Guide to Running in Playa Del Carmen

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Running in Playa Del Carmen

Your first thought might be “Why would someone actually run in Playa Del Carmen?” If someone is on vacation they should be taking it easy and if they live here they should know the heat will soon put an end to that endeavor. Playa Del Carmen running can be a challenge but here is a guide to let you know where to go and how to overcome some of the challenges.

Both categories, tourist and residents have their runners. Since we are blessed with year-round temperatures that allow for outdoor activities, people are drawn here for events, from the basic running events to marathons and the Ironman competition which is usually held on Cozumel. 

Tips for Running in Playa Del Carmen

The heat is going to be the biggest obstacle for running in Playa Del Carmen. This means  going out early in the day or late at night. By 10:00 am it can be hot out, so the earlier the better. It does take a while for the heat to subside so running after 7:00pm or 9:00pm is best, depending on the season.

Believe it or not, you can get used to the heat and will acclimate to what was once thought to be impossible weather for running in.

Drink before and after running

Running in Playa del carmenFully hydrate your body BEFORE going for a run and keep your fluid intake up after you run. You will sweat while running here and that is just a fact.

It is a matter of personal preference if you like to take fluids while running. Typical drinks like Gatorade and PowerAde are available here. There is also a hydrating drink that is a local favorite called Electrolit. It cost about 18-30 pesos. Jumex makes a knock off product like Gatorade which cost about 30% less but does have a more sugar taste.

Coconut water is also considered a very natural way to rehydrate, and that is available here in both natural form and commercially bottled form.

Reward your run with a liquid treat

Here is a fun idea for running and rehydrating, pick a different endpoint after each run. Have the endpoint a healthy café or a great place for a cool drink. One such place is Frutiyogurth. They have great fresh drinks. We recommend the lime and mint frappe. You can also read our article on keeping cool in Playa Del Carmen with ice cream and flavored water spots for more ideas.

Running Playa del carmen Playacar
Running in Playacar next to Mayan ruins.

What to wear running in Playa Del Carmen

  • Wearing loose clothes while running in Playa Del Carmen will give you airflow to your skin.
  • Good sunglasses and a visor are nice to have. Visors are nice because they shade your face and but still leave the top of your head open for airflow.
  • Thicker socks can help insulate your feet from the hot pavement. Yes, you really can heat of your feet while running on hot pavement. 
  • Having a sweat towel can come in handy as you wipe sweat off your face and keep it out of your eyes. This is good if your clothes are nonabsorbent. 
  • Make sure you bring your running shoes. Good shoes tend to be 30-40% more expensive in Mexico. Often selection  is limited in stores. Most people order online to get the model they want. 

If you need to buy some athletic wear for sports check out our guide on where to shop in Playa Del Carmen.

Tip: If you wear light color shorts, especially like light blue or grey, when the sweat runs down your body it is going to make a funny looking wet mark on your shorts. Wearing black shorts will hide the sweat.

Clean your skin after running

Having sweat on the skin is not a good thing. It not only makes you hotter but can lead to heat rash. Make sure you shower after running and using a scrub pad or loofa sponge will take off dead skin and promote better skin health.

If you continually leave the salty sweat on your skin, you can let yourself become vulnerable to a constant skin irritation.

If you are running during the day, protect from the sun with sunscreen. Use biodegradable because not only do most cenotes and water parks require it, you also will not be putting your eyes at risk from running chemicals into them.

Washing your clothes after running

After your run you are going to have sweaty clothes. If you send your clothes out to be cleaned sometimes even the laundry does not do a thorough  job of cleaning sweaty clothes. We prefer to hand washing running gear. The good thing is most running clothes are lightweight and clean easily. This can allow them to dry easily in your home.

If you have a cotton shirt you may want to rinse it then soak in water with a cap full of bleach to kill the bacteria. We do this occasionally with running shorts as well to do a deep clean. After soaking, clean with soap, rinse and then hang to dry.

Running on the beach in Playa Del Carmen

If you are going to run on the beach we recommend you wear shoes. One sharp shell or a left over piece of glass will put an end to your run. Running at low tide is better because you have a wider and harder sand to run on (although tides are very minimal here). The beach is also flatter at this time. Caution should be taken when running on an angle. One leg and knee works hard then the other and it can result in pain later.

If you do run on the beach avoid seaweed. Sand fleas can be found in damp decaying matter and give nasty bites. They are found closer to the damp tideline rather then dryer parts of the beach. This is usually where you want to run because the sand is harder. The good thing is that in Playa Del Carmen beach teams and machines rack  up the seaweed from the beach.

