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The Best Bars in Playa Del Carmen to hit up when in town

Best bars in Playa Del Carmen

The Best Bars in Playa Del Carmen

What are the best bars in Playa Del Carmen? Here is our list of bars to check out if you are coming to town. We have divided it up into categories so you can find the best bar for you. There is something for everyone, everything from beach bars to sports bars. Be sure to check out our other guides at the end of this article also.  

First, some details about bars and drinking in Playa Del Carmen

  • Quality of drinks range from bottom shelf alcohol to top shelf well made cocktails. In general you will get much better drinks going out to bars  in Playa Del Carmen then at the all inclusive hotels. See our article on places for great cocktails in Playa Del Carmen.
  • Generally drinking on 5th Avenue will be more for the same drink. Cocktails usually fall in the range of 80-200 pesos. That is still a good value compared to many places in the world.
  • Alcoholic drinks can be expensive for locals based on wages, so beer is very popular at 30-50 pesos each. It is good there is a wide selection of beers here and perhaps some you have not tried.
  • Most bars are open un 2:00am. If you want to stay out longer you can go out to one fo the clubs in Playa Del Carmen. Most people start at bars and move to clubs around 1:00am or 2:00am
  • Most of the bars in Playa Del Carmen are around the area of 10th Street, 12th Street and 5th Avenue.
  • Tipping at a bar is less then other countries. At some simple bars, tipping is only done when you order a few drinks. Usually no tip is given when having a beer.
  • Don’t be afraid of any ice because ALL bars in Playa Del Carmen use purified water.
  • Have fun and be safe. Playa Del Carmen is a safe place but people can take advantage of drunk people anywhere. Read our safety in Playa Del Carmen article for more information.

Map of bars in Playa Del Carmen

Here is our map of the bars in Playa Del Carmen. Below are all the categories of bars to see what is the best fit for you.


The best beach bars to go to in Playa Del Carmen

Zenzi Bar is on the beach by 10th Street. Some nights there is live music and salsa dancing. They do serve food but we prefer this as just a place to get a drink and enjoy the view.

Senor Frogs is one of the places that is so tacky but has become so Mexican at the same time. There is always fun music and light hearted staff to make it a fun time. They are open 10:00am-2:00am daily so you can come during the day to the beach and this bar. Bar food is served here but it is typical bar food and tourist priced. Senor Frogs is by the Cozumel Ferry Pier.

Beach Clubs. Although most are not open at night, these can be great places for a drink at the beach. See our Beach Club Guide here.

Bars on 5th Avenue to visit

The reality is that there are not many bars on 5th Avenue. Most are restaurants where you can get a drink. A lot of people like to stop for a drink and watch people go by here. During the daytime most restaurants are open to people just having a drink. At night there is a lot of competition for dinners to fill the tables along 5th Avenue. Just don’t fall for the 2×1 specials to get you in. Most of the time these are just cheap drinks to get people in at low times.

With that being said, here are some places to stop for a drink that are not necessarily bars.

  • La No. 20 Cantina is a Restaurant with a large selection of tequilas and other Mexican spirits. They have a second floor overlooking 5th Avenue at 12th Street.
  • Ambasciata D`Italia Restaurant is on 5th Avenue and 24th Street. It has a good selection of wine and prime spot for people watching.
  • Las Hijas de la Tostada is a fun sidewalk restaurant on 5th Avenue and 38th Street. It has Mexican spirits and beers.
best bars in Playa Del Carmen

The bar at La 20 Cantina with many tequila options among other things.

Don’t forget to enjoy a rooftop bar in Playa Del Carmen

Not just street level is fun to visit. In recent years Playa Del Carmen has been building on the rooftops for the views and fun spaces. There are many rooftop pools that have bars during the day and are also a place to get a drink at night.

See our article here on rooftop pools in Playa Del Carmen. All of them have bars on the roof.

best bars playa del carmen

A drink with a view at The Fives Downtown Hotel rooftop.

