Furniture Buying Guide for Playa Del Carmen

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The Playa Del Carmen Furniture Guide

If you have a condo, house or just a rental property in Playa Del Carmen you are going to have to think about buying furniture. Part of the enjoyment of owning a place is furnishing it yourself. This can be a joy to some and a chore to others.

We are bring you this guide to buying furniture in Playa Del Carmen because it is actually not as easy as you think. It is likely not going to be a one stop shopping experience and being new to an area and country presents different issues to consider. This list will be ongoing because there are lots of little places that offer some things and we want to bring you everything from high end to basic as well as services that will furnish your place for you.

If you are moving here to live then you have already had to think about what you wanted to bring and consider how much it costs to bring large items with you. (See our article on recommendations for what to bring to Playa Del Carmen for new residents)  So after some consideration we are sure you will need to do some shopping when here for furnishings. See also our article on how to decorate your place in Mexico

If you are going to own a rental property here then you will most likely need to furnish it as well. If it is a vacation rental then you need basic furniture that will be used by vacation renters. For long term rentals it will also be good to have basics because in Mexico most apartments are semi furnished. The reason for this is because apartments are for new couples starting out that do not have money for furniture or for people moving and staying in an area for a short time so having a place that is furnished makes it much more easy.

Considerations for buying furniture in Playa Del Carmen

Here are some things you will need to consider before buying furniture.

  • Furniture made from soft wood or non tropical woods can be prone to termites. It is not like every inch of Playa Del Carmen is crawling with termites but they can affect wood products in homes.
  • Moisture is also a consideration. If you are not going to climate control your home 24/7 then the humidity and moisture can be an issue. If you rooms are on the first floor and it is a shaded area with moisture then it will be a constant battle with mildew on some types of materials.

Here are some things you should know about shopping for furniture in Playa Del Carmen.

  • Many furniture stores will only have a limited stock in the showroom. Many will have catalogs to order from. It is up to you if you want to have things delivered in 1-6 weeks. Some furniture will need to be made to order at the factory and then shipped.
  • Furniture cost are more the what you expect. There are no Ikeas or Home Goods stores where you can get a multitude of inexpensive goods. Most everything is full price with only the occasional slightly discounted sales price.
  • The look of a lot of furniture is modern with a slight European feel. Old world antiques are not to be found at all in Playa Del Carmen.
  • Since most floors are tile you are going to be mopping a lot and this means water. Having furniture with air space under them not only helps air circulate but also helps in cleaning. Legs of chairs and sofas will get wet when mopping so something that will not rust is good.

Playa Del Carmen furniture shopping

The following is a description and possibly a photo of each place that might interest you for shopping for furniture. Happy shopping!

Buying fabric in Playa Del Carmen

If you are working on furnishing your home and want to make curtains, pillows or reupholster a piece of furniture then check out our guide to buying fabric in Playa Del Carmen. Having things made in Playa Del Carmen can save you money and it is not as expensive as you might think.

Furniture stores in Playa Del Carmen

A good place to start is on the 307 Highway coming into Playa Del Carmen from the north. This stretch of highway has multiple places to look in all budgets. Here are the places in order north to south. (See map where first 12 stores are located)

buying furniture in Playa Del Carmen

Galerias El Triunfo

This store was a welcome addition to Playa Del Carmen. Look for the bright blue building on the west side of the highway. It is near where the Arco Vial Road intersects with the highway. This store has fun and sometimes over the top stuff. Chairs with British flag fabric, kitchen stools and chairs, pillows, picture frames and a lot of household decorative elements. Open Mon-Sat 10am-9pm Sundays 10am-8pm. For more information and a small video of what the inside of this furniture and home furnishing store looks like, see our article here on Galerias El Triunfo.

Casa Latina

 Playa Del Carmen furnitureCasa Latina is a large furniture store where you can furnish most rooms in your house. It is mainly furniture and not too much decorative items. They offer full packages for homes. They have a large showroom and bilingual staff. Prices are medium to high.




muebles Kokko furniture store Playa Del Carmen

This furniture store in Playa Del Carmen has a more natural look to many of its items. . For as large as the store is it does not seem to have as much stuff as you might think. It has more mirrors, lights and outdoor furniture.



Carreiro Colchones

playa del carmen furniture  If you are in the area and want to check out mattresses then this is a good place with a lot in one location. Mattresses are fairly easy to find in Playa Del Carmen, you can even get them in grocery stores like Walmart. If you need something specific you can check here.