Where to run on the beach in Playa Del Carmen

If you are a runner that likes to run on the beach, here are three places to check out.

  1. The beach south of the Cozumel Ferry Pier. This beach is wider, less populated, and long. It passes in front of the Playacar hotels.
  2. In the center of Playa Del Carmen from the Cozumel Ferry Pier going north to 10th Street. From 10th Street to Constituyentes Avenue there are boat ties up and the beach is often eroded leaving little space to run.
  3. If you enter the beach from the access road on the south side of the Paradisus Hotel you can run south to almost CTM Avenue. This is a remote section of beach. It can be narrower at times and may not be the flattest beach to run on, but it is the most consistently open beach with a few people.

Places to run in Playa Del Carmen

Running, Playa del Carmen mapPlaya Del Carmen does not offer a great number of different places to run to but here are some good areas to run in. The same places we mentioned in our article about bicycling in Playa Del Carmen are the same area you can run in.

Running places without competing with bikes

There are two areas you can run where you cannot bike in Playa Del Carmen. One area is the extensive beaches offering beautiful scenery for you to run past. The other area is 5th Avenue from the beginning at Paseo Del Carmen to about 46th Street. This stretch of 5th Avenue is a pedestrian street and supposedly no bikes are allowed.  If you do run on 5th Avenue, it is better in the morning because if you try to run in the evening it is still really busy until about 11pm.The map to the left is a general overview of where you can go running in Playa Del Carmen.

Places to run on the north end of Playa Del Carmen

A good place on the north end of Playa Del Carmen is the newly extended section of 5th Avenue that goes up until about 112th St.  This section has a nice sidewalk and only one lane of traffic that is mostly empty. There is a slight slope to this section. At certain points there are a few access points to the beach if you want to run out to it. There is no shade in this section. There are a few small stores in this area for drinks. You might see an occasional snake on the grassy side of the trail since there is a large mangrove area there.

running, playa del carmen mexico
Extended 5th Avenue running trail.

Running on the south end of Playa Del Carmen

To the south of Playa Del Carmen along the highway there is a new trail that goes all the way to Xplor eco park. This trail is used by employees of the park while commuting via bike to the park. Expect to see a lot of iguanas next to the trail that scurry under it into tubes when you come running by. Part of this trail is shaded.

This trail gets much nicer once you pass all of the shopping developments on the south end of town. Once you get past the end of town there are no places to stop for drinks unless you cross the highway and even then there are not too many. So if you choose this long run make sure you plan ahead.

Bike trail running path Playa car playa del carmen mexico
The road and sidewalk in Playacar Phase2.

Running in Playacar

The Playacar neighborhood is the large loop on the map on the south end. On the map below you see there are two sections to this development. Phase 1 and 2. Phase 1 is highlighted with a red line and is a basic straight line on one street in and out. You do see some nice houses in this area and get some nice glimpses of the ocean. Phase 2 is much larger. There are sidewalks on both sides of the road but bikes are supposed to use the inside loop, so running  on the outside will incur less bike interference.

There are a few side streets but they are all dead ends. Along the beach side there are more large hotels and nice larger houses around the rest of this run. There is some shade on this run. There are three noticeable places to stop and get drinks if you need them. That gives you a few options but not exactly a lot so plan accordingly.

Playacar map

Playacar is technically a private neighborhood. However, for people running and enjoying sport there this does not seem to be an issue with entrance. Many people from Playa run in this area because it is a quiet area with nice trees. You might have to leave an ID at the entrance. So make sure to bring one. 

Other roads that are decent for running

Playa Del Carmen Running
Airport Road

If you want a very short run, on the south end of town there is the airport diagonal road that is wide and easy to run on. It runs from 10th Avenue until the Highway. It is not shaded.

The last place is Juarez Avenue. This unlikely place was recently redone so the center of this busy avenue has a bike/running trail planted with trees. It is not the perfect place to run but it is easier to run here then you might think because there is not much cross traffic and you can maintain your pace while cruising down the center of this avenue.

Tip: If you decide to go off the beaten path and run through neighborhoods, be very watchful of dogs. (This applies to the other side of the highway) Some dogs are not on a leash and are not used to people running by and will chase you or come into the street to bark at you. If this happens, most of the time if you stop and say a firm “NO” to the dog he will stop, and then you slowly back away. If you keep running, often a dog will see this as either, a challenge, fun, or a chase.

