What are condo hotels and why you might want one for your next stay in Playa Del Carmen

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Imagine relaxing in this courtyard and pool at this condo hotel in Playa Del Carmen.

Condo Hotels in Playa Del Carmen

What is a condo hotel and why do some people choose to stay in them? Here is our introduction to condo hotels in Playa Del Carmen to show you what they offer and what makes them different then a regular hotel and Airbnb.

With all of the condo hotels listed below you get the following perks:

  • Beach club access and beach towels.
  • Discounts to local restaurants.
  • A spa with introductory coupon.
  • Off street parking (which is very nice in the center of Playa Del Carmen).
  • Daily housekeeping if desired.
  • Snacks and liquor stocked items in room for minibar.
  • Fully functional and equipped kitchens.
  • Front desk check in and access to concierge.
  • Gym access.

Condo Hotels in Playa Del Carmen with reviews

Here are some condo hotels you can stay in while visiting Playa Del Carmen. Each one is a little different, but we hope to convey what each one is like by the reviews and videos for you.

El Taj Oceanfront and Beachside Condo Hotel

El Taj Condo Hotel has two parts to this hotel. One part is on the ocean and the other building is behind it (called El Taj Beachside). The El Taj Condo Hotel was one of the first luxury properties on the waterfront in Playa Del Carmen. The units are large and come in a range of bedroom options.

In the Oceanfront part of the condo hotel there is a two-level pool. The upper level is a great place for a view of the ocean and enjoying the water jets. In the Beachside building there is a tranquil pool in a lush garden.

Just in front of the El Taj is the beach club. Here there is a restaurant and chairs to enjoy the beach.

Both the Oceanfront and Beachside property is good for families or couples. If you prefer a quieter place and the ocean view is not as important, the Beachside property is a better option for you.

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Porto Playa Condo Hotel in Playa Del Carmen

The Porto Playa Condo Hotel is on 1st Avenue just a block from the ocean. This condo hotel is noted for its lush courtyard and two-level pool. Some of the units here have views of the ocean. The penthouses are one of the best units to book here because of the roof top terraces and Jacuzzis.

Out of all the condo hotels listed here, this condo hotel and the Magia Playa have the largest pools. So, if the pool is important for your stay in Playa this property might be good for you. Both families and couples can really enjoy this property.

For more about the Porto Playa Condo Hotel see our full article here.

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Magia Playa Condo Hotel

Magia Playa is a condo building in Playa Del Carmen where some select units are part of a condo hotel. This property is half a block to the beach and in the center of Playa Del Carmen just a block off Constituyentes Avenue.

What makes this property more unique is the large courtyard that is elevated off the street level. There are two large pools and lots of room for lounging by the pool. The kitchen area in the units is very large and perfect for dinning in. There is also a gym on the property. We would recommend this property for families and couples.

For more and Magia Playa Del Carmen see our article here.

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Maya Villa Condo Hotel

Of all the condo hotel properties listed in this article this is the smallest and more intimate. The Maya Villa building is on 1st Avenue between 14th and 16th Streets. The building has a small courtyard where you can find a slim pool with waterfall and jacuzzi tub. The penthouses here have rooftop decks with views to the ocean.

This property is good for couples that want to be in the center of Playa Del Carmen to go out for dinner and relaxing in the room.

For more about the Maya Villa property see our full article here.

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condo hotels playa del carmen

Thank you for reading and watching our article about condo hotels in Playa Del Carmen. We hope you enjoyed the reviews and if you saw a good condo hotel for you, you take advantage of the special booking rate just for our readers. Let us know if you have any questions or comments below.

 Condo Hotels playa del carmen
A luxurious and large living room in one of the 3 bedroom units in the Porto Playa Condo Hotel in Playa Del Carmen.

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  1. We find condo hotels very comfortable for our stays in Playa del Carmen. Most Airbnbs are more a hassle to meet for keys and organize it. It is nice to be in the center of town and chekc in and out when we want.

  2. I always wondered how these condos operated. I have walked around that area and always saw a lot of people going in and out. Thanks for an inside look at these places.

  3. We have stayed at the Porto Playa and loved it. It is very close to everything and great pool. We look forward to going back this year and reliving some of those good memories.

  4. After a few not so great experience with Airbnb this might be a god option for us. We had a nice place reserved on Airbnb but the owner canceled a week before coming so we had to scramble to find a new place to stay in Playa del Carmen. We also stayed at one that was not like the ad on Airbnb’s website. We have tried to work with their customer care but they are nearly impossible to contact. I think the days of the unique places stay and good deals is over with Airbnb. Time to move on to other avenues of accommodation.

  5. It’ѕ very eay staying at these places. We have stayed at both the Maya Villa and Magia. Maya Vila was more quiet and comfy while Magia has the big space in the center for pool. Nothing like sipping margaritas on the balcony there! Brings back good memories. Cannot wait to return.

  6. Be carefel of the cheaper condo-hotels. They are popular with younger folks with horrible screaming and crying kids! I am currently in misery at the 4 condo-hotel complex that all checks in on Calle 50 between 1st and 5th. The buildings are Playa, Blue Coral or just Blue and Enctantada. You might luck out but this trip has been total misery. It’s not just kids, the adults are LOUD too. Speaking softly and closing doors softly and controlling their kids is just something very unnatural for them. To make matters worse the floors are all tile and there is nothing at all that will absorb sound ANYWHERE here. Should you luck out and not have any of these families when your here its not a bad place.

  7. We had a contract with Playa Rental Association and condohotels.com to stay at the Magia PH2-D. We were to stay from October 30, 2020 to April 30, 2020 and a $2400 usd security deposit was made. The night before we were to arrive I emailed the association about our time of arrival and they emailed back that they had cancelled our reservation from November 30, 2020 to April 30, 2020. They said in the email that the owner decided to not rent out the condo for long term. I looked on their website and the condo can be rented at anytime except for two weeks in January.

    This is poor business practice.

    1. They should have contacted me as soon as they decided not to rent it for the full term that was agreed upon.
    2. When you agree to a reservation and contract to stay long term it should be held and not cancelled because you want to make more money.
    3. If the company was reputable they would have offered other accommodations for the time that was in the contract.

    I am extremely disappointed in the way we were treated and would not recommend anyone to rent through them. Any company that is reputable would have honoured the long term contract.

    • Hello Hope

      We like to be sure we have good companies on our website and we take any complaint seriously. We contacted them to ask about this situation. From what we understand, you had booked this through a 3rd party booking service that did not have approval to book the entire stay. This is why on our website we have a direct booking link that not only gives a discount to our readers, but accurate booking information.

      • Hello

        I did not book through a 3rd party site that I am aware of. Obviously they have not been anymore honest with you then they were with me. Lythai Morales was the reservation manager.

        If you would like copies of the emails and reservations feel free to email me and I will send them to you.

        Sincerely Hope Meads

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