10 Things that have recently changed in Playa Del Carmen February 2020

New things in Playa Del Carmen

What is new in Playa Del Carmen (February 2020 Edition)

Playa Del Carmen is always changing. If you come to town every few months or once a year you are sure to see a lot of changes. We try to keep you updated with things that have closed, opened or changed. Here are 10 things that have recently changed in Playa Del Carmen (like this new car in the photo above that was added to the Panama Jack Resort on Constituyentes Avenue). 

#1 Cocoa Beach Club is closed

This beach club was at the far north end of Playa Del Carmen near Punta Esmerelda. It started out as a food truck and some chairs. Cocoa Beach Club expanded and even planted nice palms. It was doing well and offered visitors a nice view of the beach with less people around and not loud music. It has suddenly closed, though. So this is not available. You can still visit the area, just not with the food and chairs here. 

Cocoa Beach Club Playa Del Carmen
Ok, so the view is nice, really nice!

#2 Changes to the Cozumel Ferry

There are two changes to the ferry service to Cozumel from Playa Del Carmen. The first one is the added security on the second floor of the terminal. Now people will pass through a metal detector before boarding. 

The second change is the schedules. For a short while there were three companies that offered the ferry service. There are only two now and they have updated their schedules. Now both ferry companies are leaveing  at the same time. No more alternating 1/2 time slots. So this makes a lot less sense and less convenient. Now it is more important to plan out your crossing because there are less frequent servicies crossing between Cozumel and Playa. 

New things in Playa Del Carmen
There are a few new things with the Cozumel Ferry.

#3 Sur Steak House closed but is replaced

The Sur Steak House was a popular restaurant not only with tourists but also locals. It was surprising to see it go. Another restaurant has taken its spot. It is another gill type restaurant with an open air setting. 

New things in Playa Del Carmen
This is the new restaurant on 5th Avenue and 10th Street.

#4 Mega parking lot has new tenants

We predicted back in 2015 that by 2020 there would be changes to the supermarkets on 30th Avenue because the land was too valuable. We did think Aki would close and become condos, we can only wait to see if this comes true. What has come true is the new tenants in the parking lot of Mega. There is a new Santander bank and a Vips Restaurant. There still is sufficient parking and this makes good use of the space here. 

Vips is a chain restaurant that Mexican families like to visit for a nice meal out. It is kind of like a Shoney’s if you are familiar with those. 

New things in Playa Del Carmen
New businesses in the parking lot of Mega.

#5 Bio Natural expands its store

The health food store and restaurant called Bio Natural on 10th Avenue behind Quinta Alegria Mall has expanded. Now there is more space for shopping. This gives people a little more relaxed atmosphere and more options. 

Bio Natural
The new and expanded Bio Natural Store in Playa Del Carmen.

#6 The corner of 5th and 4th is gone

The entire corner of 4th Street with 5th Avenue is demolished. You might remember dueling ice cream stores on either corner of 4th. Now everything has been cleared and murals adorn the temporary fencing. In the photo below you can already see a new building that has gone up on 4th Street. 

New things in Playa Del Carmen
Demolition of the corner of 4th and 5th Avenue.

#7 Playa Express adds a stop in the ADO bus station

Playa Express is the small bus line that connects Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. Normally these leave from 2nd. Street in Playa and go along the 307 Highway making stops and pickups. Now there is a stop at the ADO bus station on 12th Street and 20th Avenue. This is an alternative to taking the ADO bus to Cancun and also gives you an option to get off at points in-between. 

Playa Express
The new Playa Express stop at the ADO bus terminal.

#8 Akumal Cerveceria opens in Playa Del Carmen

A local beer brewer has added a storefront in Playa Del Carmen. The Akumal Cerveceria is now open on 38th Street. 

Akumal Cerveceria
The Akumal Cerveceria on 38th Street.

#9 El Faro lighthouse gets a paint job 

The iconic lighthouse in the center of Playa Del Carmen has gotten a little facelift. It was looking a little weathered but now it is looking all spruced up. 

#10 Moots and Uno open on Constituyentes Avenue

There are more commercial spaces opening in new condo buildings on Constituyentes Avenue. Two that are in the Gallery codos are the Uno noodle restaurant and Moots Restaurant. Moots is a healthy restaurant that serves three meals a day. Both of these restaurants add to the infill along Constituyentes Avenue and will provide more options for those that stay in the area. 

New restaurants on Constituyentes Avenue.
Here are new restaurants on Constituyentes Avenue in Playa Del Carmen.

Thank you for reading our update on Playa Del Carmen. You can see our last update here. Let us know of any changes you notice, and we will add it to an upcoming list. 

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  1. Thank you for the update on the Coco Beach Club closing. That is a total bummer, loved that spot.Is the palapa still there?

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