes and parking will be on your left for the cenote.

Public transportation to Casa Cenote

We do not recommend planning on visiting this cenote with our a car, but we know there are adventurous people that do not mind walking. You can take the colectivos along the highway from Tulum or Playa Del Carmen to the entrance on the highway. It is a good 18 minute walk from the highway to the cenote. On a sunny day this can be a very hot walk. Of course you will be rewarded with this cenote and swimming.

Do you want to discover other beautiful cenotes in the Riviera Maya? Here are a few to look at, Cenote Eden, Cenote Cristalino, and Cenote Azul.

If you are also looking to snorkel more in the area, we have a whole snorkeling in Playa Del Carmen guide here.

Have you been to Casa Cenote before? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments below.

Casa Cenote
The beautiful waters of Casa Cenote and the surrounding mangrove.

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  1. This is a gorgeous cenote! I am going here for sure when on vacation. Thanks for letting me know about it. Good job, cheers

  2. Ou group of 6 stayed at a house just up the road from Cenote Manatee (Casa Cenote) February 5th through the 11th. Our visit to the cenote was just about the highlight of our trip! We own our own snorkeling gear and just needed the life jackets. What an amazing time! Unbelievably clear water, there is a bit of a current to swim against on our way to the back end of the lagoon, but that makes the trip back easy. We even saw a crocodile along the shore at the back side of the cenote! We just quietly swam past him as he watched. This is a little different than other centoes in that it is more like a river than a well or sink hole, but so well worth it! Oh, before or after your visit, visit Casa Cenote Resturant just across the road. Great food right one the beach. Say hi to the owner, Gary and his sweet dog, Ruby.

    • Hello John
      That is great you stayed in that area and got to visit the cenote. We love the restaurant across the street and have been several times. The margaritas of the house are great as the view. We are glad we missed seeing the crocodiles though.

  3. Way cool cenote and one of my favorites! Casa Cenote is one of the clearest water I have seen and I will go back the moment I get to the Riviera Maya.

  4. Visited on 16th November. It was lovely but we purchased photos from our guide and never received them. Very disappointing. Feel we were scammed.

    • We believe Casa Cenote closes at 5 pm. That might change in summer months. It is best to be there during the day for the light. It shines into the water making it magical. As far as Akumal, the policies are always changing referring to swimming in the bay. There are so many people that want to go there and other places that are just as nice we suggest lookong into Yal Ku in Akumal.

  5. We visited this cenote today based on this recommendation. It was disappointing. Beautiful location with ocean and restaurant across the street. The water in the cenote is very clear but there is nothing much to see. Also, the guys at the entrance tried to tell us we needed a guide for $300 pesos each to save us from the alligator. Hahahaha

    • We are not sure what you were expecting to see under the water. Cenotes are fresh water and do not have reefs with fish or tropical life. They are more for swimming and enjoying the natural setting.

      • There really is a alligator in the water! I saw it! Our guide pointed him out and some in our group were brave enough to get a closer look. I think it pretty much stays tucked away in the roots of the trees but even so it freaked me out. Nobody mentioned an alligator before we went in. I didn’t pay extra for “protection” so maybe you were getting scammed…

        • Yes there is one there but it does not bother people. What are you referring to about protection money?

  6. Hello everyone, I’m going on April with my parents but my father can’t walk that much. Do you recommend me this cenote for him? How much does he have to walk?

    • The parking is right next to the cenote. So even if it is full close to the entrance you can drop him off. The 4 meters to the cenote is not perfectly flat so there is some walking on uneven surfaces. This is one of the most close cenotes to a parking lot, so this might be good for you.

  7. 1st off thank you for all your GREAT advise.Went last year and stayed at the Royal Hideaway Perfecto!Visited Coba and the Cenotes there were amazing!This year visiting Tulum ruins can we take a taxi to casa cenote from the ruins?Also, I thought there was a Cenote where you could rent bicycles near Tulum?Am I mistaken?

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