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How to get from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone

Taxis, Busses, Shuttles, Private transfers and Uber information.

Cancun hotel zone

Are you looking for transportation from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone in Cancun? Here is our guide so you can have a smooth transfer for your vacation and not spend an arm and a leg. You have several options for airport transportation:

  1. ADO bus to the center of Cancun.
  2. Taxi service from the Cancun Airport
  3. Private transfer or shuttle to your hotel in Cancun.
  4. Uber. Uber is now in Cancun and you can read our article here about it.

Transportation Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone

So you are going to Cancun on vacation and you want to get to your hotel. You probably don’t want to be trying to figure this out at the airport and when you arrive you will see how confusing it can be with lots of people asking you if you need transportation. So here is the information you need to know. It is best to book in advance so when you land you have a driver waiting for you so you can start your vacation all the sooner!

How far is Cancun Airport from the Hotel Zone?

Cancun Airport is 7.5 miles from downtown Cancun or 12 kilometers. This is just south of Cancun on the 307 Highway. As you can see from the aerial photo of the Hotel Zone, it is long. In fact it is about 25 kilometers or 15 1/2 miles long. This means there are a lot of hotels and it takes a little bit of time to reach your hotel.

 Transportation Cancun airport to hotel zoneWhat are the transportation options from Cancun Airport to my hotel?

As mentioned above three are four transportation options you can consider and below we talk about them individually.

  • Taking a taxi.
  • Taking a private van or transfer.
  • Public bus.
  • Uber.

How much are taxis from the Cancun Airport to hotel?

You might be a little surprised how much taxis are from the Cancun Airport to hotels. Taxis can cost about $50-60 USD one way from the Cancun Airport. Sure you are on vacation and you want to get to your hotel a soon as possible but you can save a lot of money by planning ahead you can have everything set and you don’t have to waste money plus you can get there just as fast by other means. The taxi prices are pretty set and are not open for negotiating. This is why van services and private transfers are so popular to take to your hotel.

How much are transfer vans from Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone?

Prices for private car service or van service is as follows:

  • $35 one way in either direction from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone for up to 3 people. You do save $15 if you book a round trip! So we recommend doing this!
  • $40 one way in either direction from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone for up to 7 people. You do save $25 if you book a round trip! So we do recommend this!
  • $50 one way in either direction from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone for up to 10 people. You do save $30 if you book a round trip! So we do recommend this!

We have looked into the most reliable transportation companies and best prices and that is why we link to the above company. We have seriously has no negative comments yet! So this transportation company is doing a good job!

Can I get public transportation from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone?

The short answer is yes, but the real answer is “why would you?” Here is how you can take public transportation to the Hotel Zone but we think after you see how long it will take you will opt for a van service.

At the exit of all three terminals of Cancun Airport there are stops of ADO bus company. This is a large bus that will connect you with the Cancun ADO bus terminal in the downtown. This bus cost 66 pesos for Cancun and there is frequent service to the center of Cancun (about every 30 minutes). This is the only stop they make. It takes about 25 minutes to get from the Cancun Airport to the downtown bus station.

For a more details explanation of how to take this bus including photos, see our article on how to get from the Cancun Airport by bus here.

Once you arrive at the Cancun Bus Station you can take a local bus marked “Hoteles” (Spanish for Hotels) on the windshield. Also you can look for the R1, R 2, R15, and R27 buses that go to the Hotel Zone and will say “Hoteles“. See our guide to the Cancun Bus Station here that has a map. These buses are just a few pesos (and only take pesos, try to have small change) but often get very crowded with people going between the downtown and the Hotel Zone. Many locals, workers and tourist use these public busses. This bus will most likely be awkward with luggage.

Note: A taxi is possible from this bus station but will be expensive to the Hotel Zone. Depending on how far you go it can be about $10-25 USD. If you decide on this make sure you check the price before taking off.

Since the Hotel Zone is so long, it can take about 20-40 minutes on this public bus to your hotel. So you overall transportation time can be around one hour or more. In our opinion this is just not the way to go and a private transfer will get you easily to your hotel and save you a lot of hassle.

How to take Uber from the Cancun Airport to your hotel

If you are new to Uber you will need to first download the app. This is a car sharing program that uses certified drivers to drive their cars and pick up passengers. Uber has just started in Cancun and we have to say that regulations for airport pick ups will be going through some testing stages. This service does work well in other countries for people looking for an economical option to get around.

We are glad to see this come to our part of Mexico. We imagine this service will become better over time and as more drivers start offering services. For not though we still recommend the private transfers.

What is the best way to get from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone?

As you can tell from above, we do recommend a private van service for you. Public transportation takes a long time and is hard to do with luggage and taxis are expensive. Booking ahead takes the worry about your arrival and will get you to your hotel to start your vacation quickly. When you have your flight booked, go ahead and book your transfer with the link below so you are all set for your trip! Happy vacations and a smooth arrival at your hotel.

Book transfer to your hotel here!

Do you have questions about getting from the Cancun Airport to your hotel? Let us know in the comments below. We love to help out our readers.

9 Comments on How to get from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone

  1. Rhoda Callister // October 23, 2016 at 1:47 AM // Reply

    Hello. I am coming into Cancun Airport on this week and I wondered how long it will take a transfer to get to my hotel. I am staying in the Hotel Zone at The Grand Fiesta Americana. Thanks

    • Hello Rhoda. The nice thing about the transfers from the Cancun Airport are the fact they will be waiting for you when you exit. The van will take you to your hotel in about 35 minutes if there is no heavy traffic. Sometimes in the Hotel Zone there is more of a rush hour. We hope you have a great vacation!

  2. This is an extremely helpful guide for getting around in Cancun. We have been reading your site a lot because we are not only going to Cancun but also Playa Del Carmen. We intend on doing some tours and your website always seems to pop up in the google results, so maybe it is telling us something! Thanks for all the information.

  3. Hello, Thanks for the tips. We are coming into Cancun Airport and will be going to the Cancun Hotel Zone and want o get there as fast as possible. The transfer look like a good option. We don’t want to take a taxi because they are always a mess to deal with.

  4. Great tip. Thanks for the info. We are coming to Cancun for the first time.

  5. We are coming for the first time to Cancun and were not sure the best options for transportations. Thanks for the tips. My silly friends wanted to take a taxi.

  6. Hello , I wanted to thank you for mentioning all the options. I was not sure how far the hotel zone was from the airport or the bus station downtown.

  7. Sverige Staffan // January 23, 2017 at 12:40 PM // Reply

    Do we have to book transfer (not taxi) from airport to hotel zone in advance? Or can we just go to the kiosk and buy one?

    • Hello Sverige

      It is definitely better to buy one in advance. The link we provide in the article is to a very reputable company and they have good rates. It is nice to know someone will be waiting for you when yo arrive and you don’t have to find someone and arrange it. There are also some fast talkers at the Cancun airport that tell people practically anything in order to sell you a taxi or transfer. We have seen some of these people that arrive and they are preyed on by people with calculators and lots of talk. It is just easy to book and be ready to enjoy your vacation. We hope you have a great time here.

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