What the EL taj Beachside Condo Hotel is like in the middle of Playa Del Carmen

El Taj Beachside

El Taj Beachside Condo Hotel

The El Taj Beachside Condo Hotel is right in the middle of Playa Del Carmen. This condo hotel has always stood out for it’s beautiful design and green tropical look. We have always wondered what it was like inside and what it is like to stay at this hotel. We recently had the opportunity to stay here so here is our review.

What are the rooms like at El Taj Beachside?

This is a condo hotel which means the rooms are set up like a condo that people could live in. You have a full condo including a living room, bathrooms, bedrooms and a kitchen. Some of the rooms even have outdoor spaces.  This style of hotel makes for a very comfortable stay with more benefits than just staying at a regular hotel or renting a condo. You have the benefit of a full condo but also the services of a hotel.

The rooms here are spacious and modern. They are decorated with local stone and tropical hardwoods. Overall these rooms are very comfortable with all the conveniences of home that will make for a good vacation. Just see the photos below, they will speak for themselves.

El Taj Beachside
One of the bedrooms with comfortable bed and luxurious sheets.


El Taj Beachside
Master bath with two sinks, walk in shower and separate toilet area.

What amenities does the El Taj Beachside Condo Hotel have?

This is an area where this hotel excels. Compared to just staying at a hotel or condo rental this hotel has a lot to offer. It is very nice to have a concierge/booking service in the lobby for example. In fact there are many “extras” when staying here. Here are some examples of what “extras” we are talking about:

  • Beach club access across the street from the hotel.
  • Discounts to local restaurants and businesses.
  • Off street parking (which is very nice in the center of Playa Del Carmen).
  • Daily housekeeping if desired.
  • Two pools to choose from.
  • Snacks and liquor stocked items in room.
  • Fully functional and equipped kitchens.
El Taj Beachside
Each unit at El Taj Beachside has a fully equipped kitchen.

How to get the best deals for booking El Taj Beachside

Many people use their favorite website for hotel reservations but did you know if you book direct you can get a better deal? We have partnered up with this hotel to offer our readers direct bookings and save you money!

We compared the same dates for the same room and found that booking at this special link saves you a considerable amount over hotel booking websites.  Go ahead, click the Reserve Now button to check prices and also see all your options for the dates you are looking for.

El Taj playa del carmen

What is near this condo hotel?

The El Taj Oceanfront and Beachside Condo Hotel is on Avenida 1 Norte and Calle 14 in the center of Playa Del Carmen. This makes it very central to everything in the downtown of Playa Del Carmen.

You are only about two blocks from 5th Avenue which is the main pedestrian street in Playa Del Carmen. Here you have about 22 blocks of shopping, restaurants and attractions.

  • If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Playa Del Carmen, you are only about 2 or 3 blocks from a lot of places to go out. Don’t worry though, you cannot hear it since it is around the corner.
  • The Gym is just 3 blocks away and is one of the nicest gyms in Playa Del Carmen.

Our recommendations for this condo hotel

This condo hotel offers a comfortable stay in the heart of Playa Del Carmen. You will be within walking distance to most things in the downtown. Since the rooms are all set up for comfort as well as kitchens, these rooms can make a nice base for a comfortable longer stay in Playa Del Carmen. Compared to large hotels in Playa, you have the option to order in food or make drinks in your room all with the facilities you need.

Since there are one-, two- and three-bedroom units this hotel can host families, groups or is a good place for friends to share a luxury condo.

Have you stayed at the El Taj Beachside Condo Hotel before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

El Taj Beachside
Each unit has a spacious Livingroom where your family can come together to relax or watch tv.

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  1. The pool here is great! My kids would not leave the pool area and that gave me and my husband a lot of time to relax in the condo. Security is very good here so it was nice to be on the property and not worry about the kids in the pool. Of course they are not that young so it was not dangerous. I just realized how that sounded if people thought we left our young kids there.

  2. Hі! I was wondering whether anyone сan hеlp me know if this hotel is near a good yoga place Thanks!

    • Hello Jenny

      There are several yoga places within walking distance of this hotel. Yoga District is one that is on 10th Street between 10th and 15th Avenue.

  3. The rooms here or should I say condos are very large and give you a good sense of getting away from things. Nice pool and option to go to the other half of the hotel for a pool near the ocean. Beach could be better but I know that is not the fault of the hotel. The breakfast beach buffet could do with some updating since it has been the same for years. It is good for those that want a decent breakfast. Close to everything and parking a plus if you have a car.

  4. I always watch your videos because it is a good overview of what places are like. I would like to see you do a top 10 places to stay in Playa Del Carmen one day.

  5. We have stayed here and enjoyed it but next time we will stay at Porto Playa since it is more open and has a bigger pool. We dont need to be on the beach but just in the center of town so we can walk around and come back at night to relax.

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