What is it like shopping at a Walmart in Playa Del Carmen?

Walmart in playa del carmen

Walmart in Playa Del Carmen

Walmarts are almost everywhere and feel like home to some. You can find almost everything in them and low prices as well. So what is it like to shop at the Walmart in Playa Del Carmen? What can you find for your vacation? Can you use U.S. dollars? Here is everything you need to know about the Walmart here.

What can you buy at Walmart for your vacation?

If you forgot something or you just want some things for the beach, you can probably find it at Walmart. Here are a list of helpful things you can buy for your holidays in Playa Del Carmen.

  • Rafts, swim floats, snorkels and everything for the water.
  • Clothes, sunglasses,  swimsuits and towels.
  • Toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorant.
  • Sunscreen and biodegradable sunscreen.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Sometimes you can find coolers. People like these for keeping drinks cool at the beach.
  • Usually you cannot find beach chairs or umbrellas. These can actually be hard to find and why some just plan on going to a beach club.
Walmart in Playa Del Carmen
Need something for your vacation? See what you can find at the Walmart in Playa Del Carmen.


Walmart Playa Del Carmen
Cloths and souvenirs can be found at Walmart.

What else can you find at Walmart?

Walmart is a good place for food shopping. There are all the normal departments like bakery, deli and meat department you find at a grocery store. Tip: When buying items in the bakery, pick up a tray and tongs and select what you want. They bring it to the bakery counter to be packaged and priced. You will pay at the front registers.

Walmart has similar prices to the other stores with a few exceptions. Walmart has one of the better alcohol selections of a downtown grocery store. You might be able to find everything here you are looking for. If not you can take a look at our guide to where to buy wine and alcohol in Playa Del Carmen.

Walmart has a few prepped food areas. There is an area for eating near the deli. Most of the food is basic and lower end. In this are you can find sushi to go. This is one of the only grocery stores to have sushi.

In the front of  Walmart is a café where you can relax and take a coffee. Perfect for the husbands that don’t want to be shopping there with their wives.

Where is it in the store?

Mexican grocery stores are laid out a little different then where you are from. If you do any serious shopping here you might find yourself looking for some things. For example cranberry sauce might be located near some cans of pumpkin in stores you are used to. In Playa Del Carmen you can find it next to the other jellies. This kind of makes sense but this only goes to show you that sometimes you need to look around for things.

Walmart in Playa Del Carmen
Wines for sale in Walmart in Playa Del Carmen.

Do you want someone else to do the shopping for you?

If you don’t like shopping or just would rather spend your time doing something else there is a great service you should know about. The idea came about for a shopping service for residents and tourists. You simply place an order and you have it delivered to your home or rental. They can buy things for a vacation including alcohol, or random things you forgot.  They are a highly recommend service which many of our readers use. To learn more about his shopping and delivery service in Playa Del Carmen see our article here.

Can you us U.S. dollars at Walmart?

The good thing about being in a tourist area is the availability to use U.S. dollars in many places. Grocery stores in Playa Del Carmen will accept dollars. They do this because many locals get tips in dollars and also for the amount of tourist that shop in the stores. There are however limitations.

The current regulations are a maximum of $250 USD at a time for purchases and a maximum of 1000 pesos in change. So this means if you buy $30 USD worth of goods, you cannot use a $100 dollar bill because your change would be more that 1000 pesos.

Most cashiers are very good an dealing with both currencies. You are able to use part pesos and part dollars to make a purchase. Change can only be in pesos.

Credit cards and debit cards are accepted. There are also ATM’s in front of the checkout section.

Where is the Walmart in Playa Del Carmen?

The main Walmart in Playa Del Carmen is on 8th Street between 25th Avenue and 30th Avenue. There is a second Walmart in Playa Del Carmen much further back from the downtown and not used by tourist.

Taxis will either drop you in front of the store or at the taxi stand under the store near the escalators. You can get a taxi from here. There is a rate sheet posted so you know the rates. If the taxi driver helps you with your packages, a small tip is good.


What hours is Walmart open?

Monday-Sunday 7:00am-1:00am

Parking at Walmart in Playa Del Carmen

If you decide to drive to Walmart you have the option of parking in front in the sun and below the store in the shade. If you park in the sun there often are people that will put cardboard on your windshields. This is for a sunscreen. They do this for a tip. A few pesos is all that is needed.

Parking below is more popular. There have been a few reports of people getting into cars that are on the far end from the entrance. Be sure to lock your car and leave nothing in sight.

For more about grocery shopping in Playa Del Carmen see our guide here for stores. If you want to check out the Walmart website for Mexico it is here.

Do you have questions or comments about Walmart in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know below. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Hello. We are coming to Playa del Carmen for the first time and were wondering what we could get there for the beach.

    • We believe this is possible but have do not know of anyone who has personally done this. sorry we do not have more information for you.

  2. Hi –
    We are traveling with our infant daughter to Playa Paraiso and staying at the Iberostar properties. We are curious if we need to bring a ton of diapers and formula or can we pick some up at Walmart? Do you know what type of brands.. in particular Pampers and types of baby food this Walmart carries? Also, do you know how long it would take to get there from our resort?

    Thank you!

    • Your resort is outside of Playa and you would need to take a taxi into town. This could cost around $40-50 USD rt. It does not seem worth it just to go do a diaper run. We think it is better to bring down what you need for the week. We are not sure what brands Walmart has but they tend to have all the popular brands sold in the US.

