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The Guys Guide to Playa Del Carmen-Everything for your man

Guys Guide to Playa Del Carmen

The Guys Guide to Playa Del Carmen-Everything for your man

Are you coming to Playa Del Carmen with your man and you want him to really enjoy himself? Here are a few things we put together for a Guys Guide to Playa Del Carmen. We mention tours and manly activities, restaurants and bars here in this article. There is so much to discover here and this is just a start.

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Activities for guys while on vacation

Go Fishing with La Reina

If your guy likes fishing, this is a great company to go out with. This fishing tour takes you out on the ocean and can do deep sea fishing or trolling. If the family wants to come along to, the family can snorkel a little. For more about this fishing tour see our article here.


For the National Geographic Guy

If your guy is the discoverer and wants to see nature, adventure and exploring, we have the perfect tour for him. Ta’akbil Ja is an out of the way experience run by a local community. Here you can go though caves, swim in a cenote and rappel down about 80 feet into a cenote. This is a place that seldom go and is just getting on the tourist map. For more about Ta’akbil Ja including a video, see our article here.

For the Adventure Sport Guy A Day At Xplor

If your guy likes being active, then he will love Xplor Park. Here he can go on zip lines, swim in underground rivers and drive a jeep in the jungle. This is a full day of fun outside. He can bring the family along with him as long as the kids meet the height requirement for the zip lines. For more about Xplor see our article here.

Speedboat tour at Xel Ha

If you are going to go to Xel Ha to snorkel, one of the add on things you can do is the Adrenalina speedboat. This is an ultra fast boat that goes out into the ocean. You will get wet on this ride! Best of all guys will find this a lot of fun!

adrenalina speedboat Xel Ha

Take An ATV Tour Through The Jungle

Does you guy like riding ATV’s? This park is just south of Playa Del Carmen and this can be a half day tour. It involves riding through the jungle, a few zip lines and a swim in a cenote. If this sounds like something for you, check out our article about Emotions Park here.

Where Men Would Like to Eat in Playa Del Carmen

500 Gramos Restaurant

If you like steak then this restaurant is a great local restaurant that gives great value. Forget the overpriced steak houses on 5th Avenue. You can get a great meal here for under $15 USD. Not only is the meat good the service is friendly and the owners are always checking on their guest.  If you are not a meat lover they also have good pastas here. For more about eating at 500 Gramos Restaurant see our article here.

500 Gramos Grill Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen

500 Gramos is a great guy restaurant.

Don Chendo

If you guy likes pizza and pasta, Don Chendo serves up Chicago deep dish style pizza. This is sure to satisfy. Usually one pizza will serve two people. There is also pasta served here. This restaurant serves wine and beer. For more about Don Chendo Restaurant see our article here.

Don Chendo Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

A pizza at Don Chendo Restaurant.

Manly Places for Your Guy to go for a Drink

Carmen Beer Company

For beer lovers and craft beer lovers this is an awesome place to go. This is the only brewery right here in Playa Del Carmen. The beer is great and so is the view into the brewery with the large stainless steel tanks. For more on visiting the Carmen Beer Company see our article here.

Carmen Beer Company Playa Del Carmen beer

The Carmen Beer Company-perfect for the beer loving man.

Tequila Barrel

This is a popular bar on 5th Avenue between 10th Street and 12th Street. Here you can sit and have a drink while watching people stroll down 5th Avenue or you can go in the back room which has air conditioning and sports betting. Along with drinks, this bar has traditional bar food that some guys would like.

Club De Cerveza

If you man is a beer lover, Club De Cerveza is a dream come true. Here you can order off the international beer menu. There are more craft beers and all types than you can drink while on vacation. They also serve small bites here. This bar/restaurant is on 5th Avenue between 34th Street and 38th Street. For more about Club De Cerveza see our article here.

More options for bars

If you guy likes beach bars, sports bars or specialty drinks, see our full Bar Guide to Playa Del Carmen here.

More Guides to Playa Del Carmen

If you want to see what other guides we have, see our full list in this article. Enjoy!

What do you think of our list? Do you have other suggestions for things for guys here in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. This is perfect for my husband. I have been to Playa Del Carmen by myself with girlfriends and now the hubbys are coming.

  2. For sure some cool things for my husband to check out. I did not know there were motercycle tours.

  3. Carmen Beer Co is AMAZING! SUPER Nice!

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