The Tulum Food, Spirits and Wine Festival

Tulum Food, Spirits and Wine Festival

The Tulum Food, Spirits and Wine Festival

If you are a foodie or want another reason to visit Tulum, you might want to know about the Tulum Food, Spirits and Wine Festival! The festival is an one-week event that will brings the best of Mexico cuisine to the Tulum area. You can also enjoy this festival because it includes participating restaurants in Playa Del Carmen.

Update: We did say we were going to cover this event for you so if you miss it, you will know what it is like for next year. However the festival is not as organized as we hoped it would be, so we will not cover it this year.

Tulum Food, Spirits and Wine Festival
Get great taste at the Tulum Food, Spirits and wine Festival like this.

Here are the scheduled events for the week

Starting Monday, the festival commences with restaurant week. Participating restaurants in Playa del Carmen & Tulum restaurants. 3 course prix fixe menus will be available for lunch or dinner, allowing you to have a taste of Tulum.

Thursday, the festival really kicks off in Tulum, with small tastings from different restaurants in the Yucatan, artisanal Mexican cheeses, cured meats, and and everything else culinary, coupled with wine, spirits and beers, along side Mexican arts, crafts and performances, all which will leave you breathless. Thursday evening…a private cannabis dinner, and several after parties fill up Tulum.

Friday & Saturday, during the day, the Pueblo becomes an agave spirits & street food tasting fiesta, where you will be able to experience the spirits of Agave, from Tequila to Mezcal, Pulque to Raicilla, while sampling amazing street food. Friday night, chef’s dinners throughout the beach zone, featuring super star Chefs from the US & Mexico will create their style of Mexican cuisine, using local ingredients and techniques that are inspired by the artisanal culture of Mexico.

Saturday night, we will send the festival off with a themed closing party, on the beach, in 3-hotels, that will feature music, chefs making street food canapés with the Caribbean ocean in the background.

Tulum Food, Spirits and Wine Festival

When is the next Tulum Food, Spirits and Wine Festival?

We have not heard if there is going to be another festival again.

How can you get tickets and find participating restaurants?

You can visit their website here: Individual event have times and ticket prices for each event.

Tulum Food, Spirits and Wine Festival

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Have you been to the Tulum Food, Spirits and Wine Festival before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you. 

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  1. I was in Tulum during this event and never really heard about it except from your website. I don’t think it was advertised that much and I don’t think it will happen again. I feel bad for the chefs that work so hard on food and then it does not get turn out. They really should let people know more in advance so they can plan to come.

  2. Hey any word if this food festival in Tulum will be coming again this year? I am a tour guide with culinary tours and would like to schedule a tour around the dates for this festival if possible.

  3. Are there any other food festivals, chef events, or fall festivities that are an annual tradition in Playa Del Carmen? I am an owner in Porto Playa and would love to run a special discount for some of these events for my 3 bedroom penthouse. thanks

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