Isla Blanca-Hidden Cancun Beach

Isla Blanca, Cancun, beach

When is an island not an island? When it is Isla Blanca. It is actually a peninsula just a short drive out of Cancun. You can tell this area is just ripe for development but for now it remains an isolated strip of land that has the Chacmuchuc Lagoon on one side and the Caribbean sea on the other. This beautiful area features white sandy beaches and flat sandy stretches on the lagoon side that have a few mangroves.

This is a hidden secret for locals and tourist never make it out there except the adventurous kitesurfers. This area is popular for the sport of kitesurfing. The salt water lagoon is shallow and with the breezes here it makes it an ideal spot. You are sure to see some out in the water if you go.

Isala Blanca Cancun Mexico
Isla Blanca just north of Cancun

On Sundays it is also a popular spot for locals. People drive out and have a family picnic or bring a 4 wheeler to drive on the flat sands of the lagoon side. Even though it has a close proximity to Cancun (25minutes) it does not get over packed. There are a few fruit sellers that walk up and down the beach selling cups of cut fruit. This is not where tourist go and a great place for locals to get away from the Senor Frogs crowd and mega hotels but  still enjoy what makes Cancun so famous.

There are a few public access points before getting the end. Parking is usually about 30 pesos and there are quasi beach clubs with limited amenities.  At the end there is paid parking or free parking along the sandy road. You can find three restaurants that serve up fresh fish. They are mainly only open in the afternoon until sunset. You can pack your own picnic and enjoy the day on the remote peninsula. Be prepared to carry your trash with you. There is some minimal shade so if you are going for a while keep in mind you might want to bring an umbrella or something to make shade. It can be buggy at times so bring some spray just in case.

Check out the weird view you get form the beach. It can be hard perceive where you are because it is such a different angle. From the photo on the left you see how remote this beach is.

Isla Blanca, Cancun, beach

How to get there:

Drive north out of Cancun toward Punta Sam.Take Avenida Bonampak for the most direct route or you can take the López Portillo  road which will meet up with Avenida Bonampak. The road is paved and  has four lanes and then suddenly becomes a sandy road. Follow this out for another 10 minutes and you will be at the end of where you can drive.

Isla Blanca, Cancun, beach
The end of the road.

You will need to have your own car. You technically could take a taxi here but it would be costly and then there is no sure way of getting one back into Cancun.

Isla Blanca, Cancun, beach
The beach toward the end of Isla Blanca

Isla Blanca, Cancun, beach

por López Portillo y Bonampak por López Portillo y Bonampak

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