Running races in the Riviera Maya

The good news is that in the past few years running races have gotten more popular and there are a lot more offered. The winter months here are more active for such events since it is actually a little cooler and more northern climates cannot have such events. A good place to start looking for events is this Facebook page.  Sorry it is only in Spanish.

Being active on vacation in Mexico

Are you an active person on vacation? Since we are always out exploring and are active as well, let us know if you want some other tips and places to check out. See also our gym guide to Playa Del Carmen and our walking guide to Playa Del Carmen here

Where do you like running in Playa Del Carmen? Do you have some tips you want to share? Let us know in the comments below.

5th Avenue Playa Del Carmen running
 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen can be a good place to run early in the day. 

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  1. Hello – what a great website! I will be visiting Playa del Carmen next month, and I am very interested in booking a running tour. I am training for a 1/2 marathon but I am a very slow runner (12 minute miles). On Saturday, Feb. 13 I would like to do an 8 mile run, but I’ve never been to Playa del Carmen, so I would love to go with someone. Since right now I am training in 20 degree weather, I imagine running in the heat will be a little different. Would it be possible to book a run for 5:45 am? I am staying at the Wyndham Azteca. Thank you! Andie

    • Hello. Yes a running tour is possible and we would love to take you on a run here in Playa. We will send you an email to set it up. Thanks for reading and sending us a message.

      • Hello! Am interested in 10k in Oct 2017. Is there a place I can sign up using PayPal or ? Regrettably, mt Spanish is weak.

        • Hello Sharon

          This is not a weekly running club but just a running tour if you are in town. When you come in October, let us know what days you will be here and we will be glad to take your for a run. English spoken.

  2. This information is very useful! I will be vacationing in Playa Del Carmen next week and would love to be able to take a running tour. I’m a pretty slow jogger (11-12 minute miles) and usually go between 3-4 miles but maybe I can push myself a little more on vacation. I’m coming from a cold climate though so I’d want to go early in the morning. Can you take me for a run?

    • Thank you so much for your comment. We hope you got some good running in while here in Playa Del Carmen. The weather is not always the easiest but we do get a good amount of people that are looking to stay fit on their trip and they go out for a run. We hope the rest of your trip was good too.

  3. What a lot of great info i am overthere from the 13th of july an keen runner and fancy a few different runs please can send me some info?

    • Hello Darren. We will send you an email about running in Playa Del Carmen. Thanks for your comment on here. Talk to you soon.

    • Hello Laura

      We are not sure if you wanted to go for a run with us or you wanted information on a nice run for this Saturday? In case you wanted to run with us this Saturday in Playa Del Carmen we are booked for an event and cannot go out with you. So we will make some suggestions. It will depend on where you are staying and how long of a run you want to make. A great first timers run in Playa Del Carmen is Playacar phase2 this is a round loop through a treed neighborhood. 5th Avenue is a good run before 10am. After 10 it starts to get too crowded. Also for the heat it is better to go before 9am. On 5th Avenue you can run from the Cozumel Ferry Pier to 40th Street. This will show you the best of 5th. If you want a longer run you can keep going unilt 100th Street if you feel so inclined. If you want a really long and uninterrunpted run you can go along the 307 Highway on a trail all the way t Xplor. It is a little interrupeted uptil you get past the Centro Maya Mall area but then it is all trail on the east side of the road.
      We hope you have some good runs in Playa Del Carmen and soory to have missed you. Feel free to comment on any article you have a question about or if you don’t find what you need just shoot us a message. Thank you.

  4. Hello, I will be vacationing in Playa this week and would like to sign up for a guided run. Can you please help. Thanks

    • Hello Amanda. We will send you an email with details from EverythingPDC. Talk to you soon and thanks for writing us.

    • Hello Carrie

      We would be happy to go on a run in Playa Del Carmen with you. We will send you an email and ask you some questions and set up a time and place. Thank you.

  5. Hi Darren

    I have a couple of questions about being a solo female runner in Playa – is it safe/ are there “no go” places? Would be grateful for your tips!


    • Hello

      We are glad to give you some running tips. Past 46th Street on 5th Avenue during the day there are sometimes street dogs that can chase you. This of course can affect both male and female runners. After dusk this part of 5th Avenue is more local and sometimes guys can be hang out or drinking. It is not necessarily dangerous but better to not run in this area after dusk. Most of the other places to run on our map are good at all times of the day. 5th Avenue from the Cozumel Pier to 46th is good all the time except it gets crowded in the day. Playacar is always a nice place to run, safe and with some shade.

