Discover the hidden and unknown parts of Xcaret Eco Park

Xcaret Eco Park

Secret spots in Xcaret Eco Park

Have you been to Xcaret Eco Park before? If you have you probably know how BIG the park is. There is so much to see and do there that you need more than a day to see it all. If you have not been to Xcaret, this is one exciting place to add to your list while on vacation in the Riviera Maya.  Xcaret has so many caves, tunnels, and hidden spots that you can miss some of these unique places in the park. We spent the day at Xcaret going around to some of the lesser known parts of the park so you can look for them next time you go.

We have been countless time to Xcaret and are always finding more things to do and see there. Besides the shows, grand show at the end of the day, underground rivers to swim in, the animals to see and so much more, there are also lesser known parts of this park. See how many of them you know about.

Our video of hidden things at Xcaret Eco Park

We spent a day at Xcaret going to some of the hidden part of the park. We wanted to show you some of the things people miss when visiting.

Places for you to find in Xcaret Eco Park

When you visit Xcaret Eco Park you are in for a big day of exploration! This park is so big that most people cannot see everything in one day. It was designed very well to accommodate guest. We always find that at times, we are all along in this big park. Even though there are many people that come each day, everyone gets spread out and exploring what they are interested in. Here are some of the lesser known parts of Xcaret Eco Park.

Paradise River boat ride

With crystal clear water and moss covered walls, you will take a calm ride on this pontoon boat. Your captain will steer the boat with a pole as he pushed it along. Here you will see some of the animals that live in the park and see carved relics that are Mayan inspired. This boat ride can be a nice relaxing thing to do between some of the other more active things to do in the park.

Xcaret Eco Park
Paradise River will take you on a quiet journey observing nature and some secret parts of Xcaret.

Children’s World at Xcaret Eco Park

The Children’s World is one of the newer additions to Xcaret Eco Park. This part of the park might be missed by many since they don’t know it exist. This section of the park is just for kids 0-12 years old. There are waterslides, obstacles courses and places kids can just be kids. If you have young kids, make sure you find this corner of Xcaret.

The Hacienda at Xcaret

A hacienda is a colonial home and often were working farms here in Mexico. The Hacienda Henequenera is a 19th Century mansion where you can see what the production of henequen (a plant that has fibers for making rope and other products) looked like. Inside you will find a museum of Mexican folk art. Many beautiful pieces are on display from around Mexico and you will also see some unique things like Mayan instruments from the Yucatan Peninsula. The museum is air-conditioned and gives you a nice place to cool off.

Discover the secrets inside the Guadalupe Chapel

This peaceful place inside of Xcaret has two secrets. The first thing you might notice is the amount of people sitting there in peace. You might think not to disturb these people while they are quietly siting there. But, these are actually wooden cutouts of famous Mexican personalities. Walk around and get to know some of them.

The second secret thing about this chapel is the tunnels that go around the back of the alter. These are carved through the stone and are how people can get around in the back. These tunnels also lead to a spiral staircase leading to a secret exit.

Xcaret Eco Park
This is the Chapel of Guadaloupe where several secrets await you.

All the little places in and around the Mexican cemetery

The Mexican cemetery looks like a hill but it actually has a full structure under it full of tunnels and little nooks to discover. Be sure to take some time here and enter doorways to see what is there. From the backside there is an entrance that goes to the center of the structure where there is a cross. This area is pictured below.

Xcaret Eco Park
Discover the tunnels and secret places in and under the Mexican Cemetery.

Don’t tell anyone your secrets in the Whisper House

The gift shop by the Mexican cemetery is less visited but the building itself is unique to enter. In this building see the dynamic way sound is transported by it’s shape. In place you can stand in the center and hear your voice like it is in your head and another place you can whisper and others can hear you perfectly.

Also in this gift shop you can see the optical illusion below. Is this stairs to a stain glass window?

Xcaret Eco Park
An optical illusion in the Whisper House gift shop?

Mayan ruins at Xcaret

Many would expect to see Mayan ruins in this part of Mexico but at Xcaret Eco Park? Are these real or just a recreation? These are actually real! The word “Xcaret” in Mayan means small inlet. This refers to the natural area that is Xcaret Eco Park today. In the past this was an area where Mayans used it as a port for commercial trade. It was also a also a ceremonial center because this was a starting point for the ancient ritual pilgrimage by canoe to Cozumel, to worship the goddess Ixchel.