  3. quisieramos saber si en el super hay leche NUTRILON 3 DE LABORATORIO BAGO Y PAÑALES HUGGIES G y que precio tiene la leche y los pañales gracias .

  4. Hello, my friend is is traveling to Playa Del Carmen, but is scared of crime off of the resort? is Walmart a usual hotspot for the cartel?

  5. Would like to purchase candles and votive for wedding decoration.Travelling from USA. Does store carry them ? Please reply

    • This is correct. There are hours for alcohol selling in Playa Del Carmen. Other each municipality has different hours. It does suck sometimes but is not Walmarts fault.

  6. I spend the winter in Puerto Aventuras and would like to buy a recliner, does Walmart carry them and would they deliver?

    • Walmart does have a delivery service. You will need to shop online and see the details for what they have available. In the store they do not have much furniture.

      • I am travelling from the uk, And while I will be enjoying the Mexican food, I was wondering if they have a range of American food in the Walmart at playadelcarmen?

        • Hello Danielle

          There is a wide range of food available at Walmart and most grocery stores. Especially snack food.

    • They do carry the lycra long sleeve wear that life guards use. We don’t know how top quality it is but they do sell that sort of thing.

    • As a followup we used the Walmart app which we downloaded while in Mexico. We ordered food for delivery to our resort for 39 pesos. They took AMEX for payment upon delivery

    • There used to be a specialty store in the front of Walmart for cigars but it closed. Your best bet is one of the cigar stores on 5th. There is one between 4th and 6th. Or you can try Sanborns Department store in Quinta Alegria. They might have them and if so it would be more likely to be good quality.

    • Hello Roise

      Your comments here go to our website. You will have to go to their website, email them or go to the store to see. We believe they might sell them but we are not sure.

    • There is only a limited amount of plants like orchid in the entrance and occasionally flower. If you want bouquets it is best to go to the flower shops on 30th and 2oth street near Dac Market or Dac Market.

    • Prices are pretty good in Mexico. Overall a little less in price. It depends where things are made though. Some imported items are taxed more and cost more. Laptops and most electronics cost more in Mexico.

  7. Hi, I’m wondering if Walmart is a good place to purchase gluten free bread or other gluten free items in Playa? Thanks

  8. I am coming to secrets akumal for my daughters wedding And I’m told that security customs takes most of your stuff I need to bring 60 airport bottles of vodka and 60 airport bottles of café Petrone Should I buy it there and where can I buy it where in Playa Del car and how far is that from secrets akumal ta

    • Hello Sharon

      There are import taxes for things like alcohol when you go over your limit. This often makes it more expensive than buying it here. Also, you have to pay to carry it in. We do however have the perfect solution! In stead of going shopping yourself, it is best to have this shopping and deliver service do it for you. Since you need a lot of one product, it will also be good to buy in advance and have it all set. This delivery service is very good and we personally know the owners.https://everythingplayadelcarmen.com/delivery-service-playa-del-carmen/

  9. I am coming to Azul Beach Resort for a wedding. I have been asked to make the Wedding Cake. I have tried to find some of the ingredients on the Walmart Site but I am having a hard time finding them. Can I purchase powdered sugar (icing sugar), butter and shortening at Walmart? Does the Walmart have All Purpose White Flour? I have also been told that the butter and dairy products are very different in Mexico compared to the USA or Canada. Is this correct.
    Does Walmart deliver to the Azul Beach Resort?
    If delivery is available, how far in advance should I place my order?

  10. Can I find milk at Walmart , not the long life stuff that tastes weird but similar to what you might find in the US ?

  11. Do you know How much is a taxi from Barcelo Maya Resort to Walmart Playa Del Carmen? I will stay at the resort, but would like to go on a ride in the center of playa del Carmen. Thank you! 🙂

    • Getting a taxi at a resort is always hard because there are no set prices. There are “about prices. Taxis charge more from resorts because they wait for rides. It would be about $25 usd each way for up to 4 people. But, here is another option, you don’t even need to go there if you don’t want. There is a great online shopping service that will deliver to your hotel. You can even ask for items that you might need and even buy alcohol. Here is a link if this will work for you. https://everythingplayadelcarmen.com/grocery-service/

  12. I purchased some bathing suits at the Playa Walmart and want to return them. Dressing rooms were closed due to Covid so I couldn’t try them on. Do you know their return policy on unworn clothing/bathing suits?

    • Unusually underwear and swimsuits are non returnable because people try them on nude. You could ask at customer service though.

    • Yes there are gluten free products. Most of the time they are in a section with “heath food products” like low sugar. Most of the time with “sin gluten” of even in English “gluten free” on the label.

  13. If we are staying at the Grand Lux at Riveria Maya can we place an order and have it delivered to us on our first day?

    • We know you can do it with a Mexican card, not sure if this would work with your bank. You can use USD and get change in Pesos plus the exchange rate is pretty good.

    • There was one store in Playa but we believe it is gone. Maybe only in Mexico City you can find stores with it.

  14. Travellers beware when using bank machines, persons are lurking around , pretending they are just in line, they will watch to get your PIN number and try and steal your bank card , if you hear someone say , mam sir your transaction is not finished, your account is still open , you need to put your card back in, it’s a lie, a complete lie, they are scammers,
    The atm gives you your card back when you have completed your transaction remember that , if you have your money and your card, your done , maybe you didn’t get a receipt, but it could be out of paper, just walk away, or yell for security, never put your card back in never, they are fast talkers , and usually Romanian it’s huge huge scammers

    • Thank you for commenting about this. We do warn readers about safety in our article about that. This is always a good reminder to be alert to scams.

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