  6. Hello, great little site. I’m will in Playa from Nov 24 to Dec 1. I run ultras & do triathlons etc. and I’m looking for some space to run and /or even do some road bike training. Hope you can help me out on this! thanks a bunch for your time and have a fantastic day!!

    • Hello Patrick

      When people say they are coming to Playa that can mean the center of Playa or along the coast. So exactly where you will be staying, we will tailor our info to you. How far do you want to ride and run? Will you need to leave from where you are staying or will you have access to a car so you can run in several locations? Would you like to go on any fun bike tours while here or are you strictly into training?

  7. Hi, I’m training for the NYC marathon and will be in playa del Carmen on October 13-20 for my daughters wedding. I will need to get a long run about 34km. Do you have long distance running groups? You say the tours are 1hr. That’s not long enough for me. We’re staying at grand riviera princess. Suggestions or offers of running with me would be great. How safe is it to run on my own? I’m hoping to run long Friday morning or Monday. I can do shorter runs through the resort. I’m also a triathlete so renting a bike and doing a ride would be cool too.

    • Hello. Thanks for sending us a message. We do like running but don’t do longer run because it is hot and we are not triathletes. 🙂 Your hotel is outside of Playa Del Carmen and you are very limited to places to run. You can run out to the 307 highway and run into Playa and the route from Playa south along the highway to Xplor had a nice sidewalk. These are some places you can run. Let us know if you need any more information.

  8. Hi I’m going to be in playa between 18th and 31st of Oct. Do you know of any races to do at this time?? Also can you email details of how to book a running tour please. Thanks in advance Mark

    • Hello Mark. We do not know of any races as of yet. Usually around Halloween there is a very amateur race of zombies in Playa Del Carmen but we are sure this is not what you are looking for. We will email you with details for running with us. Thank you.

  9. We will be in Playa and Puerto Morelos Oct -28 to early Nov and like to do organized runs. Will any be going on… someone mentioned ‘zombie runs’. Sounds fun! Where can I obtain more info please.

    • Hello Sharon. We only do runs in Playa Del Carmen since it is a casual and easy way to get out and see the town plus discover good places to run here. At this time we don’t do runs outside of Playa Del Carmen because of the transportation time and we like to keep cost low. Puerto Aventuras is 20 minutes away from Playa Del Carmen.
      The zombie race/run is usually before Halloween. Like many events here in Mexico, they only announce them a few weeks before they happen and often with very bad advertising. It is frustrating as to our readers to find out the week of for an event and we try to get news as fast as we can. We will keep a look out for this event and post it here when we hear something.

  10. Hello, I will be visiting Playa between 19NOV-03DEC. It’s my first time in Playa and would like to do a running tour to see/discover the less touristy sites of Playa (maybe including some Maya ruins along the route?). Your reply and more information on the running tour will be highly appreciated. 🙂

    • Hello Kevin. We will send you an email about possible places to go running and will ask you some questions. We hope to see you soon here.

  11. Hi. Some friends and I will be in Playa next week and looking to book a running tour if possible.


    • Hello. Yes that is totally doable. We will send you an email today for some questions about running. Talk to you soon.

  12. Staying at Secrets Capri and would like running route information along with running tour info. January 8-January 14 2017.

    • Hello Avery
      The secrets Capri is about 15 minutes outside of Playa Del Carmen and unfortunately the resort only has a driveway that leads to the highway. There is no where to run there. We do running tours inside of Playa Del Carmen because there are places to run and it is interesting to show people some things like murals, ruins or talk about places to visit. If you would like to come into Playa for a running tour, let us know. We know this is not the easiest but it is the best way and place to do a running tour.

  13. Hi! I’m in Playa now and would love to set up a running tour! That sounds great. Im also a blogger and would like to write a post on this. Thanks!

    • Hello Laura
      We can set up a tour this week. We will send you an email right now and get some information.


  14. Hi – I’ll be staying in Playa Saturday 19 Nov – Friday 25 and would like to do a few guided runs – pls could email me some information regarding this / who to contact? Thanks Ben

    • Hello Ben. Sure we will send you an email today about running in Playa Del Carmen. The weather has been perfect lately so it should be nice. See you soon here.

  15. We are coming from December 24-December 31. We typically are trail runners, but love beach running. Any ideas would be appreciated. We are staying
    near Bahía del Espíritu Santo MZ 16,LT 5, Playacar, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R.