Unique Wood and Iron Furniture

Unique Wood and Iron Furniture Playa Del Carmen

At this store you can get custom made furniture and lighting. Most things are made with tropical hardwoods and you can have a one of a kind piece. Be sure to look at examples of their work on their website.




Quku furniture store muebles playa del carmen

Quku is more of a home design store and furnishings. It does have good taste and different things then you will find in other locations. They have designed a lot of places in Playa including hotels and restaurants.



Fabrica de Muebles

Fabrica De Muebles furniture store Playa Del CarmenFabrica de Muebles is a more traditional Mexican looking furniture store with things made out of wood. If you need something custom made they can build it for you.




La Casa Gris

muebles La Casa Gris furniture store Playa del Carmen La Casa Gris has most rooms of furniture covered and is more low to mid priced items as far as furniture is concerned. They have a lot of items available by catalog ordering.




InLab Muebles

Inlab furniture store Playa Del carmen muebles

Inlab Muebles is a Mexican company that manufactures in Guadalajara and ships all over. They offer living room sets and other rooms of furniture. It is basic furniture but can look nice. Most everything has to be ordered and you can select different fabrics.

Tip: Check out the prices online before going in the store. You might find it cheaper.



Maderas Del Caribe

Madera Playa del carmen wood store

Maderas Del Caribe is one of the most accessible wood stores in Playa. They do make basic bed frames and curtain rod holders for sale. We listed this places as well because if you need to build something yourself or need wood for a project this is your place.



Other locations in Playa Del Carmen for furniture

Actual Design Furniture Store

Actual is considered one of the best locations for good design and quality. It is high end and a lot of silver accents and leather.



Dettaglio is located on the 307 highway, so look for them near the other furniture stores. It is a modern design store with mid priced furniture. It seems to be a good value for what you get.



Casona Playa del Carmen, Elemento RestaurantCasona is a design store and a good place to have custom pieces made for you out of wood.

The store is located on 25th Avenue between 26th Street and 28th Street.



Juarez Avenue

Muebleria San Jose  is a good place to look at locally made hardwood furniture. The shop is located a few blocks above the 307 Highway on the south side. Prices are reasonable.

Telebodega Furniture Store

This huge warehouse on the highway has two floors of furniture. Telebodega has a lot of living room sets, bedroom sets, appliances and even kitchen cabinets. It used to be cheaper but prices are not cheap especially considering the quality and design. It is located on the west side of the highway between Calle 7 Sur and Calle 11 Sur.

Office Depot

Don’t forget about office supply stores. Office Depot has  a good selection of office desk and chairs of course but also has some book cases and mirrors. The store is located on the 307 Highway between 2nd and 4th Streets.


Sam’s Club

Sams Club has a small selection if furniture. Of course you need a membership here to buy. Sams is located on the 307 Highway on the south end of town.


City Club

This club like store is just like Sams Club. It is a member based store. It is less popular then Sams but might have  something you need for furniture. To give you an idea of what they have, at one time there will be one sofa, a couple of chairs, a TV stand and a dinning room set.


Liverpool Department Store

Liverpool is the Mexican version of Bloomingdales. You can get good quality and you will pay for it as well. This department store just opened a flagship store on the south end of Playa on the 307 Highway. Search around the second floor for room ideas. They have some nice lighting ideas.


Grocery Stores

Stores like Walmart and Mega sell basic cheap furniture. It is of low quality and do not expect it to last long.

Plaza Las Americas Shopping Mall

There are a few locations in this shopping mall. There are three smaller places that sell furniture. One has modern furniture of decent quality and the other two sell cheap furniture meant for shoppers living in the housing developments.

Sears Department Store

Sears has a lot of living room furniture and household decorations. Pier 1 Imports has a section in Sears. It is not as good as having a whole Pier 1 store but it is something. Sears is located in the Plaza Las Americas Mall.



Coppel is a Mexican department store that makes money off selling everything via store credit. Most things are low quality but you might find something useful here. Coppel also has a store in Centro Maya but they are identical. They also offer a lot  of online shopping with deliver.


Buying second hand

There is a store called  Bazar De Remate on 35th Avenue between 2nd Street and 4th Street in a warehouse that sells used furniture. This place gets things from hotels that are remodeling, people moving or clearing out. They also are starting to buy from people willing to sell, so if you are remodeling and don’t want the hassle of selling online or need to move things fast, try contacting them. Open daily from 10am-7pm

Phone 803-4043

Furniture shopping outside of Playa Del Carmen

Here are two places we recommend for shopping for furniture and furnishings. 

