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The Shore Condo Building-One more addition to Playa Del Carmen

Shore Condo Building Playa Del Carmen

The Shore Condos

There is one more addition to the Coco Beach neighborhood in Playa Del Carmen. It is the Shore Condo Building. This condo building will offer a modern units that near to both 5th Avenue and the beach.

What makes this building attractive is not just the design but also the location and what is going on in this neighborhood. If you have been following our website and our articles on real estate in Playa Del Carmen, you will notice this is the fourth project by this developer in this neighborhood. This neighborhood is growing into a more luxurious up and coming area.

To see more of who the neighbors are of this building, we have written about the Menesse on the Beach, It Hotel and Residences, and It Condos, all within a few blocks from the Shore Condo Building.

The Shore Condo Building Playa Del Carmen

Construction has already begun in the Shore Condos.

What will the Shore Condos look like?

The first thing you will notice entering the building is the vaulted ceiling with contemporary wood accents.

Shore Condo Building Playa Del Carmen

The lobby of the Shore Condos.

The inner courtyard will be lush and provide a buffer for noise.

Shore Condos Building Playa Del Carmen

The interior lobby of the Shore Condo Building.

The units will be sleek and modern. Floor to ceiling windows and balcony access.

Shore Condo Building Playa Del Carmen

Dinning and living area in one of the Shore Condos.

Features of the Shore Condo Building

Here are some of the features for this building.

  • 1, 2, 3, bedroom units and penthouses.
  • 2 elevators.
  • Spa with sauna.
  • Infinity pool and roof garden.
  • 24 hour security.
  • Gym.

Where is the Shore Condos?

This building is on 1st Avenue between 44th Street and 46th Street (also called CTM Avenue).

For more information on Playa Del Carmen real estate see our guide here. We also have this video that helps our readers familiarize with the market and answers a lot of questions. 


Do you have questions or comments about the Shore condos? Let us know in the comment section below.

Shore Condos Building Playa Del Carmen

The rooftop and pool of the Shore Building.

10 Comments on The Shore Condo Building-One more addition to Playa Del Carmen

  1. Is this area also called Zacil Ha? I get confused when there are so many names for areas and general terms of places have overlapping meaning. Please help me.

    • Hello Erika

      This area is known as Zacil Ha. This name does not really roll off the tongue and is a large section of the city. Coco Beach is more specific since it is generally referring to the area from 38th to 46th Streets and the beach to 5th Avenue.

  2. Charles Freemont // June 17, 2017 at 2:14 AM // Reply

    Thanks for your articles on new buildings. We are looking to buy in the area and it seems there are new places going up each month. Our real estate person is only pushing us towards two options so we are looking around to make sure of what our choices are. Do you have a good agent you can recommend that will show us a lot of the newer condos? We want a two bedroom, perhaps penthouse with small pool. Somewhere in the center of Playa Del Carmen or Coco Beach area. We also want to have a move in date of August.

    • Mr.Yucatan // June 17, 2017 at 8:06 AM // Reply

      Hello Charles

      That is great you are thinking of moving to Playa Del Carmen. We will send you an email with recommendations of real estate agents that are well recommended. That way you can have confidence in your buying a place here.

  3. Why don’t you have floor plans available on the web site? You aren’t providing very much information.

    • Hello Joseph

      We are not a real estate company or selling this. This was just a general post about a new building going up. We can however have someone send you all the detail on this building if you like as well as others in the area. Would you like this? Many buildings that are in construction are mostly sold out already. We do know someone that works directly with this condo building and can connect you if you like. Thank you

  4. Hello, we are looking for a real state agent. We need to know about condos at the Coco Beach area or another area near the beach and 5th Ave. Do you have a realtor that you can refer to us?

  5. Hi…can i buy a studio or 1 br condo in playa del carmen for $150K..
    Looking for a modern apartment with pool and no rental restrictions..

    • Mr.Yucatan // May 14, 2018 at 3:48 PM // Reply

      Hello Ernie

      That is the starting price for condos in the downtown of Playa Del Carmen for a one bedroom. Each building has it’s own regulations. Most allow for rental but some also do the management from inhouse. The Shore is a GMB project. Sebastian is one of our recommended realtors that our readers like. Here is a link to his bio and You ask him for info on projects and things in your price range.

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