The Galerias el Triunfo Store-everything for decorating your home

Galerias el Triunfo

Galerias el Triunfo

When many people move to Playa Del Carmen they need furniture and décor for their homes. Or if you are buying a place to rent out, you might need furnishings. Where do you go? Well Galerias el Triunfo is a good source for many things.

Galerias el Triunfo is well known in Mexico for importing items from around the world. Their stores have a wild range of items, everything from life size statues to trees that light up. It actually is hard to describe everything they have so we included a little video of what the store is like.

What can you find at this store?

Well a little bit of everything! If you are decorating a home or even planning a  wedding and need vases and décor, you can find it at this store.

The store consist of two levels and is practically stacked to the ceiling on both levels. If you do see something here, you should buy it because they often sell out and replace it with something different.

What is your style? Do you like colonial? retro? modern? or Asian? Galerias el Triunfo has you covered. There is a full range of styles to choose from or mix and match.

Below are more photos of the store and what you can find here. Happy shopping everyone!

Galerias el Triunfo
You can find everything including the bathroom tub!


Galerias el Triunfo
There are two levels of shopping here.


Galerias el Triunfo
If you are looking for chairs, they have a large selection.


Galerias el Triunfo
Need a light fixture? There is a range of chandeliers and lamps available.

Store details for Galerias el Triunfo


Monday-Sunday 10:00am-8:00pm

Telephone numbers

(984) 109-6148  (984) 109-6149

Email address.

[email protected]


Where is Galerias el Triunfo

Galerias el Triunfo is on the north end of Playa Del Carmen along the 307 Highway. The store is between the end of the Arco Vial (Avenida Petempich) and the Coco Cola plant. You will recognize the white and blue building on the west side of the highway.

Have you been to Galerias el Triunfo store? What did you think? We would love to hear below in the comment section.

Galerias el Triunfo
This store is perfect for filling all those blank areas of the house or condo.


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  1. We went to this store. It does have about everything! It took several passes to see everything. This is a good source for decorations and even now for christmas stuff. BTW we love your website.

    • Your comment comes to our website and not to the store. You can email them directly on their website to ask. We do not think they have murphy beds though. It is not really a thing sold in Mexico.

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