    • Hello Cristi

      There really are not a lot of places to run in Playa. The beach in front of Playacar is nice to run on. the loop of Playacar is paved but makes for a semi shaded run. These two options would be the best for you.

    • Hello Trish

      We have not heard of any. If we do we will comment here. New Years day runs are not as popular here as other places in the world. And advertising them is also not a great effort, so it is hard to know about them.

  16. Hello! I’m here in playa until 1/1. I’m staying on the north end of 5th ave (near where the new section starts). I’d love to book a running tour with you – can’t exactly tell if you go the the AM or evenings, or are flexible. I’m scuba diving here and there but am flexible! Ideal distance around 3-4 mi and I’ll be VERY slow in the heat! Thank you for all of this wonderful info, very generous of you to share with other runners!

    • Hello Lynn

      We will send you an email and also reply here. We do go out in the morning since this is the best time for both the heat and less people on the street. We can go to see a little cenote and some murals if you like. In the email we can pick a day and time to go. Thanks.

  17. Hello,
    late, but not to late I explore your guide. I know Playa very good and normally I run the Playacar round.
    This year I will stay in Playa from Feb 1st to end of march. Maybe it is possible to run with you sometimes?
    By the way: I will run the Cancun half marathon on March 5th!
    Let me know where is your meeting point!
    Thanks, keep on running!

    • Hello Ludwig

      Our running tours are more individual and not arranged everyday. If there is a day you want to run we can gladly set up a running tour for you and if you are with anyone. It is a great way to see the city and get some insiders details.

  18. Hi! My husband and I will be visiting Playa del Carmen this weekend (Fri Jan 27-Mon Jan 30). Wandering if we could schedule a running tour with you? Thank you!

  19. My wife and I will be in Playa beginning Feb. 10th 2017
    We would like a tip for a 5 mile run from the El Faro condo resort.
    I hope you can advise.
    Great resource and thank you

    • Hello

      Our map of where to run is good to look at. One of the easiest options is running up 5th Avenue. Once past 46th street, it turns into a sidewalk and more of a trail. It is possible to run up to about 112th Street and there is a beach access road you can run down. We only recommend the 5th Avenue before 10am. because it gets too crowded for running.

    • Hello Thomas
      Yes it is possible to go for a running tour next week. We will send you an email with information and some questions. Be sure to check your spam email just in case. It will be under the topic ” Running in Playa Del Carmen”. Thanks for contacting us and we look forward to talking to you.

  20. I will be staying at RIU this week and would like to set up a run. Hope it is not too late of notice. I am fine running with others if that helps.

  21. Hi, my daughter and I would like to do a running or biking tour taking in the street art. We are staying in Playa at the Mahekal until Saturday. Please contact us so we can try to set something up!
    Thank you1

  22. Hi there! i would love to set up a run while I am in PDC from march 14-23. Please let me know how to proceed.

    • Hello. We will be sending you am email. Check your spam filters just to make sure it is not there. Talk to you soon.

  23. Roughly how long is the green loop around Playacar phase 2? And thank you for this web site – it has been an excellent resource for planning our trip.

    • Hello Jorge

      The large loop in Playacar is about 5.6 Km or 3.5 miles around. Thanks for reading our website. We are glad you have found it helpful.

  24. Hi I am coming to playacar on 19th may 2017. I am training for a half ironman event, so will need to do a long run whilst I am there and would like to possibly book a running tour – can you email me with details please?

    • Hello Hayley

      That is amazing you are coming here for the half ironman. That week you are here is very busy in the Riviera Maya. We would love to meet you and go for a run but we are all booked that week. Not with running tours but events and places to go write about. We are sorry we cannot meet up with you but in the running guide you can find some places to go. We wish you a re great time in the half ironman. Let us know if you need any information on anything else.

  25. I’d like to set up a running tour for just myself on Sunday 30 April at 6am. I’m training fora marathon in July. I’m staying in Playa del Carmen for two months so I need routes that have some shade, great places for hydration and/or after run treats. Plus getting to know the downtown shops will be greatly appreciated. This could be done over three consecutive weekly runs.

    • Hello Tracy

      Everyone that can do the running tours is out of town this weekend. Can you let us know if you have other dates available? Thanks.

  26. Hi Im training for a half marathon. I want to book a runnning tour for Sat 13 May around 7am for 14km. Can you send me an email with details?

