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The Yal Ku Lagoon-Snorkeling in Akumal

Yal Ku Lagoon in Akumal Yal Ku Lagoon inlet

Akumal is a town about 20 minutes south of Playa Del Carmen off the 307 Highway. Here you can find the Yal Ku Lagoon. This area is an inlet from the ocean and the salt and fresh water mix here. The calm turquoise waters are home to sea turtles, tropical fish and manta rays. This place makes for an nice afternoon of snorkeling. Some tour companies offer this but you can also do this on your own if you like as you can read below.

Yal Ku Lagoon

Yal Ku is very organized and  clean. When you pull into the parking lot you are greeted by a guard that explains what the park is and what is permitted and what is not (you cannot bring outside food and drink nor can you use non-biodegradable sunscreen). You will pay and get a bracelet to wear. There are changing areas, bathrooms and lockers for use.

There are small palapas to rent and they come with hammocks. They are designed nicely because on one side they have some privacy from the trails. These palapas (open cabins) make for a nice place to shade your group and spend the day lounging around and enjoying the view. There is not too much shade or sandy spots to lay out besides the cabins so make sure you plan on being in the sun while here.

Yal Ku Lagoon in Akumal

A view of the Yal Ku Lagoon

When you walk to the lagoon you will see many bronze statues. This is a nice statue park and even around the lagoon you can see some of these works of art. These are a nice addition to the park.

Yal Ku Lagoon in Akumal

Bronze statue at Yal Ku Lagoon

What to bring to Yal Ku Lagoon

Make sure you bring:

  • some sandals
  • maybe some water shoes because the area is rocky and it makes it easier to get in and out in some areas.
  • biodegradable sunscreen
  • towels
  • waterproof camera
  • and if you want you own snorkel gear.

The area around the lagoon is rocky and some of the natural rocks are very rough. When you are swimming you may want to get out and explore the little islands and the water shoes will come in handy on the sharp rocks.

You can spend hours here snorkeling around. There are many little areas to discover. If you go toward the mouth of the lagoon near the ocean there is strong current and only good swimmers should go there. Life jackets are optional to wear in the lagoon. Where there are mangroves make sure you look under the water at the roots growing down, there will be fish hiding out there and it is nice to see. On the back side the water is clearer and calmer. You will notice a haze in the water here and that is just the salt water mixing with the fresh water that is coming from the land and running into the ocean. In some places you can dive down and it becomes much clearer. Some places the water is shallow and there are rocks where you can stand and rest. Most of the lagoon is 5-15 feet deep (1 1/2 meters-3 meters).

Tour groups do come here but since the lagoon is large you can always swim in another direction and enjoy the nature here.

Services at Yal Ku Lagoon

The Yal Ku Lagoon is set up pretty well. There is a free parking lot, snack bar, bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, lockers, rental cabins, and rental equipment for snorkeling.

Yal Ku Lagoon in Akumal

Showers changing rooms and lockers.

Prices for Yal Ku Lagoon

Update: May 2016, We have heard form some of our readers that the entrance price is now 269 pesos and lockers are 50 pesos. These were the prices as of May 2015. Adults 214 pesos, children 153 pesos. Residents with ID (yes they will photo copy  your ID). Adults 153 pesos, children 92 pesos. Rental for equipment is 76 pesos for mask, fins 76 pesos, life vest 76 pesos, and lockers are 46 pesos.

Yal Ku Lagoon in Akumal

Directions to Yal Ku Lagoon

If you are driving here you will enter the main entrance to Akumal. You will pass through the main entrance and then follow the road to the left as it parallels the beach. You will drive for about 6 minutes until the end . You will see yellow signs for Yal Ku that direct you to the parking lot.

If you take the colectivo from Playa Del Carmen or Tulum, you will get off by the main entrance and walk into Akumal. You will need to take a taxi to the lagoon because it is a long walk, about 18 minutes and usually it is sunny and hot. If you do walk follow the same driving directions above. For more on how to take the colectivos to Akumal, check out our article here.

If you like these type of activities you might also want to read about Xel-Ha. It is a very similar area but is more of a commercial park. There you can swim all day and food and drinks are included but of course it cost more. So you do have options. Also check out the cenotes you can visit when in the Riviera Maya. We have several articles on what they look like and how to get there in the Everything Beyond Playa tab.

Have you been to the Yal Ku Lagoon? What did you like about it? Tell us in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

9 Comments on The Yal Ku Lagoon-Snorkeling in Akumal

  1. Lauren @ Craving Sunshine // May 31, 2016 at 3:33 PM // Reply

    Hey guys! Just so you can update your article the entry price today was 269 pesos per person! (Or 14USD). Locker was 50 pesos. We had our own equipment so not sure of those prices but I think they were just under 100 pesos. We also managed to jump in a taxi back to playa for 350 pesos! Must’ve been a slow day!

    • Mr.Yucatan // May 31, 2016 at 3:45 PM // Reply

      Thank you for the update on prices at Yal Ku Lagoon. We checked our article and that was exactly one year ago we were there. Prices always seem to rise and especialy with the exchange rates. We hope you had a great time swimming around there!

  2. Hope Siebert // July 2, 2016 at 6:52 AM // Reply

    My family was looking for a fun day that wouldn’t break the bank. This place was perfect. We rented a car and got there about 10:3O. We ended up eating at the snack bar restaurant and got hamburgers, burritos, nachos. Cash only. By 2:00 the place was packed with tour groups. Their posted exchange rate is 15 pesos to 1 US dollar. The current rate being 17.5-glad We brought pesos. Thanks for your reviews, this was a great find!

  3. Hello.We just wanted to say what a lovely day we had at Yal Ku Lagoon. We would of missed it if we did not read about it here. Your tips were spot on. THanks for pointing this gem of a spot out to us. Cheers!

    • Mr.Yucatan // July 6, 2016 at 4:01 AM // Reply

      Hello Frank

      We are so happy you found the Yal Ku Lagoon and had a good day there. When we were there the snorkeling as fun and we loved taking photos there. We hope the rest of your vacation is great. Let us know how everything is so we can pass tips and comments on to other readers. All the best!

  4. We loved yal Ku Lagoon! It is stunning and a cheaper version of some of the places to snorkel. The ricks are a little sharp so it is good to bring aqua socks.

  5. This website is really cool. You have great tips for visiting place like this. I read it all the time to plan out our trips.

  6. Yal Ku is a great option for a day of swimming! It has nice space for swimming an cabins to relax in. This is a hidden gem along the coast. It is best to drive yourself here.

  7. Marilyn March // November 10, 2016 at 1:01 AM // Reply

    This is a beautiful spot to swim and snorkel. We would of never found this if we did not read about it here. It is hidden. We did see online some people selling this as a tour but if you have a car or can walk you can do it yourself.

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