Visit Cenote Cristal and Cenote Escondido just south of Tulum

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Here you can see the clear waters of Cenote Cristal.

Cenote Cristal and Cenote Escondido

Cenote Cristal and Cenote Escondido are two cenotes you can visit near Tulum. These two cenotes have the same entrance and ticket booth but are on opposite sides of the 307 Highway.

Both cenotes have clear water and are surrounded by tropical plants. Of the two cenotes, Cenote Cristal is probably the more popular. Cenote Cristal is a beautiful cenote with space around it to lay out  in the sun after swimming.

Since you pay for both entrances though, you might as well visit both of them.

Cenote Cristal Tulum
Jump into the crystal clear water of Cenote Cristal.


Cenote Cristal Tulum
Tropical plants surround Cenote Cristal.

What hours are Cenote Cristal and Cenote Escondido open?

Both of these cenotes are open from 8:00am-5:00pm daily. You must however buy your entrance before 4:00pm.

Cenote Cristal and cenote Escondido
The information and ticket counter for Cenote Cristal and Cenote Escondido.

What is the entrance price of these cenotes?

The cost is 120 pesos per person and this includes entrance to both Cenote Cristal and Cenote Escondido.

Where is Cenote Cristal and Cenote Escondido

These two cenotes are just south of Tulum. From the center of downtown Tulum these cenotes are a 6 minute drive or 4.2 Km. It is possible to bike here as long as you don’t mind a few kilometers along the two lane road leaving Tulum. There is ample car parking and places to lock up bikes.

Cenote Cristal and cenote Escondido
Look for this sign on the west side of the road.

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Have you been to Cenote Cristal or Cenote Escondido? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.


  1. These cenote are good to bike to from the center of Tulum . Very nice to swim and some space to take sun also. Bring food or snacks because there is nothing nearby.

  2. We booked our trip to Tulum, Mexico before I really learned what cenotes were, but they re the number one reason why I d go back in a heartbeat. There are over 6,000 cenotes sprinkled throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, which are natural sinkholes giving way to the aqua blue groundwater beneath. Some cenotes just look like little lakes that you can access from ground level, some are partially collapsed with a rock overhang, while others require a trek deep underground where you ll find yourself in a cave of crystalline water surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites. We visited as many as we could to find the best cenotes near Tulum, Mexico.

  3. Love it! I was just in Tulum for my honeymoon, but didn t get to explore much, as we were only there for 3 nights and recovering from the wedding craziness ?? I was curious how long you were in Tulum for to be able to explore and not be on such a schedule.

    • Our website is based here in the Riviera Maya and everyone lives here, so we have forever to explore!

  4. I think these are two of the better options for cenotes close to Tulum. They get a little less tourists and are beautiful to visit.

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