The New Look Of Condos In Tulum Mexico

Tulum condos for sale

What Tulum Condos Are Like

Tulum has a style all its own and this is carrying over into the new condos that are for sale now. Condo design in Tulum is all about eco chic and building within the natural setting. Many of the new condos in Tulum have dedicated green spaces, tropical wood accents, polished concrete and open spaces.  If you have not been to Tulum recently, you might be surprised to see just how nice some of the new condos are. Also, just how many new developments are going up.

In the past, Tulum was a small sunny beach town with bohemian chic vibe. It is quietly growing into a top tier destination for high-end tourism. Rental rates are up and so is the volume of tourism. Tulum is definitely taking a different direction from Playa Del Carmen and the rest of the Riviera Maya. It has its own style that is becoming clearer each year. Because Tulum is developing in a very different way, we wanted to show you some examples of what the new condos look like.

A tour inside some of the new condos in Tulum

We met up with a realtor in Tulum to visit some of the new projects. These all highlight what is Tulum style and what is available. This is a longer video, but we hope it gives people a good idea of what is going on in Tulum now and what is available. 


Tour of Tulum neighborhoods

Knowing what condos are like in Tulum is one thing, knowing the areas of Tulum is another thing. Many areas of Tulum are completely new, and some have not even begun construction projects. For investors that have not visited recently to Tulum, it can be a little overwhelming figuring out areas to look at and what are some of the advantages of each area of Tulum. 

We put together this guide on the different areas that are popular for real estate in Tulum now. We also did a video driving through Tulum to talk with a real estate professional. We hope you find this resource informative. 


Some of the current Tulum condos for sale

Here is a look at several condo buildings that are under construction now and for sale. We could include pictures of finished buildings, but most are already sold before being finished.

MAK Tulum Condos

MAK Tulum Condos is located in the area of Aldea Zama in the heart of Tulum. The concept is designed to live in an environment of open and warm spaces, in constant contact with nature.  The MAK style is a reinterpretation of the architecture of the golden age of Acapulco in the 30’s, where it emerges as one of the international beach destinations with more affluence and fame.

Tulum condos for sale
What the MAK Tul um condo building will look like when finished.

The building has 12 apartments with a modern architectural design but with a retro-cozy atmosphere. There are studios, 1,2 and 3 bedroom condos for sale in this building. The location in Tulum offers its residents proximity to the beaches, the vibrant restaurants, Mayan culture of the area, and the archaeological zone of Tulum.

MAK Tulum amenities

The building amenities are a pool, solarium, bar, grill area, parking, and an elevator.

Tulum condos for sale
The open floor plan of MAK Tulum with an open kitchen concept looking into the living room area.


Tulum condos for sale
A bedroom with large windows in the MAK Condos in Tulum.


Tulum condos for sale
The living room and kitchen area of the MAK Tulum condos.


Tulum condos for sale
The rendering of what the MAK Tulum condo building will look like on the rooftop.

Oniric Condos in Region 8 in Tulum

Oniric is a new small-scale condo building that is going to be built in Region 8 of Tulum. It features 27 condos and a whole host of amenities that make this project stand out. 

The building incorporates many of the patterns found in nature and incorporates nature to surround residents. For more about the Oniric Condos, we have an article here

Oniric Condos Tulum exterior
Street view render of the Oniric Condos in Tulum.

Naab Condos Tulum

In the middle of Tulum are the NAAB Condos Tulum, a development with the whole purpose of providing an experience of relaxation and luxury.

The design of these condos is influenced by the Mayas that created the temples centuries in the past. Large windows allow natural light in and great vistas of the area. Balconies allow for outdoor sitting areas and also shade the building.

Tulum condos for sale
The street view of the Naab Tulum Condos.

Amenities at these condos in Tulum

Pool & wading pool, fire pit, spa, storage, access with lobby, parking and security 24/7.

Tulum condos for sale
The Naab Condos in Tulum.


Tulum condos for sale
Fire pit area of Naab Condos in Tulum.


Tulum condos for sale
Inside living area render of a condo at the Naab Condos.


Tulum condos for sale
Sample render of a bedroom in the Naab Condos.

Tulum Tuluna Condos

Tulum Tuluna Condos is a 36-condo development with the maximum use of elements from the region, warm colors, rustic textures without losing the elegance in the details. It is a space to enjoy all the experience that Tulum offers, creating an ideal place to rest, recreate and meditate.

