The Gym Guide to Working Out in Playa Del Carmen

Gyms in Playa Del Carmen

If you haven’t noticed it yet, you will soon see that Playa Del Carmen is a city of fit people. The gyms in Playa Del Carmen are busy with gym bunnies. With a beach crowd that is ready for swimsuit season year round and there is no such thing as “winter weight” people tend to be more fit. Even retired people get on the fitness bandwagon and use their free time to stay in good shape to  take on living in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s while living in Playa. Working out is also popular among local youth because the peer pressure and presence of so many European fit people that come here and the number of jobs in the Riviera Maya that are dance, acrobatic or entertainment related.

Gyms have been gaining in popularity and prices are not as cheap as you might expect especially considering the pay scale here. Here is a gym guide to seven gyms that are located in Playa Del Carmen. Besides gyms there are dozens of fitness classes like yoga, dance, CrossFit, martial arts and even pole dancing classes. We will cover more of those in other articles.

Here is the list of gyms in Playa Del Carmen

Evolve Gym(s)

We say Evolve Gyms because they have three in the central area of Playa Del Carmen. If you get a membership at the gym located on 24th St between 5th and 10th Avenue you can work out at all four of their gyms in Playa. One of their gyms is not in the center of town but convenient if you live further back from the beach.

Evolve Gym (24th St)

Evolve Gym in Playa Del Carmen on 24th Street
Evolve Gym on 24th Street.

This is the flagship gym for Evolve and our favorite gym. It has air-conditioning and the most modern of the three gyms Evolve owns. This gym is 15,o00 sq. ft. of space with full locker rooms (sauna) juice bar, personal training and lots of classes. This is usually the best overall gym to join and the one we recommend to people coming to Playa Del Carmen. The type of people go there are the medium to upper income level locals, expats that live nearby and tourist looking for a good gym.


Calle 24 (between 5th and 10th Avenues)

 Phone number

984 803 0986


Monday-Friday 6:00 am – 11:00 pm. Saturday 7:00 am – 9:00 pm Sun8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Evolve Fitness Gym Playa Del Carmen
The gym floor at Evolve on 24th Street.

Evolve Gym (Juarez Avenue)

Evolve Gym on Juarez Avenue Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Evolve Gym Juarez Avenue.

This gym is located on the second floor of this building with views of Juarez Avenue and the Highway. It is air-conditioned but always feels just a little warmer than you would want. The large glass windows don’t help it. It does have a OXXO convenience store on the first floor of this building. There is also a juice bar in the gym. It has one bright and cheery classroom and good equipment although not extensive. This gym gets mainly locals that are fairly fitness minded. Located on the corner of Juarez Avenue and the Highway, Northwest corner.


Monday-Friday 6:00am-10:00pm Saturday 7:00am-8:00pm.  Closed Sundays.

Phone number


Evolve Gym Constituyentes Avenue

Evolve Gym Playa Del CarmenEvolve Gym Playa Del Carmen
Evolve Gym Constituyentes Avenue and 95th Avenue

This is the fifth gym opened by Evolve. This one is at Constituyentes Avenue and 95th Avenue. It is on the second floor of a small plaza. This gym has all new equipment and two classrooms.  This is a fan cooed gym so no air-conditioning. Also bring a towel to this gym because there is no towel service.


Monday-Friday 6:00am-11:00pm. Saturday 7:00am-8:00pm. closed Sundays.

The Gym Playa Del Carmen

The Gym in Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Located on 1st Avenue is The Gym.

The Gym is popular for day pass guests, tourist, and the gym elite and fitness bunnies. It is the most upscale and expensive gym in Playa Del Carmen. It has good equipment, a lot of services and central location. The Gym offers a snack bar, towel service, tons of classes, personal training and open 7 days a week so no excuse for slacking or not going. Check out the DJ nights at the gym, workout and have a live DJ spin for you. With this membership you get discounts and perks around Playa, ask for details when checking out the gym.

Hours or operation

Monday – Friday 6am-12pm Saturdays 7am-7pm Sundays 8am-5pm.


1st. Avenue between Constituyentes Avenue and 16th Street.

Phone number


Barbell Playa Gym

This is a powerlifting focused gym that helps our clients get as strong efficiently and injury free. They love the compound movements such as the squat, bench and deadlift but with enough equipment and machines to get an entire full body workout in. Memberships are very reasonable, and we always have a floor trainer to help you with your exercises. They can also help with your routines or personal training if you need it.


Calle 4 Norte between 55th and 60th Avenues in the Ejido.

Phone number


Barbell Playa Gym
The interior of Barbell Playa Gym.

Anytime Fitness Gym

This gym is for the people that want no excuse for going to the gym because they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This gym is also good for people living on the other side of the highway.


Bathrooms, showers, parking, free weights, machines, cardio equipment, classes and personal training.


On the corner of Avenue Colosio and Avenue Chemuyil.

Phone number


The Union

This is a boxing gym in Playa Del Carmen. It is one of the best places to get training and practice. This gym is solely for boxing and the different types. Boxing enthusiast should check this place out. Check the link for class schedule and prices. The Union is on 10th Avenue between 42nd Street and 44th Street.