  27. Hi,
    Staying at Ocean Riveara Maya in July. First time to Mexico, is there a running route near there.
    Great website

    • Hello Kerry

      There are not running routes there because it is just off the highway and you only have the drive into the hotel. That is part of the problem with all inclusive resorts along the coast is they are isolated from everything. It is possible to run on the 307 highway/road but not that charming and it gets hot by 9:30am. Night running it too dangerous since it stays hot until dark.

  28. Hello,
    I will be in Playa next week, from Tuesday the 6th to the 13th. I would love to schedule a morning run. The earlier the better for me, generally. Thank you! -Amy

    • Hello Amy. We will send you an email today to try to set up a run for Tuesday or Wednesday. See you soon!

  29. Hello Im also intersted in a run I will be there dec 7-12. Please email me some info. Thanks

  30. Hello, I will be there from 23 to 30 august on Melia Esmeralda. It’s possible to made a tour on the 24 so you can show me playa and suggest me a long track to made 25-30 km on Sunday for my marathon preparation.

    • Hello Enrico

      We will be happy to set up a run for you on the 24th. We will send you an email with details. Thanks for contacting us.

  31. Hello
    will at the Toy yucatan in Playacar from 9th Sept – 22nd Sept.would love to join a run group one morning either 5k or 10k I am not a fast runner as yet. This seems such a great way to run and see the sights

    • Hello Kay

      It is a fun way to see the sights and faster than walking. We don’t mix groups of runners because everyone wants to go at different times, paces and to see different thing. So we do it for you and who is with you. That way it is more relaxed and you can enjoy it. We will send you an email with some more information but basically so we can be in touch via email and we can set a day based on the weather since it is a month off. We look forward to running with you in Playa Del Carmen.

  32. Hello,
    My name is Darek and I am 50 years old. I will be staying with my wife in Playa from 18.12.17 to 07.01.18. We stay at El Campanario. I do not speak English well but I would love to join a running group in the morning. I’m running for health and recently I was able to run a half marathon in 02: 04: 45. We have a program to explore interesting places and dives while in Mexico, but I think that one morning I will be free.

    • Hello Darek

      We would be happy to take you on a run. We will take some time off for the holidays but will send you an email with possible dates. Thank you.

    • Hello Wendi

      We would love to run with you but we will be taking time for the holidays. Will you be in Playa from December 27th-30th? We could possibly set up a run then for you.

    • We looked at some website for Cancun and the area but we did not see any for those days. If you were here for a little longer there are some before and after your trip. At any rate, the time of year is great to be here and go for a run.

    • Hello Daisy

      We have to suspend the running tours for a while so we will not be able to take you out. We hope you get to use some of the routes and places to run to get out and see a little of Playa.

  33. Are there any running races or other athletic events in Playa around July 16-22, 2018? Will be on vacation and would love to find a race!

  34. Hi there,

    I will be in Playa del Carmen, Occiedental Xcaret specifically July 2 – 9, would it be possible to organize a running tour sometime during these dates?

    I would love to do an early run, maybe sometime between 6- 7 am, ideally somewhere between 8 – 14 km.

    Please let me know.

    • Hello Kim

      We have suspended the running tours for now. If you look at google maps you can see that from your hotel there is a road toward the highway. From the highway there is a sidewalk into Playa that is good to run on. Round trip it should be in your range. Sorry we are not able to go running with you but hope you have a good time.

  35. Hi, Any chance that there’s a group that meets for long runs on Saturday or Sunday mornings?

    • Hello Kay

      Currently we are not doing any running tours and there are no groups that we know of that go out running. You can use our map though to plan a run depending on where you are staying.

  36. I’m coming with my daughter’s who run track in high school. Are there any track meets during February 18-23?

    • We don’t know of any buy you could pass by the track on 10th Avenue and 34th street. There might be something going on there.

  37. Looks as though you no longer offer running tours??. Just thought I’d confirm. We are coming in a few weeks – my son is a HS xc runner and looking to get his mileage in while we are there. Thanks!

  38. Buenas tardes, me gustaría consultarles si tienen algún grupo para correr a partir del lunes 19/8/19 que estaré de vacaciones en Playa del Carmen.

    • Hola. Actualmente no estamos haciendo los recorridos. Tampoco sabemos de ningún grupo en ejecución. Esperamos que pueda usar nuestros consejos sobre dónde correr para una carrera autoguiada en el área.

  39. I tried to run in Playacar this morning, and there was a guard standing at the sidewalk gate who turned us away, saying it’s only open to residents.

    • It does depend who is at the checkpoint. If you saw you are going to one of the businesses, they have to let you in. As you can imagine, many people would like to run there and it can get out of control.

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