Ice cream and Everything to Keep Cool in Playa Del Carmen

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ice cream playa del carmen

Ice Cream Stores in Playa Del Carmen

Lets face it, it can be hot walking around under the sun but there are some great ways to cool off in Playa Del Carmen. All over 5th Avenue you can find ice cream and gelato places. There are the typical big name brand stores like Haagen-Dazs and a more local one called Aldo’s with multiple locations along 5th Avenue. Sometimes you can even find them next to each other. “Hmmm let me see, do you want ice cream on this corner or that corner?”

ice cream playa del carmen

The choices you have to make on vacation can be so hard, can’t they? At these stores you will be paying premium prices (aka tourist prices, aka 5th Avenue prices but you do get a great place to sit and people watch).

Gelato in Playa Del Carmen

With the Italian influence in Playa Del Carmen it is no wonder there are some great gelato places around. One local favorite is not in the tourist area but easy to get to and near other great restaurants. Amo Gelato is on 25th Avenue between 30th Street and 32nd Street. The hours seem to be a little flexible but generally open 2:30pm-12:00 midnight.

Amo Gelato Playa Del Carmen
Amo Gelato on 25th Avenue.
Amo Gelato Playa Del Carmen
Gelato selection at Amo Gelato. We recommend the cheesecake!!!

Mexican Waters and Popsicles

If you want to go even more local and Mexican there are places call popsicle shops or water stands. These are not found on 5th Avenue. On 30th Avenue you can find several, for example there are two across from Mega Grocery store. One of the most common names is “Flor De Michoacán“. These stores have a selection of popsicles from coconut, chili with mango, to Oreo cookie. Usually you can find dozens of flavors to  match your taste. The second item these stores offer is waters. Flavored waters are kept in buckets and scooped out when a customer orders one. A liter cost about 20-22 pesos and is just the right chilling temperature to refresh you. There are flavors such as  watermelon, orange, lime with cucumber, horchata, and soursop. Our personal favorite is lime with chaya (a type of Mayan spinach).

Tip: These waters are “mostly” natural. They do have some sugar added.

We talked with Miguel from one place and asked him what the most popular flavors are in waters and popsicles. The most popular popsicle is Oreo cookie and the most popular water is soursop (or guanabana in Spanish) These are of course the most popular flavors of locals, so maybe they know something about staying cool?

Why not try some of these new flavors and places when your hot and need a little refreshment. Do you have a favorite flavor you have found in Mexico?

ice cream playa del carmen

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