The Union Boxing Gym Playa Del Carmen
The Union boxing gym

Gym tips for Playa Del Carmen

Here are some tips that apply more for Playa Del Carmen then other places in the world.

1. There are no drinking fountains. The reason being that Playa Del Carmen does not have drinking water coming out of the faucets. It is all bottled water. So, bring your own water to the gym. This means going to the store for lots of bottled water because it is not good to reuse cheap plastic bottles. You might want to invest in a large, insulated drinking container. This way you can reuse it and also it will not sweat so much leaving water rings around the gym.

2. Bring a sweat towel. Check with your gym of your choice if they have towels. Most do not and it is obligatory to bring one with you. Not all gyms have air-conditioning or air-conditioning that is cold enough to keep you from sweating. However, most of the upper end gyms do offer towels and some air conditioning.

3. Sweaty clothes will either have to be air dried before throwing them in the laundry or you might hand wash clothes to deep clean them. Laundry services don’t always deep clean really dirty clothes so you might notice them starting to smell after you start to use them again even though they were cleaned. You can rinse with water and soak clothes in water with a cap of bleach or vinegar to kill bacteria, then wash with soap and dry.

4. Not all gyms have lockers, so you might want a hip pouch to hold sunglasses or keys.

5. Take care of your skin! After sweating make sure you rinse off. It is hot in Playa Del Carmen, and you will find yourself sweating a lot. So, keeping your skin clean and dry will help prevent heat rash. To read more about taking care of your skin in Playa Del Carmen, see our article about it here.

6. Not all gyms are open on Sundays. Thank goodness, at least one excuse not to go every day of the week!

7. Don’t wear flip flops. It is a beach town, but these are not allowed. It is not that sneakers will protect your feet from falling weights, but they do give you better traction and footing and this prevents accidents.

8. Not all classes offered are in the basic membership. Cross fit is huge now and often is offered with gym memberships or for an additional charge.

Prices for Gyms in Playa Del Carmen

Prices for gyms can fall into day passes for those here for a short time, week passes and then monthly gym memberships. We will not give exact prices here because each gym has promotions and sometimes different prices for two or three people signing up together. The first two gyms though have the more expensive memberships though. We will say gyms on our list range from about 450-1100 pesos a month and day passes range from 100/400pesos.

So, what are the top three considerations for where to join a gym in Playa Del Carmen? Location, price, and air-conditioning. We will present the information and you can make the selection.

What is your favorite gym in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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      • We have heard about this gym. It is in Centro Maya. The intro rates are very low but they ask to get you in a payment program with auto billing. So if you are looking for a short term gym, just be careful what you sign.

    • There are some but they are not near the center. The Evolve Gym on 6 Street had some classes and a space set up on the third floor with a ring. For current info on if they have trainer working in boxing,contact them.

  1. You didn’t mention Anytime Fitness at Donaldo Colosio and Chemuiyl. I’m from Toronto and I can use their facilities world wide.
    Also have one in Cancun. Good facilities on two floors…modern and it’s open 24/7. No idea about their short term or daily rates…

  2. I was in Playa del Carmen for one month and really liked working out at Evolve gym on 24th Street. It had a good vibe, equipment and close to where I was so it made it very convenient to go. I also met a lot of locals that were very nice there.

  3. Thanks for your gym suggestions. I was in Playa Del Carmen for to weeks and went to the Evolve gym on 24th Street. It was perfect for working out and the classes were fun too. I like the windows that look out from the second floor as you see 5th Avenue from the cardio equipment. I was impressed with this Mexican gym. It had everything I wanted and I got good workouts.

  4. I just spent a week in Playa del Carmen and went to Evolve gym. Good place with everything I needed. I would recommend this gym for people coming and needing a place to workout while in town.

  5. I have been browsing on-line and found your gym guide. I will be in Playa Del Carmen for one month. I don’t know if I will be working our the whole time in Playa but do any gyms have just a month pass? Thanks

    • Hello Fred
      Most of the gyms just go by week or a certain amount of visit you can use when you are in Playa Del Carmen for your vacation. Since the most popular gyms usually do week passes, it might be best to ask at the front desk for if you can just buy a month and they wave the initiation fee. We hope you have a great time in Playa Del Carmen and enjoy working out at the gym.

  6. Working out at the new Evolve gym on Constituyentes is great. It is close to my house and new gym. There is no AC but if you go early you can enjoy the morning breeze.

  7. Hi! Just wanted to say I was in Playa del Carmen and went to Evolve on 6th Street. It is an old style gym with old weights but I got a good workout. Nice people and met some frineds. I like the local gyms and feel. It feels like real Mexico.

  8. I much prefer Evolve gym over “The Gym” because it is more relaxed and not so showing. It is almost like you have to dress up just to go to that gym.

  9. I went to the gym on 24th Street when in Playa. It was the Evolve one. It had great energy and I was amazed at the people and how in shape everyone was. It really is an international city. It was great motivation for working out.

  10. Evolve Gym is the best one in Playa Del Camren. It has everything you need and good vibe. I went there for three weeks and miss it now that I am not in Playa.

