Gambling on a vacation? Casinos in Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen Casino

Looking to gamble at a Playa Del Carmen casino? Well the one sure bet is coming to the Riviera Maya for a fun time! Of course some people look for casinos and the good news is we have several casinos in Playa Del Carmen. Where are these casinos and what are they like? We let you know here.

Casinos in Playa Del Carmen

There are currently four casinos in Playa Del Carmen. It does seem that casinos have a life of about a year and then close or open somewhere else so we will be trying to keep this list up to date. Gambling is getting a little more popular in the past few years as more casinos have opened in Playa Del Carmen. It is however not exactly Las Vegas or anywhere near that.

Casinos range from a large rental space in a shopping mall to a multi room casino with food and small entertainment. Here are the four casinos currently in Playa Del Carmen:

  1. Winpot. This is perhaps the largest and most popular Playa Del Carmen casino. Winpot has slot machines, bingo machines, sports betting and video blackjack. Dinks and food are available here. Hours are Monday-Sunday 10:00am-3:00am. This casino is located in the Plaza Las Americas mall (not to be confused with the Plaza Las Americas mall in Cancun). This mall is on the other side of the highway from the beach. To get to this casino you will need to take a taxi. From the most of the downtown area (zone 1) the taxi will cost you 35 pesos.
  2. Rivera Casino. This casino is in the downtown and has a very closed off look to it with only a covered door to enter. This casino is on 10th Street between 10th Avenue and 15th Avenue facing the park in front of City Hall.

     Playa Del Carmen Casino
    Riviera is a Playa Del Carmen casino in the center of town.
  3. Bet and Win. This Playa Del Carmen casino has games and sport betting here. Bet and Win is on the south end of town in Plaza Paraiso near the entrance of Playacar. The plaza is between 10th Avenue and 15th Avenue. The casino is at the back side of the plaza. Hours are Monday-Sunday 10:00am-2:00am.
  4. Jackpot. This small casino is in the Centro Maya Mall on the south end of Playa Del Carmen. This was the most recent one to open. To get here you can take the public bus from 30th Avenue or a taxi. A taxi should cost 50 pesos from the downtown or Zone 1.

    Casinos Playa Del Carmen
    The Jackpot Casino in Centro Maya Mall.

Sports Betting in Playa Del Carmen

Besides the casinos above, there is a bar right on 5th Avenue where you can do live sports betting. In fact, it is the best place to go because it is a lively bar in the front and they have an air-conditioned room in the back with many large TV’s. English is widely spoken and this is much more of a tourist place. They have a full menu and bar here.

  • Tequila Barrel. This bar is on 5th Avenue between 10th and 12th Streets.

Casinos in Cancun

If you want to go to Cancun you can find a little larger and slightly more glamorous casinos. Note: Many list of casinos in Cancun will include PlayCity and Playboy Casino but both of these are closed. Both of the casinos listed below are in the downtown of Cancun and not in the Hotel Zone.

  1. Dubai Palace Casino. This is about the largest casino in Cancun with about 450 slot machines. Dubai Palace is open 24 hours a day. This casino is on Avenida Tulum just south of the Plaza Las Americas Mall on the south end of Cancun as you exit the city. If you come from Playa Del Carmen you can take the colectivos and they will let you off almost in front of this casino.
  2. Casino Palace. This casino has sports betting and video machine blackjack and roulette. Casino Palace is on Avenida Tulum just north of the Plaza Las Americas Mall in Cancun on the opposite side of the avenue. If you are coming from Playa Del Carmen you can also take the colectivos and ask to get off on the side of Avenida Tulum across from this casino, although not many people do this because you are getting close to the final stop.

Tips for going to casinos

  • Make sure you plan on spending pesos.
  • Expect a fairly local crowd and not too many tourist, unless you go to Tequila Barrel, which is not a casino but sports betting bar.
  • No minors are allowed. 18+
  • Don’t expect a Vegas style large casino. The casinos here are much smaller.
  • Most of the gambling is slot machines.

Have you been to a Playa Del Carmen casino? What casino did you go to? Would you recommend it to other readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I like to check out casinos from time to time on vacation and went to the two in the downtown of Playa Del Carmen. They both were pretty quiet and not very exciting. I had a better time walking on 5th Avenue. I did pass the Tequila Barrel and that place had a lot of energy so I imagine if you like sports and betting that would be a better place to check out.

  2. I got to Winpot casino in Plaza Las Americas. It seems to be the best Casino in Playa Del Carmen. It is not much but they have more energy and my wife likes to shop while I gamble, so basically I loose twice. hahaaha

  3. I would like to say that casinos in Playa Del Carmen are not that exciting. It is better to go and enjoy the beach with your family. The only place in Playa we like to go is Tequila Barrel where there is a large air conditioned room and good bar food. cheap bears and fun atmosphere too.

  4. I this is just want I have been looking for. My husband wants to go to a casino but I don’t want to. It is good to hear what they are like there. Excellent job, cheers

  5. I saw there is another casino on the highway near sams club you will have to add that one to your guide.

  6. Hola. Me gustaría saber si en algún casino hay mesa de dados o craps. Espero su respuesta. Gracias.

    • Hola. No estamos seguros, pero sugerimos ir a WinPot en Plaza Las Américas. Si no los tienen, entonces es posible que no los encuentre en Playa. Este es el mayor casino de Playa del Carmen.

  7. If we stay at the reef playacar…where is the nearest casino? Is it safe to leave the resort? Does anyone know of all inclusive resorts where there is a casino in the actual resort where you can just go without leaving the resort?

    • Hello
      Of course it is safe to leave the resort. Thousands come each week just to stay in Playa in the center of town. The nearest casino will be at the entrance of Phase 2 on 10th Avenue. It is number 3 on the list. We will say this is not a big casino and not sure if it is really worth it.

    • It is not listed on the official page but most likely can operate at 30%. Under Yellow it was 50% and now with orange even movie theaters can be open 30% so we are pretty sure casinos are open.

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