Xpu Ha Beach- A great little beach outside of Playa Del Carmen

Xpu Ha Beach and Beach club

Xpu Ha Beach

Xpu Ha (pronounced “shpu-Ha”) is a section of beach between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. This is one of the areas of the beach that is open to the public and has a road from the 307 Highway to the beach. This beach provides a more remote getaway and makes for a fun day trip out of Playa Del Carmen.

The two big beaches that people go to between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum are Xcacel and Xpu Ha. They are a little different from each other and people have their favorite. There are a little more services at Xpu Ha but a wider beach at Xcacel. The water is usually a little more calm at Xpu Ha and snorkeling is better

Note: Dogs are not allowed on the beaches at Xcacel or Xpu Ha. There are new signs stating the fines. Dogs are not allowed for health reasons for people on the beach walking barefoot.

Services at the Xpu Ha

If you just want to go to the beach, you are all set, they have a beach. If you want more, they offer it. There are bathrooms, beach chair rentals, snorkel and kayak rentals, small beach bars, two small restaurants and some tours are offered. There is not a lot of things but just a little of everything. That is part of the charm of this beach because it is small and not overrun with shops.

The restaurants serve basic Mexican fare and seafood. It is not a bargain but again it is a relaxing day at the beach and you can get your entrance fee taken off when you spend 120 pesos on a meal, which is very easy to do.

There is also a new beach club here called Serenity. You can see our article here about Serenity Beach Club.

Entrance price for Xpu Ha

Being at the beach is priceless but you have to pay a little something to use the facilities here. There is a 50 pesos entrance fee at the main gate.

If you spend 200 pesos per person at the restaurant you can get reimbursed with your ticket. You have to take your bracelet and receipt to the main gate before 6pm.

If you want to just bring a blanket and lay on the beach you are all set with just paying the entrance. Some people like to use the chairs and beach club.

Equipment rental prices at Xpu Ha

Plastic beach chairs cost  100 pesos. Two chairs and umbrella 250 pesos. Umbrella, table and four chairs 350 pesos. Locker 30 pesos. Snorkel rental 120 pesos. Kayak rental one hour 120 pesos, two hours 200 pesos.

The prices are not the cheapest but at least you can get a refund off the entrance for some of it.

Xpu Ha Beach and Beach club
Xpu Ha at sunset

How to get to Xpu Ha Beach

Public Transportation:

If you do not have a car you can easily take the colectivos. You can see the link for the location on 2nd St. in Playa Del Carmen where you get on. The price to Xpu Ha is 30 pesos each way. They will ask you where you want to go when you get on. The driver should remember this and let you off by the side of the highway. Just take note of the photo for the entrance so you know what you are looking for. The walk from the highway to the beach will take about 5 minutes to walk. If you are going to walk back late in the day you might want mosquito spray for the walk.

Xpu Ha Beach and Beach club
A view of the entrance from the 307 Highway looking north.

Driving directions to Xpu Ha:

Drive south on the 307 Highway to KM 265. (see photo of entrance) It takes about 20 minutes to drive. It is 16 miles south or 25km. from Playa Del Carmen.  There is a parking lot but it does get tight if you arrive later in the morning on the weekends. Parking is free.

Have you been to this Xpu Ha beach? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comment box below.

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  1. This beach WAS beautiful but, like everything else, is ruined by garbage, sarcaso and the lacking care of the mexicans. The food at the beach bar is mediocre at best, the chairs mostly broken and the service indifferent. The sea is still clear and swimming or snorkeling are good. But it is a pity to see how fast it has deteriorated from the paradise it was only 10 years ago.

    • Thank you for your experience here. It is important to hear these things. We agree there is no gourmet restaurant there. The Sargasso, well that is natural and part of nature. A good percentage of the plastic on the beach is washed up from the ocean. Much of the plastic comes from other countries that lands on the shores of Mexico. Most of the beaches in front of hotels and in front of Playa are racked and you don’t notice the plastic. In remote beaches it does collect. It would be nice if the people at Xpu Ha cleaned the beach.

    • The entrance is 40 pesos per person to Xpu Ha. It is discounted if you spend at the beach club.

  2. Just visited last week and I guess we got got , the guy charged us 50 pesos per person , it was 12 people in our group . Should have gotten this guys name .
    We did like it , I had the mixed seviche and it was one of the best I’ve ever had !
    To bad we found this place in our last day , I would totally come back .

    • Hello Jose

      It is possible they just raised the price. We will have to see. Many places have raised the prices 10 pesos or so. We will update our article when we find out. Thanks for your comments.

  3. We love this simple beach. Very cheap to enter and you can find good ceviche on the beach. Nice chill vibes and you can escape beach towns here.

    • Hello Sarah

      We do get seaweed on our beaches depending on the currents and climate. Normally the beach in Xpu Ha is very nice but there are variations.

  4. We went to Xpu-Ha beach approx 30 times over 3 months. We would go several hundred yards down the beach for privacy and several times we experienced rude locals who either barged in or swarmed us to take our shady spot under palm trees. We avoided going on weekends which was the worst times. They will also build beach fires regardless of the wind and people close by. This spoiled many visits to this lovely beach.

  5. We were there today. 9 April 2018. Wonderful. Habla Espanol definitely helps.We were charged 30 pesos per person.
    Food is okay. Not great but it is better than going hungry. Great vibe and the beach was gorgeous.
    Seaweed or Sargasso is a natural part of the ocean. Stay at your gated community back in the USA if you do not like the natural elements of the ocean and beach.
    Great selection of kayaks and paddle boards and we also surfed a few good breaks on the reef offshore 200 meters 650 feet for those not versed in metric. Very fine sand and fantastic beach off the beaten path of the Mayan Riviera.

    • It has been better this week. There is some seaweed but you can get past it and swim. Some parts are almost clear.

    • There are some camper spots there but we do not have any details about it. You will need to contact La Playita directly to see if they have any information on this.

  6. We visited Xpu ha yesterday and still a very beautiful beach, quite a bit busier as La Playa, Serenity Club and KSM beach bar have extended their areas. KSM quite a bit more expensive for food and drinks than La Playa restaurant, not sure on the quality as we did not try out on this visit. If you drive in entrance to KSM entry fee is 80 pesos and non refundable. La Playa entrance now is 50 pesos and you have to provide receipt of 200 pesos per person to have refund of entry fee. My question is what services does the small restaurant/hotel further down the north end of beach provide. I believe it has changed hands and may be called Hotel Esencia. I have heard you may make reservations to have a meal there and enjoy use of their sun beds/loungers. Not really sure though.

  7. We booked a room atSecreto Xpuha, In the world of commercialized mega resorts it has become increasingly difficult to find beachfront accommodations in a natural, unspoiled environment at a reasonable price. Secreto Xpuha is a rustic, natural cabana literally a stone’s throw from the surf on beautiful Xpu-Ha beach. If you are looking to immerse yourself in nature with the basic necessities provided, there aren’t many places like this.

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