Dirty Martini Bar-Local favorite with great drinks!

Dirty Martini Bar Playa Del Carmen


Dirty Martini Bar in Playa Del Carmen

Update: August 2020. The Dirty Martini Bar has now closed.

Want to know where the locals go for a good drink? Well this is one of them! This bar is run by long time locals and many of the year round residents go there to have a drink and chat.

This bar makes for a nice place to sit and not be on 5th Avenue or on busy 12th Street with the loud clubs and bars but close enough to  visit other places if you like. There is seating inside and outside. The bar area is cozy and English is practically spoken more the Spanish.

Dirty Martini Bar Playa Del Carmen
The Dirty Martini Lounge on 1st Avenue.

Make sure you visit on Tuesdays because it is 2×1 Martinis. Usually when a bar has a special they skimp on the liquor, but not here. They have nice strong drinks. We wish some of the other bars on 5th Avenue would take lessons from them.

Dirty Martini Bar Playa Del Carmen
Special of the house, a dirty martini

Besides a large martini menu they do serve cocktails and beer. Prices for martinis are usually about 105 pesos and some with specialty liquors are more. This is a cash only bar.

We recommend this bar for good drinks, good company and good value.

Dirty Martini Bar Playa Del Carmen
The bar at the Dirty Martini Lounge

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Hours at Dirty Martini Bar

Sunday-Thursday 12:00 noon-2:00am

Friday and Saturday 12:00noon-3:00am


Dirty Martini Lounge is on 1st Avenue between 10th Street and 12th Street.

Have you been here before? How many different martinis have you tried? What is your favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. By far one of the best bars in Playa Del Carmen! We love the martinis and Tuesday 2×1 is always a night we go. So many different combinations and good quality, no skimping on the liquor like tourist bars on 5th Avenue! Go here if you want good cocktails!

    • We are glad you love this bar! It does have really good drinks! We love sending people here because they give good drinks all the time. We hate the watered down drinks at many place. This bar deserves good support for sure.

  2. Pretty awesome bar! We say this bar on your website and went by. Great quality drinks and nice vibe. We want to go back here again because it is a new favorite in Playa Del Carmen.

  3. This is a great local bar and you guys are spot on for talking about it! It is a great place to meet people and get good quality drinks. So much better then the watered down ones on 5th Avenue.

  4. We always go to Dirty Martini Bar in Playa. It is one of the best bars and people really like to take care of the customers. Good quality drinks always.

  5. We love Dirty Martini Bar! Best bar in Playa Del Carmen!
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. We found this bar on your bar guide for Playa and went here. It was a cute bar with friendly staff. The drinks were superb and much better then the tourist traps. We will continue taking your suggestions for places because they are spot on mate!

  7. Thanks for writing and commenting about this place. We love the Dirty Martini! We go each time we are in Playa del Carmen. Best bartenders and good alcohol and expat crowd.

  8. Three cheers to Dirty Martini bar. We have been going there for years and they are always good.

  9. Every time I go to this bar I think why are more people not here? It is the best quality drinks and nice menu. I guess it is best known as a secret so I can get to the bar for my drink.

  10. It’s my opinion that the drinks at Dirty Martini are superb. Good alcohol and nice place for people over 40 to go out and have a drink. No blaring music and cheap quality drinks.

  11. This bar is a great find! Good drinks and nice vibe. Much better then many places on 12th Street. Nice quality drinks beats loud music any day.

  12. Consistently good drinks at Dirty Martini. We always make this one of our stops in Playa.

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