  1. Tulum road to Coba. This area has three small towns that are pretty much dedicated to hammocks, furniture, plants and more. This can be a nice shopping road trip
  2. The second is the town of Izamal for rugs and lamps. Both of these items are hard to find, and here they solve this with the use of a local fiber called henequen. You can see more in the video below. 


More shopping?

If you are a new resident in Playa Del Carmen and need to find things, see our Ultimate Shopping Guide to Playa Del Carmen. The first have of this guide is for tourist and the second is for residents.

Where do you like buying furniture in Playa Del Carmen? Do you have some tips for us? Let us know in the comment box below. We love hearing from our readers!

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  1. We went everywhere in your list – Thank you! We bought most of our furniture from Ambiance Muebles, Claudia & Jonathan have been so very helpful. We also found a shop across from Sams that had great things, (especially accessories) called Homey – Nancy is very kind, they also do special order furniture (very cool tree root tables) – things that are different from the norm, and more upscale I would say. We look forward to a point where we can finally enjoy our new vacation home. Your website is a great find. Thank you again.

  2. Please do not advise anyone to go to InLab Muebles. I went there after reading this article a few months ago and have yet to receive my sofa. I am now trying to get my money back. They do not respond unless you pester them and even then they only give excuses. Absolutely terrible, terrible company with the worst customer service. Of course they were super nice when I went in and placed my order! -_- I am not the first with this problem either. Check the reviews their FB page: Wish I had seen them prior to ordering.

    • Thank you for posting your experience here and it will become part discussion for all to read. We hope that you have a better furniture experience in Playa Del Carmen in the near future.

  3. My husband and I ordered some furniture at Actual and had nothing but bad service. They kept promising the order would come in. For such a high end store the service is not good at all. If people order from there they should know that it will take double the time they say and only half the time get back to you. I like their designs but the service ruins it. I was going to buy more there but I am looking for alternative furniture stores.

    • Thank you about your comments about Actual Furniture store. We have gotten several complaints via email about this store. Honestly we are surprised how many complaints we have heard. We are glad you put your statements public so they can see them and others. They have not been good about addressing problems with their company and we hate to see people have so much difficulty with them. They are a good high end furniture store and should have high end service.

  4. Hello! I am moving to Playa Del Carmen and need to buy everything for my new condo. I am glad to find your guide. I know when we were down last time we had a hard time finding where to go for furniture.

  5. Thanks for this guide. I have been looking for furniture in Playa Del Carmen. I moved here with not much and have to replace everything.

  6. Hello. I ordered from Inlab furniture store. I checked their prices in the small store in Playa Del Carmen and it was more then online. I wanted to see the actual size fo the sofas and chairs. It was good to see in the store because they are smaller then I thought. I wound up ordering from them in Guadalajara. It was a little bit of the process but in the end I got my stuff and am happy. It is decent basic furniture. I see other people have had issues with the Inlab store in Playa Del Carmen. I would recommend just ordering online. That is afterall what the store is doing for you since they don’t have things in stock.

  7. After searching around we found your furniture guide here. We love your site as a resource.

  8. I was just in Tulum last week to furnish a condo we just purchased in Puerta Zama! I pre-ordered and pre-paid for our master bedroom furniture at Actual and my dining table and buffet at Pergo. Alejandra from Actual was amazing she worked so hard to make sure everything was perfect including the delivery! Adrianna from Pergo did the same! We had 5 days to furnish this condo from top to bottom. Upon arrival to Cancun we went straight to Actual and we’re able to also purchase our couch, coffee table, and accent pieces. We furnished the second bedroom with Casa Latina. Rodrigo was amazing…we’re able to custom order two twin size beds, one night stand and dresser on Tuesday and by Thursday it was delivered! We also bought our decorative pillows and additional accent pieces!
    My favorite piece in our condo was custom made at Unique Lighting, it’s a beautiful piece that hangs above our dining table! Alan Shields provided excellent service! Our go to store for additional things like rugs, lamps, comforters, bathroom was Liverpool. We took a drive down to Cancun to purchase our TV and additional items at Costco, we bought out twin mattress at Sam’s in Playa. Note: there is NO Costco in Playa we’re misinformed at the airport. My husband and I are big fans of the Huitchol art and by accident ran into a gallery on la 5ta. There we bought 2 amazing pieces…Jana and Marten we’re amazing!!! All in all everything fell into place and we left Tulum and Casa El Sueno ready for traveler’s to enjoy?.
    Any recommendations for outdoor patio furniture and blinds for 3 patio doors?

