One of the best places to find cooking supplies in Playa Del Carmen!

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This is one of the best stores in Playa to find things for your kitchen, but you still might not find everything here.

Cooking supplies for everything!

Many locals are always searching for cooking supplies for baking and cooking in Playa. We wanted to highlight a great store that has a great selection, quality items and good prices. The store is Kookking on 30th Avenue between 6th Bis Street and 8th Street. This store has been in Playa Del Carmen for a few years now but is a little hidden.

What kind of kitchen utensils and equipment can you find?

This store is labeled as a restaurant supply store but for the serious cook, you know what you want and you can find it here. Here is a brief list of things you can find here at the store:

  • Paring knifes as well as other knives
  • Mixing bowls
  • Bar supplies like stirrers and shakers
  • Party supplies like small bamboo skewers
  • Baking supplies including pans
  • Cupcake liners, something that is asked for a lot in Playa
  • Cutting boards
  • Hand juicers
  • Meat, oven and grill thermometers

Cooking supplies

How are the prices?

We found everything to be pretty well priced. If not just for the convenience of having so much in one store it is worth going. We compared a few items like a stainless steel bowl which was 54 pesos in this store to 66 pesos in Walmart. Long metal tongs were comparable prices to Walmart. Some things you could also find in Liverpool department store but it is more expensive there. Some things we found in this store were things we have not seen other places, and that can be priceless. Happy shopping everyone!

Where is the Kookking store located at?

This store is on 30th Avenue between Calle 6 Bis and Calle 8.

We hope you like this store. If you like this store or find something that was helpful to you, let us know in a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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Cooking supplies


  1. I have been looking for baking supplies in Playa del Carmen and at last! I found it here! Great discovery! You really do have everything on this site.

  2. Do you sell Paderno frypanswith ceramic coating, not teflon? I want an 8 inch one. I think that is 20cm.

    • Hello Judith

      You have sent your comment here to our website where we wrote this article. You will need to contact the store to ask them if they have what you are looking for.

    • You could check their website to see if they have something. Amazon though is a good place to look also.

  3. Where in the world can I find and purchase “stainless steel pots and pans” so I can cook. I need a frying pan (25 centimeters) with high sides, I need a stock pot to boil pasta. Everything they sell is aluminum, or cheap steel.

    • Once we found good pots in Walmart but have not seen them since. Most people look at Amazon. There is a Mexico section and the importation process is fairly easy through Amazon. There is also a professional restaurant supply store om the 307 Highway just north of 28 de Julio. You might find something more industrial there that works.

    • Your comments go here to our website and not the store. However you can check their online website if they have what you need. We however don’t think they have bbqs.

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