Everything about the observation tower and waterslide at Xel Ha

Xel ha waterslide

Visit the MEGA waterslides at Xel Ha

The latest attraction at Xel ha park is open! It is an observation tower with giant waterslides. This scenic lighthouse as it is called, is wrapped in four waterslides that descend 98.5 ft. (30 meters) into a water landing.  The waterslides at Xel Ha swirl around the tower and will take less than a half minute to descend.

If Xel Ha was not fun enough, this latest attraction will give you even more to do at this park! See our complete article here on visiting Xel Ha.

This new observation tower is the third one in the Riviera Maya. There is one in Cancun, a scenic tower at Xcaret park and now one in Xel ha. Of course none of the other ones have waterslides, so that makes this one extra special.

Xel Ha waterslide
The very bottom of the waterslides at Xel Ha.

What is the view like at the top of the scenic tower?

The scenic observation deck is 131 feet (40 meters) tall! There are 360 degree views as you walk all the way around. You can look out over all of Xel Ha Park, and up and down the coastline.

On all four sides of the observation deck there are foot prints where you can stand and have an automatic photo taken. These are the same cameras that are all throughout the park where you can get your photos taken and you can buy a photo package from the park.

If you just want to see the incredible view, you can without having to go down the waterslide. You can climb the stairs to the top and return on the stairs. See restrictions below

Xel Ha waterslide
The views fro the tower are stunning. Just look at the blue water of Xel Ha!

Restrictions for the waterslide and observation tower

This activity is included in the entrance ticket but there are restrictions.

  • Children must be 3.5 ft. (1.05 meters) tall.
  • Children need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Maximum weight is 275 lbs. (125 Kg.)
  • The waterslides are individual. Two people cannot go together.
  • The waterslides and observation tower are open from 9:00am-5:00pm.
  • You can climb to the top just for observation, but you are not allowed anything loose. There are lockers at the entrance to the tower for storage.
  • The height restrictions also apply for the observation tower as well.

How to get the best price on tickets for Xel Ha

The regular entrance price to Xel Ha is worth it but is always nice to save a little on vacation.  Xel ha is not only is it a full day activity, you get all your food and drinks included (including alcoholic beverages).  Many people wait until they are here to decide where they want to go and what day. This is fine but you can save some good money if you just plan. Here is how.

The “Reserve Now” button or any of the links here will take you directly to Xel Ha’s website so you can book your tickets. Using this link helps support our website. You will be buying your tickets at the official price. We only get credit for referring you.

Xel Ha waterslide

Save 15% off your tickets to Xel Ha park

If you buy your tickets here 21 days in advance you save 15%. You do not have to worry about the weather because if you want to change the date, you can do so up to 24 hours before going. This is Xel Ha’s weather guarantee.

A little planning can mean that a family of four can save over $35 USD on your day at Xel Ha.

Save 10% off your tickets to Xel Ha park

If you buy your tickets here 7-20 days in advance you save 10%. You do not have to worry about the weather because if you want to change the date, you can do so up to 24 hours before going. This is Xel Ha’s weather guarantee.

Children’s discounts for Xel Ha park

Children ages 5-11 years old get 50% off entrance. Children ages 0-4 years old are free. These discounts do not apply to optional activities.

Have been on the new waterslide at Xel Ha? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Xel Ha waterslide
You can see 360 degrees for the top of the scenic lighthouse. You can just see the shadow of the scenic lighthouse in the lower left of this photo.

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  1. We were just there this past week and took the slide twice. Its fun and not super fast. My only knock is the the seams between the tubes, you feel it in your butt of back. (thump, thump, thump)

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