  11. Evolve gym has really been getting more energetic lately. I have been going there when I am in town and it is getting more busy.

  12. When I was coming to Mexico I was not sure what the gyms were going to be like. I was totally impressed with Evolve Gym on 24th Street. It was just as nice as my gym in Chicago.

  13. Heya i’m for the first time here. I am looking for a gym to work out in and found your guide. Thanks for this. It is very helpful.

    • Hello Augustina

      Yes, we passed by that gym the other day and asked about it. We will be adding the details here on our gym guide for Playa Del Carmen. It is a new gym and is 800 pesos monthly.

  14. I came to Mexico thinking the gyms would be sort of old school. Boy was I wrong. They are super nice and Justas good as my gym back home except the people are a lot hotter here in Playa!

  15. The pole dance class at Evolve Gym on 24th Street is kick ass and fun. I have marks on my legs and I am so tired after it but we all have fun doing it.

  16. If anyone is looking for a gym partner let me know. I am looking to start at Evolve gym or the gym. I like to go 5 days a week but would like a partner for motivation.

    • All yoga is hot here. lol Actually there are no hot yoga classes that we know of but some are in open air settings and some of the gyms do not have air conditioning. That just might be your best option if you want to be a little more warmed up for yoga. For the better4 yoga classes you might want to go to a yoga only studio. Kava Kasa is outside and Casa Ananda for example are in non airconditioned rooms.

  17. I am glad you included some boxing gyms and May Thai options. I want to get some training in while in Playa Del Carmen.

    • Hello

      The nearest gym is just outside of Playacar. It is called Bit Fitness. This one is on the list. Across from this gym in the Centro Maya Mall is a new one called California. This would be a farther walk though if you are going to this gym.

  18. We are looking to stay in Playacar in 2018…any gyms that you can recommend there? We have used Evolve on 24th for the past 5 years when we are in PDC…a great spot!

    • Hello Dena

      The new Bit fitness in Plaza Xaman Ha across the highway from Cento Maya is a nice gym. This is just up against Playacar. This will be the closest gym.

  19. I was surprized that Playa has such good gyms. There are a lot of good trainers at Evolve gym on 24th. The Om twins have great tips for natural bodybuilding and eating vegan and Sergio had great tips for hard core workouts. Great gym and people.

  20. Are there any facilities that have steam rooms available as well?
    How about the hotel spas and day passes? Thank you

    • Hello Mike
      Evolve Gym on 24th has a sauna but not steam. Most of the all inclusive hotels have spas that you can pay and visit a la cart. The Grand Hyatt for example has a nice space. Most of the smaller hotels in Playa have very small gyms so it is better to go to a real gym if you are concerned about a workout. Bric Spa on 5th between 8th and 10th is a local spa that people like.

  21. Mr. Yucatan:

    Sir, in reference to the MMA gyms, how is their attitude towards “gringos” who will come in for maybe four or five visits during their ten day vacation? I enjoy the cardio and learning aspect of MMA, with nothing to prove to anyone. Thank you and really enjoy you website

    • The atmosphere is great! Mexicans are very welcoming, even admiration of people that come to visit the country. There is more comradery in the ring then nationalities. You should have a good time here. Playa is very international and you should find a lot of non Mexicans in the gym as well.

  22. Thanks for putting all of this info together! Are there any outdoor exercise areas / gyms? I’m looking for somewhere outdoors where I can do pullups, dips, etc.

    • Hello Brian

      We wish there was a good area. The only thing that really is in the center is the track on 10th Avenue and 34th Street. There are a few bars there that you can use. It is not much but something.

  23. Is there any facility that has an Olympic pool for lap swim workouts that I’d be able to get a monthly membership to? Preferably close to one of these gyms.

    • There is not pool close to a gym but there is an Olympic sized outdoor pool that is on the backside of Playa. It is on the north west corner of Playa. We don’t have the details about it but is city run.

  24. I want to to thank you for the tips on where to workout. I tried Evolve gym. It was great for workouts and good atmosphere.

  25. Hola
    I wonder if there are some places to train streetworkout/calisthenics in PDC??
    Bars to do pullups and dips

    • Hello Carlos

      We wish there was a good place. It is something missing here. There is a running track and some bars at 10th Ave and 34th Street. There is not much but something.

    • We don’t believe there is a steam sauna there. We will check with them and if there is, we will let you know.

    • Hello Jose

      There are no Planet Fitness gyms in Playa Del Carmen. There is Anytime Fitness and California Gym which are similar if you like that style.

  26. Hola
    I just have one question is there any outdoor area/parks where i can train calisthenics/streetworkout in PDC? All i need is just bars πŸ™‚ Gracias

    • YES! There is a new place at the corner of 10th Avenue and 34th that is open. This is the best place for it.

  27. Great article, super informative!

    Signed up for the Evolve on 5th Av.
    Pretty busy early mornings (like 7am). Gets less busy after 9-10am. Squat bars pretty full and no real variety of kettle bells. Outside that it’s an ok gym. Could use some more light dunno why it always feels dark to me. Gonna try the Gym next month after my subscription to Evolve ends.

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