Scenic tower at Xcaret Eco Park

Get a great view of the Riviera Maya and al of Xcaret Eco Park from this tower! This is one of the things you can do here at the park. We suggest going here early or late in the day. We suggest a clockwise direction through the park to see as much as possible (you can read our guide here to Xcaret). After you enter and go to your left you will soon come to the scenic tower. Here you can get a sense of what the park looks like from above.

If you choose to come at the end of the day, we recommend around 6:00pm. This way you are near the theater for the grand show at night. Just get here before 6:45pm because that is when this tower closes.

xcarets scenic tower
See the view from the scenic tower at Xcaret Eco Park.

Secret way to get the best deals on tickets for Xcaret Eco Park

Many people just buy there tickets in the hotel lobby or when they reach the park. But do you know the secret way to save 10% or even 15% off of your entrance? Here is how.

How to save 15% off your tickets to Xcaret Eco Park

If you buy your tickets here 21 days in advance you save 15%. You do not have to worry about the weather because if you want to change the date, you can do so up to 24 hours before going. This is Xcaret’s weather guarantee.

A little planning can mean that a family of four can save over $44 USD on your day at Xcaret. You can also decide of you want to add transportation or arrange to get there on your own.

Save 10% off your tickets to Xcaret

If you buy your tickets here 7-20 days in advance you save 10%. You do not have to worry about the weather because if you want to change the date, you can do so up to 24 hours before going. This is Xcaret’s weather guarantee.

Children’s discounts for Xcaret

Children ages 5-11 years old get 50% off entrance. Children ages 0-4 years old are free. These discounts do not apply to optional activities.

xcaret eco park

Have you been to Xcaret Eco Park before? What did you think? Do you have questions or comments? Let us know below, we would love to hear from you.

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Xcaret Eco Park
Just one of the many areas of tunnels at Xcaret Eco Park.


  1. We (my husband and I) were at Xcaret last year for one week, we were staying at the Grand Occidental Xcaret Hotel next to the park. We went every single day of our stay. We found it amazing. No proper words to describe the place, just that to have to see it to live it! We especially loved swimming in the underground rivers. On the 19th of February we went to the show. Just Wow! This place made us fall in love with you beautiful country. We went back for the show this year, again on the 19th of February and the show was different but still Wow! We shall go again next year on February 19th because it is the day my mother passed away and this is how we remember her by attending the show which she would have just loved. Thank you for such a wonderful place where we forget even if for just one day this yucky date for us.

    • Hello Christine

      Thanks for sharing your comments and personal story. We are glad you like this park and have a great time visiting. They are working on some new additions now, so by next year you might have something else new to check out.

  2. Good evening guys just wondering if you know if xcaret or any the the “x” parks offer group discounts? I will be celebrating my birthday next July in Playa. I believe I would have a group of 12 adults going.
    Also, I just love your website! I try to read all your articles and keep up to date on your findings. Our last trip to Playa was all that more enjoyable thanks to you tips about dinning and where to find good eats.

    • Hello Belinda!

      Welcome back to Playa on your next trip. Xcaret only considers groups of 20 or more a “group”. So it is not available for you. But here are some ways to save money. If you book 21 days in advance you save 15%. That adds up and is worth it. Decide about food ahead of time. This can add up especially if you eat two or more meals there. We like to eat a breakfast and then go there. Eat at the buffet which is about $29 USD and then eat a late dinner after we leave Or you can eat at the snack bar restaurant and have a burger or something and spend about $12 per person. Transportation to Xcaret, if you rent a car or take the colectivos you will save a lot. The transportation added from Xcaret is about $29 per person and better for small groups that do not want to drive or figure out how to get there. This local company will charter you a van which can be very affordable for your size group:
      One last thing, if you are booking your tickets online, if you use the link on our site, it will be the same price and you book on Xcaret’s website but it gives credit to us. It lest them know what we helped you and they offer greater access for us to visit the parks and write more!

  3. My husband and I will be in Playa in April 2018. We would like to visit the park. Where are you located? We will be staying at a resort just passed El Cielo community. How much is it per person?
    Thank you, Carolyn Wood

    • Hello Carolyn

      This is Xcaret park which is just south of Playa Del Carmen. This is not our park but we wrote about it here. You can click the links to purchase tickets and if you want, you can also book transportation. It is a great park to visit and it has a lot to offer.

    • No. Xcaret is huge! It is also very well designed and will blow you away. If you have not been, we highly recommend going for the day.

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