AcroYoga Comes to Playa Del Carmen

Acroyoga Playa Del Carmen mexico

Acroyoga? What is that? That is probably your first thought. I had not heard of it as well until I met Lalo and Mariana, both certified acroyoga instructors who recently moved to Playa Del Carmen to teach. I spent the afternoon talking with them and learning what acroyoga is. Basically if you dissect it, acro as in acrobatics and yoga as in yoga classes, you get the idea. It is a blending of the yoga practices and the strength and  techniques of acrobatics. It is like taking yoga to the next level. It is a great way to stay fit, learn something to show off to your friends at the beach or get ready for your audition with the new Cirque du Soleil show here in the Mexican Riviera. (That is a joke)

Who is acroyoga for? It is for anyone who wants a fun interactive learning experience and who wants to know their body better. As long as you are in good physical condition, a person of any age can join in the fun. There are people of advanced age that enjoy taking classes and you do not need to be super strong either. It is more about technique and learning how to do things. If you are a larger person this is not an issue since usually there is a person on the ground. called the base, that is more the stability of performing a move. Eventually you can work your way up or work with someone similar in size and it allows you to be able to do more things. It is also not necessary to have practiced yoga before, but it does enhance the experience or move you forward faster.

Lalo and Mariana recommend a four-week beginner series for people to learn basic techniques that you can build upon. All classes can be experienced at any level though. Sometimes there will opportunity to observe or spot others while you are learning. In each exercise there are three levels or variations that can be used to fit your level. Good instructors like Lalo and Mariana will be able to evaluate and give you guidance to make you feel comfortable as well as challenge you to reach out for more.

It looks like a lot of movements with two people, does this mean you need to bring a partner? No. Even though most exercises require a “base” and a “flyer” there are spotters that assist and groups different amounts of people that all work together. The entire class is not just doing moves like the pictures above, there are fun group exercises that raise the energy level and then calm down at other times.

What to expect when you take a class. Expect a well-planned learning experience that will have the high energy moments and yoga calm. Music is used during the class to enhance the experience. It is an interactive class so you will be touching and interacting with fellow class participants. Expect to be using your creative side to build upon what you learn. Both Lalo and Mariana speak English, so if you are still working on your Spanish, you will be in good hands.

Tip: Take with you clothes that will allow you to move freely but also not become unappropriated when upside down or other positions.

Why not check out this new fusion class and enjoy the fun!

Note: The photos are Lalo and Mariana doing expert moves, all things you can work up to at an expert level.

Acroyoga Play Del Carmen mexico acroyoga , Playadel Carmen mexico

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  1. Great article. AcroYoga is a great experience. So fun, so safe. We waranty you will laugh.

    Facebook groups AcroYoga playa del Carmen and AcroYoga tulum have more info for clases and conect eith other acroyoguis.

    It is great to meet you

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