    • Thank you so much Juana for your review and rundown of your experiences buying furniture in Playa Del Carmen and around. What type of furniture are you looking for your patio? If you want more modern we like Casa Latina and if you like more wood and local, we like the handmade wood shops on the Tulum Coba road. There are some nice chairs and loungers that are made from tropical hardwoods and will last in this climate. The blinds, well do you need higher end one, Actual does them. Or are you just looking for something to cover the windows?

      • Hi, Where is the Unique Lighting store? Is in Cancun, I tried looking for it online in Playa Del Carmen and in Cancun but was unable to locate it.

        • We have their website listed here and there is a map on their site. It is on the north end of Playa along the 307 highway.

  9. I was very happy to find your website because I moved to Playa Del Carmen and have needed to furnish my new condo. I wants to say thanks for the good list of furniture stores.

    • Hello Dorris

      First let us say welcome to Playa Del Carmen. We hope you are getting settled in nicely. Thank you for your comments. If you found any other sources for furniture or design you liked let us know. We love to keep adding to all our guides.

  10. Hello, I am anticipating my trip to Puerto Morales to furnish my new home vacation spot and rental in the Puntarena Morales. Thank you for this wonderful information. I am just waiting for the go/ that its done and I am on my way. planning to spend 3/4 weeks to get everything done. any helpful hints would be appreciated Maureen

    • Hello Maureen

      We hope your new project will go smoothly and you get nice furniture for you new place. I think the best tip is, since you have 3-4 weeks to do it, is to buy what is in stock. Many places will offer delivery service but they often take longer then stated. A lot of furniture is made in Guadalajara on the other side of Mexico. This means that it might have to be made with the fabric of choice and then shipped by truck to the Rivera Maya.
      It probably is good to spend one day and visit all the stores. Most are along the highway in Playa Del Carmen. Then you can get an idea of what styles and prices at each store.
      There is at least one local furniture on the highway on the south end of Puerto Morelos. It has very local made furniture and Mexican looking furniture. The prices are lower as well. This little store might have something for you. It is on the beach side of the local access road in Puerto Morelos.

  11. Hello I am moving from Canada this year and will need to buy all new furniture for my condo. This is a great resource.

    Great blog, continue the good work!

  12. Hello, we are from Cozumel, and looking for out door dining table. Either a mesh material, or the plastic rattan. The Ambiance Muebles web site is not working. I can’t seem to find anything. What would you suggest? We were hoping to find online, and order, and ship it over, but this seems to be a problem. I appreciate your help, and input.

    • Actually if you don’t want anything super nice you could check into the online furniture of Walmart or Coppel. Liverpool does have some nice patio furniture as well but will cost about as much as indoor furniture. Most of the furniture stores are along the highway in Playa on the north end, just north of 28 De Julio Avenue. Checking out this area will also turn up what is possible here in Playa Del Carmen. We hope you find something you like.

  13. There is a new furniture store in Playa Del Carmen along the highway. It is called mi patio. You should check it out. It is just south of 28 de Julio.

    • Thanks for the tip Jana. We saw it the other day and will be stopping by there to get info. There are a few new places are going to add to the furniture guide.

  14. Hi there, Thanks for the guide. I am looking for some custom made wood light fixtures. What are some places to check out?

    • Hello Stephan

      There is one wood working shop listed here that does custom pieces. We are also working with a new one that has amazing light fixtures. We will send you an email with details on it since we don’t have all the info on the site yet.
      Thanks for your question.

      • Will you please send me the information on the wood working shop, and lighting place. I am also looking for a place that does re-upholstery. Do you know of any?

        • Hello Eva

          The woodworking and light store is on this guide and there is a link to their website for more information. For upholstery work you can contact Tapiceria Jorge at 984-134-9820.

  15. We are moving to the Riviera Maya and looking to buy some furniture so we have saved your list of furniture stores for our research material. Thanks.

  16. One that I didn’t see on there was Amati, it’s right across the street from Centro Maya along the highway. They have really good quality Italian furniture and good prices for it. The style is very similar to Actual Decoracion. We ordered a few items from them the past week and will probably order more.