The Tuluna  Condos are located within the heart of Aldea Zama. Aldea Zama is an eco-touristic and residential project that is located in a central area of Tulum. From this neighborhood it is possible to enjoy bicycle rides to the archaeological zone, hotel zone, the beach, the town of Tulum and cenotes.

Out of the 36 condos there are 2- & 3-bedroom units and 3 penthouses. The lot for these condos has a conservation rate of vegetation at 49%.  Privacy is also taken into account with the design of the condos. Most condos do not share walls with neighboring units.

Tulum condos for sale
Aerial render of the Tuluna Condos in Tulum.

Amenities of the Tuluna Condos in Tulum

Meditation terrace, reading terrace, yoga area, swimming pool, solarium, lounge area, bike parking, and storage.

Tulum condos for sale
The Tuluna Condos street view in Tulum.


Tulum condos for sale
The lobby of the Tuluna Condo building.


Tulum condos for sale
Living room of a condo in Tuluna Condos.


Tulum condos for sale
The rooftop of the Tuluna Condo building.

Are you interested in investing in Tulum?

We don’t sell real estate, but we do refer our readers to reliable and recommended real estate agents. They can answer your questions, talk about prices and give you all the information you need. The email button below is directed to Sebastian, who is one our recommended realtor list and also in the video below and above. He is an expert on the Tulum real estate market and what is going on there.

Tulum realtor


tulum real estate


What is the market like for Tulum real estate now?

We toured around Tulum to see what areas are being built and just what projects are like. Tulum certainly has changed a lot in the past few years. There is a lot of development both in new condos in Tulum and infrastructure. We made the video below during our time there.  Many of topics that people wonder about are covered. We hope you find it informative. If you have any questions, you can email Sebastian (in the send an email button above) who appears in the video or comment below and we will get back to you.

Thank you for reading our article about Tulum condos and what they are like. If you have any questions for comments, please post them below or email directly with the send email button to the professionals. 

condos in Tulum
The beach in Tulum, why so many want to visit the area and also invest.

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  1. I am really liking the looks of Tulum. I plan on coming down in July to look around and check it out for myself.

  2. Tulum really is developing in a very stylish way. I wish more places would be as green as this.

  3. I am surprised how much Tulum has changed in the past few years. I remember a small beach town with nice beach but not too much for the luxury market. There are now a lot of nice condos for sale and rent. It is much more for the 40’s and 50 year old jet set crowd. I know not all change is good but things are pretty nice in Tulum now and I am considering buying a couple places for rental and investments.

  4. I have not been to Tulum in a few years and surprises to see this. I think I should start looking at some rentals soon for my next trip!

  5. Dear Sebastian,
    Your video on investing in Tulum was very informative, insightful, and interesting. I would like additional information regarding current properties you have in your pre-construction portfolio. Thank you.

    • Hello Steven

      The comments here go to our website and not the Sebastian. We will however forward your comments to his via email.

    • Hello Kate

      Your comments go to us here our website. Since we don’t sell real estate nor know what is available, it is good to contact Sebastian in this article he know the area well and what is available. We will send your comments to him. If you don’t hear from him, make sure to send him a message so you can line somethings up to look at while you are in Tulum.

  6. I would like additional information regarding current properties you have in your pre-construction portfolio. Thank you.

    • Hello Erika

      Your comments come to our website and not Sebastian who is a realtor in Tulum who helped us write this article. We don’t sell real estate here from our website but we do recommend good people like Sebastian who have a good reputation and have helped many of our readers. We will forward your request to him so you can get informaiton on what is currently available.

  7. Great site. Lots of helpful info here. I’m in the market for a condo in Tulum. I am looking for a three bedroom that I an use for 3 months a year and rent it out the other times.

  8. I’m considering a purchase of a 2 bedroom Condo in Tulum. New Construction with easy and short access to the beach.

    • Aldea Zama would be the best place to start. That area is all new and has infrastructure. There are new phases coming online soon. A good person to talk to is Sebastian in the article and video. He knows the are very well and knows what projects are available now or coming up soon.

  9. such an informative video-thank you! I am looking at condos in Tulum right now, and I will probably go with a realtor named Rafael Oropeza with IMexico Real Estate. Do you know this realty group? I am considering a condo called Jade by DK. Any thoughts on that?

    • We do have a list of recommended realtors for the area. The one you are referring to is not on our list. We were just by the Jade project in Tulum shooting another video. There are some very important factors to look at for that area and project. Hopefully your realtor will go over these with you.

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