Is Playa Del Carmen a nice place to live?

what are the best areas of Playa Del Carmen to live in?

Is Playa Del Carmen a good place to live?

Don’t most people dream of living near the beach? How about a turquoise sea and year-round warm weather? Add in the lower cost of living compared to similar spots and you have a winning combination for a livable destination. Yes, Playa Del Carmen is not perfect, but it does offer a lot to people. Most people that do move like the walkability of Playa Del Carmen and the international feel. Playa Del Carmen is a melting pot or nationalities and a destination that many like to visit. So, is it a nice place to live? Well, it depends on you. What are you looking for and is it affordable? 
Playa Del Carmen is different than some other beach downs because it is small enough to be walkable in the downtown but large enough to have services. There are affordable apartments and other housing options for all budgets. The beach is also very accessible and the lifestyle of sunny weather and living in Mexico attracts many to want to move to Playa Del Carmen. 
In this article we will talk about cost of living, how much are apartments, what the average price for real estate is, where expats live in Playa Del Carmen and how does Playa Del Carmen compare to other cities and towns in the Riviera Maya.
Note: In this article we list prices in US dollars. We do this for three reasons. 1. More people are familiar with exchange of the USD. 2.Prices tend to more stable in USD. 3. Most real estate for sale is priced in USD in the Riviera Maya that foreigners would be looking at. 

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  1. Playa Del Carmen is a good place to get started living in the Riviera Maya. You can have all the services and schools close by and then with time, look around to other places.

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