    • Thank you for mentioning this furniture store. We will be paying them a visit soon and adding them to the list. We hope you are finding everything you need in Playa Del Carmen. Thanks for reading our website.

  17. Hello! This guide has been very helpful to me. I have been furnishing my house and it has been an undertaking since moving to Playa. It is nice to have a list of stores to visit.

  18. hi anyone know the average price for a good quality mattress in Playa stores? looking to buy in Mar/17

    • Well that is a bot of a loaded question. Most basic mattresses start around 2000 pesos. The higher end ones can go for 5000-6000 pesos but you have to shop around when you are here so you can get what you want.

  19. Hello,
    I have to refresh my condo in playa . Need suggestions to buy good choice of furnitures and curtains for doors’patio and room’s Windows. What are the best choice quality -vs- price in playa? anyone could help me?

    • Hello Sylvain

      We only know of a few interior decorators here but don’t really recommend any of them. We would love to get to know more so we can tell people about their services. The ones we know have a reputation for being difficult, most all the designs look the same and they use cheaper materials. You might try looking around in Liverpool and Gran Chapur department stores in Plaza Las Americas Mall in Cancun. You can get some quality products and ideas from the displays.

  20. This entire site is awesome! Was wondering if you have a website address for mexfurniture? The link is listed is for an estate broker that works with them but no link to the actual store.

  21. I have been extremely please dealing get with Sandra Garza, at La Casa Gris. She has made some stunning furniture for my husband and me. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and she was able to produce a couple of pieces that looked like the picture, and at a reasonable price! I would recommend Sandra and her shop!

  22. I an shopping for furniture in Playa del Carmen and want to find some good plastic chairs that are modern in design. If any stores have some please let me know. I am looking for clear plastic or black ones. Thanks

    • Hello Elisa

      One place to check is Galerias Triunfo. They have a selection and do have clear plastic chairs.

  23. I am looking for outdoor furniture for my patio. I don’t want Walmart or Home Depot quality. Where can I find good quality patio furniture in Playa Del Carmen?

  24. We bought furniture 2 years ago at Actual Studio. We were assured everything was in stock for immediate delivery. The console for the living room that was to hold the 60″ TV was not delivered. Surprise! The delivery guys told us they had been out of stock for a long time. The store accommodated us by delivering the sample in the store so that we had something to use while the original piece was MADE IN CHINA! It took months! The one accent chair for the living room had some “chrome” on the arms – it rusted in 2 weeks! Really poor plating. We do live oceanfront and told the sales guy that when we bought the furniture. Don’t expect anything resembling good advice from them. They did take the chair back and we bought a lounge chair to replace it. They owed us about 1,000 Pesos for the difference in prices – we can’t get the refund. We gave up after about 6 months. The sofa and bed are vinyl – or so we thought – it was actually a vinyl/shredded leather combo. After about a year it started to just open up holes in different locations. We returned to Actual (after you have come with a problem a time or two they all run for the back room when you enter) and found that it was guaranteed for 2 years. They offered to reupholster the sofa. Amazing. It took months to get into their schedule but it finally got done and delivered – in white instead of grey! We waited another month to get into their schedule – they would not accommodate us for their mistake in color – and it finally got done and delivered. It is really poor work – cushions are different sizes, seams are crooked, padding varying depending on the part you sit or lean against. Now that we are out of the warranty period the bed (48,000 Pesos) is doing the same thing. They told us that the “recycled leather that was mixed with the vinyl won’t hold up in the humid climate. Unbelievable! Their stores are all in 80-95% humidity. How many people must have bought the same furniture that eventually disintegrates and if they reupholster in is inferior work. Or they only visit occasionally and it’s too late to fix.

    I have lived in the area for five years. Take my advice and stay away from Actual Studio. It is very inferior quality for any price point and customer service is nonexistent – unless you are willing to push them and pursue them for months and rarely get a straight answer. When you do get some action from them the times quoted are off by months and the quality is worse than what you originally bought.

    Now after two and a half years the dining room chairs are disintegrating. The vinyl is opening up in many places. Apparently the vinyl is so thin that it cannot hold up to any use whatsoever – 2,500 Pesos each for 6 chairs. The white consoles for the living room have turned yellow – 14,000 Pesos each. The store manager told us that it happens because of sunlight. Sunlight? We live oceanfront in Puerto Juarez at the north end of Cancun….

