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How to get from Cancun Airport to Akumal

Taking a taxi or private transfer to your vacation.

Yal Ku Lagoon in Akumal Yal Ku Lagoon inlet

Are you on your way to Akumal for a vacation at the beach? Here is how you get from the Cancun Airport to Akumal and your resort or rental.

Cancun Airport to Akumal

Transfers from Cancun Airport to Akumal

Cancun Airport

The Cancun Airport is the only airport that services the area and it is connected to Akumal by the 307 Highway. This is a straight drive from the airport to Akumal and takes about 1 hour.

There are four ways you can get from the Cancun Airport to Akumal.

  1. Rent a car and drive.
  2. Take a taxi.
  3. Hire a private shuttle transfer.
  4. Take multiple busses and perhaps a taxi.

The clear choice from above is either renting a car or taking a private transfer. Here is why. Taxis from the airport are very expensive and more or less at a fixed price. It is more affordable to arrange a private pickup in advance and have a driver waiting for you. If you wanted to try to do a cheap option you can take the ADO bus to Playa Del Carmen and then take a colectivo to Akumal or a taxi from Playa Del Carmen to Akumal. This however is very hard to do with luggage on the colectivo and the cost will start to add up to the same as the shuttle, but take much more effort.

If you are not interested in renting a car then the private transfers are a great option. We have found a company to be very reliable and gets great feedback from our readers (We have yet to have one complaint about them!). They also have the best prices for transferring from the Cancun Airport to Akumal and other places in the Rivera Maya. You can book by clicking the link below.

How does the private transfer work?

All you need to do is book in advance and give them your flight information. A driver will be waiting for you at the airport all ready to take you to your hotel or rental. If you do want to schedule a stop at a restaurant or to shop at the grocery store, this can be arranged but you need to book in advance so the driver can schedule his day with other pickups.

These are a private transfer, so that means it is just for you and your group. No need to drop people off at other hotels or wait for people to arrive on other flights. You can go straight to your vacation!

How much does a transfer cost to Akumal from the airport?

The prices below are for the entire vehicle and not per person.

  • For 1-3 people is it $80USD one way and $130 round trip. Booking round trip saves you $30.
  • For 4-7 people it is $85USD one way and $145 round trip. Booking round trip saves you $25.
  • For 8-10 people it is $95USD one way and $170 round trip. Booking round trip saves you $20

You can click below to book this affordable private transfer. We hope you have an amazing vacation here in the Rivera Maya and certainly you are off to a good start by setting up your transportation from the airport.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide for getting from the Cancun Airport to Akumal. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave one below. We love hearing from our readers.

7 Comments on How to get from Cancun Airport to Akumal

  1. I know from other trips to Akumal that there are several entrances to Akumal and some are down the highway from the main entrance. All prices are the same for Akumal from the airport?

    • Mr.Yucatan // March 9, 2017 at 5:25 PM // Reply

      Hello Kristoher
      This is correct. All prices for Akumal cover the entire area. We hope you have a smooth transfer and enjoyable vacation in Akumal.

  2. I am headed to Akumal and wanted to know if you know what the seaweed situation is there now?

    • Mr.Yucatan // March 13, 2017 at 6:00 PM // Reply

      Hello Melissa

      We were in Akumal yesterday and it was not bad at all. The winter winds do bring more seaweed this direction but right now it is nothing to be worried about. We hope you have a great time in Akumal.

  3. I’m so glad there’s multiple options to get around! I’m planning a vacation to Cancun, and I’ve had bad experiences with taxis in the past. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to rent a car as an American while I was there, so its relieving to know that I can! I feel a lot more comfortable knowing I have transportation options!

  4. I am arriving in August, for my 1st trip. Plane arrives 5pm in cancun. How do i get a “shared” ride so I do not have to pay the full 80 by myself?

    how long will this trip take …as my flight out 5 days later leaves at 1130am


    • Mr.Yucatan // March 29, 2017 at 5:31 PM // Reply

      Hello Paul

      There are no options for a shared transfer from the Cancun Airport to Akumal. It is over an hour of transportation so when you think about it, it is not that bad getting a private driver to wait for you and take you to your place.

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