Best bars to get a beer

Club De Cerveza is the best place to get a wide selection of Mexican craft beers. With other 60 different craft beers from around the world, you can drink your way to a happy place. They also have a higher end range of “bar food” here and you can eat as well as drink here. Club De Cerveza is right on 5th Avenue between 34th and 38th Street.

Cerveceria Chapultepec is a trendy spot to get some beers. There are two location in Playa. Here you can have a good beer and get a feel for what Mexico offers in chic bar style. One location is on 10th Avenue and the corner of 14th Street and the other is on 1st Avenue and 20th Street.

best bars playa del carmen

One of the best bars in Playa Del Carmen for a trendy atmosphere and beer.

Manne’s Biergarten is German beer bar on 4th Street between 10th Avenue and 15th Avenue. It is popular with some expats and just beer lovers.

The best sports bars in Playa Del Carmen

Want to watch some sports while on holiday, chill have a drink and maybe even make some sports bets? Here are some good options for you.

Tequila Barrel is a popular place on 5th Avenue where you can sit and watch people go by. They serve bar food. If you have not been here recently, this place has gone bigtime! The bar is still street level but there is a large building above the bar which is for gambling.

Taco City is on 5th Avenue between 12th Street and 14th Street. This place has some of the best TV’s and if you want a game, this might be the best place to see it. Open until 1:00am daily.

Los Tabernacos is a lively bar with a Canadian flair. This might be the best bar in Playa Del Carmen if you are Canadian or love a Canadian sports team! Fun atmosphere off 5th Avenue on 10th Street between 10th Avenue and 15th Avenue. Closed Mondays Open Tuesday-Sunday 4:30pm-2:00am.

Sr. Dan’s Margarita and Sports Bar is a small bar on the south end of town near the Cozumel Ferry Pier. They have three TV’s to watch and a range of margaritas to keep you hydrated. This is on Calle 3 Sur between 5th Avenue and the Ferry Pier. Open until 1:00am daily.

Where the expats go to get a drink in Playa Del Carmen

Do you want to go to a bar where you can meet other people that are on vacation or live in Playa Del Carmen? Well there are some excellent places to choose from.

The Tiny Tiki Hut. Newer on the scene, this restaurant/bar is a popular expat bar in Playa Del Carmen to visit. Come for a fun drink and stay for the Asian inspired food. This place is on 20th Avenue between 4th Street and 6th Street.

best bars Playa Del Carmen

Inside of The Tiny Tiki Hut.

Manne’s Biergarten is German beer bar and restaurant on 4th Street between 10th Avenue and 15th Avenue. This place has been around for years and is a favorite with expats and beer lovers.

Pub crawl tour in Playa Del Carmen

Are you looking for that epic night out in Playa Del Carmen but not sure where to go? You can join in a group and get all your drinks included and easy access to some of the best bars in Playa Del Carmen. This tour will take you to three  bars. You get unlimited drinks and entrances. To check this tour out click the link here for more information.

Thank you for reading our article about the best bars in Playa Del Carmen. Let us know if you have any questions or comments below. We would love to hear from you. 

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3 Comments on The Best Bars in Playa Del Carmen to hit up when in town

  1. Andrew Schroeder // January 15, 2019 at 9:45 AM // Reply

    If you’re staying in playacar, there is a small outdoor bar called Barra Artesanal. My friend Luis owns it, and it’s right outside playacar plaza and the little shopping center in playacar. They sell great mezocan craft beers from the yucatan and Mexico and the service is fantastic. Highly recommend.

  2. Great list of places to go out. I have not been to Playa for 3 years and I know a lot has changed.

  3. But you forgot to mention La Chancla on calle 10 between 10th and 15th ave! I love this little bar, the drinks are very cheap and there are great bands that play here. It’s definitely more for locals than tourists but everyone has always been very friendly! They also serve a limited menu, but I have stopped by and they have had a great burger and beer deal.

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