    We recently bought a condo for vacation rental in Tulum. We need to furnish it. I can’t imagine where to start. If Actual Studio is considered “high end” what is left??? Actual Decoracion? Double the price and the same company that is impossible to work with. We live in a beautiful country full of wonderful people who go out of their way to help any way they can. However it is stunning that most businesses are inept and devoid of any customer service, not to mention the inferior quality.

    • Hello Walt

      We are sorry to hear your story with Actual Furniture but not surprised since many people complain about them and have bad stories. We do have one interior designer on our site that speaks English and also knows what the reputation of some local furniture stores are. They work with more local producers and if you wanted to go that route, we recommend them. If you are going to take it on yourself, going local and “Tulum style” is a great way to go. The road to Coba has a few towns where they make tropical hardwood furniture. If you want to travel a little more, the town to Temozon has better selection for furniture and better quality. This is just north of Valladolid.

  25. Thanks for your reply. We’ve been to Coba and nothing stood out along the road as “furniture makers”. We bought smoked meats in Temozon on our way home from Ek Balam a few years ago. That seems like a good trip to take….if we don’t find find furniture it’s always nice to stop in Valladolid to visit Coqui Coqui for some of their “house made” perfumes.

    We’re also considering a drive over to Merida for a furniture search. Once again if we don’t find what we need it’s a great trip to take.

    • Hello Walt

      There are three towns between Coba and Tulum an there are places that make hardwood furniture. Mostly chairs, some rustic tables and some with a little more refinement. Temozon is a better place with several stores that offer very good prices and more modern designs. If you are not in a hurry you can take photos of things you like and commission pieces. We like the last furniture place on the north end of town.

      Coqui Coqui is a great place to pick up house perfume! We have shopped in Merida for furniture but often find about the same as what you can get in the Riviera Maya. You can always go to Cancun to the Plaza Las Americas Mall and go to Gran Chopur and Liverpool for some options. Sears in Playa has some options as well.

  26. I’ve been checking for Furnituremex’s website and they still don’t appear to have one. Are they still in business?

  27. We are going to be furnishing 2 condos in Tulum and would like to know what stores offer furniture packages?

    • Hello Pam

      The link to the interior decorating company here does packages for furniture. Tulum has very limited options for shopping so Playa is a good option

  28. This furniture guide is great! I need everything for my new condo and it is hard to get started here. Thank you!

  29. Do you know of any place that has lamp parts or who repairs lamps? Or has lamp shades to purchase?I live in Puerto Aventuras. Looking for a store or repair person in Playa.

    • Hello Mary

      We don’t know of any places that do repairs. Lamps with shades are very uncommon here. The best advice is to look for a new one.

    • Hello Pat

      Many people go to local carpenters for cabinetry. You can have nice wooden ones made or if you are looking for premade, Tela Bodega on the south end of town has some. Boxito and Home Depot are two other options.

  30. Your website is the BEST! It never lets me down! Thank you aging for all your help!

  31. If you’re still on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Best Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune then an iPod and see which one sounds better to you, and which interface makes you smile more. Then you’ll know which is right for you.

  32. Hello,
    I was on a tour during my trip to Playa del Carmen to Tulum and Coba. Along the way, we went through several areas with shops that had these beautiful pendant lamps that looked like vines interwoven together in a round shape like a globe. Do you know the ones? I didn’t have time to shop around for furniture sadly while I was here, so I was hoping to see if you could direct me to a place/website that sells these lamps (and that could ship them)? Thanks!

    • Hello Kate

      We know the ones you are talking about. Since this is more of a local made product everything you would find online is going to be much more expensive. We don’t know for sure any stores that will ship them but you could try Kokko in Playa Del Carmen.

  33. We bought our condo in Playa del Carmen in 2011 and purchased all of the furniture at Casa Latina (two bedroom sets, living room and dining room), plus some accessories (lamps, sofa pillows, etc.). The staff were wonderful, the furniture was delivered in a timely fashion and after almost eight years, except for a few scratches on the wood pieces, everything looks like it did the day we bought it. Outstanding quality and beautiful design. We’ve put a down payment on a newer, larger condo that will be ready in 2020 and we’ll head back to Casa Latina once again.

  34. I am bought a three bedroom condo in Tulum and need to fully furnish it. Do you know of any places in Tulum where I can get good furniture? Thanks

    • Hello Pat

      There are several new stores in Tulum where you can buy furniture. We hope to add some of them to our website so we can organize them in a way you can find them.

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