Pet transportation to and from Cancun Airport to destination in the Riviera Maya

Dogs and Cats welcome on this airport transportation!

Pet transportation

Pet transportation to and from Cancun Airport

Are you traveling with a dog or other pet and need to arrange transportation from the Cancun Airport? It can be stressful to try to find pet transportation to and from the airport.  Don’t worry though because we have a great option that not only is affordable but will allow your pets to ride along at no additional charge.

Millions of people travel in and out of Cancun International Airport every year and more and more pets are coming. If you live part time in Mexico or you just want to bring your cat or dog with you, this transportation company will be glad to have you onboard.

Note: Most taxis will not accept animals. Uber is not available in the Riviera Maya.

Cancun airport pet transportation

What restrictions are there for pet transportation from the Cancun Airport?

There is only one requirement if you are traveling with a pet, you must have a pet carrier and your pet must ride inside the carrier during transit. That is all. And best of all the prices are no higher then the regular fares. Pets ride free with owners and the owners get a good deal on transportation from the airport as well.

Cancun Airport pet transfers

How much does pet transportation cost to and from Cancun Airport?

Here are some sample prices to popular destination in the Riviera Maya. You should note that it is always cheaper to book a round trip when you initially book. You can save around $10-$30 USD.

Transportation with a pet to Cancun downtown or Hotel Zone

  • One way $35 USD
  • Round trip $55 USD

Private transfer with a pet to Playa Del Carmen

  • One way $60 USD
  • Round trip $110 USD

Transportation with a pet from Cancun Airport to Tulum

  • One way $100 USD
  • Round trip $175 USD

How to book pet transportation for the Cancun Airport

This is a private van service that will pick you up and take you directly to your vacation rental. You must accompany your pets on this transportation. To make a reservation just click below and fill out the information to get a confirmation. It is that easy. This transportation company is well recommended by readers.

pet transportation Cancun Airport

Where do these vans take you from the airport?

You can virtually go anywhere you want with your pets. Here are some of the sample destinations where this private transportation company will take you.

  • Cancun Downtown
  • Cancun Hotel Zone
  • Puerto Morelos
  • Playa Del Carmen
  • Akumal
  • Puerto Aventuras
  • Tulum

If you need any other destinations just ask while booking. There is a chat function on their website.

If you need more information on bring your pet into Mexico especially from the United States, here is a website that can help you with details.

Here are also some good articles for you, how to get to Tulum from the Cancun Airport and the best things to do in the Riviera Maya.

Do you have any questions about this pet transportation from the Cancun Airport? Let us know in the comments below.

Cancun Airport pet transportation
This was one happy dog on the beach soaking up some sun.

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  1. Hello-I am traveling with my service dog later this month, and will not be bringing a carrier as she flies in the cabin with me. Am I able to utilize your services? I will be arriving in January 22nd in Cancun and traveling to Tulum. Thank you!

    • Hello Cassidy

      If you click the link and talk directly to this recommended transport company, they can answer your question based on size of dog and more info.

    • Hi cassidy, I am doing the same next month. Please post what information you found. I am also curiours about accessing the Cancun terminal with my service dog without a carrier

    • We mentioned it to them that it would be good to by one to have for customers but we are not sure if they have gotten it yet. It would be best to chat with them after you click the link to talk to them and see if they have one for you.

  2. I am glad I found your transportation article because I travel with my dog all the time and it is hard to find cabs or transportation that allows dogs. I guess Mexico is pretty dog friendly? My rental allows dogs so that is nice. How are restaurants?

    • Hello Brian

      Mexico is two worlds when it comes to pet privileges. Many love pets and treat them like family and others do not care for them that well. Most restaurants do not allow dogs inside due to health restriction. Outside is fine at most places that have tables outside. We are glad you found our article as well and hope you have a good vacation.

  3. Even if your dog is a service dog you should bring a pet carrier with you as most taxis wont take a dog w/o a pet carrier if you plan on taking your dog with you anywhere. They are much more expensive to buy in Mexico for some reason

    • We did ask the transportation company to see if they could buy one to have on demand. You could ask your question directly to them and see what they say. When you click the link you go to their page and there is a message section.

  4. We will need transportation from Cancun to Merida,if that possible? We have two cats. Will be arriving in March 2019.
    Thank you for any help in advance.

    • Hello Michael and Eliana

      Thank you for your comment on our article. You will however need to contact the transportation company directly to ask them about your request. You can do so by clicking the link and then using the chat function or email on their site. We wish you the best.

  5. Just wanted to say I really had good care with my dog at the airport. It was nice to have such a good driver and care of me. I was concerned arriving in Mexico, but that soon melted away.

  6. So….emotional support animals that fly in the cabin from the US….must be in a carrier at CUN? For a December 2020 trip.

    • Hello Debbie

      This is a good question. You might want to email this transportation company to check what their requirements are for emotional support animals.

  7. I was thinking about moving to Playa De Carmen. I would be traveling from SF. What if your dog is to be for a carrier. I can’t pick up my dog as it is. She’s a 6 year old boxer.

    • Drivers can help load your things including dog. Check with this company because they might have a carrier upon arrival for the time in the van, that is if you are not traveling with one. It will be important to put in the comments that you are traveling with a dog so they are prepared.

  8. Hey I am currently in the UK looking to fly to Mexico with my cat, as soon as possible. I am aiming to get to playa del carmen via cancun airport but have been told this is not possible and that I can only travel as far as Mexico city. If anyone has any info or updates would be much appreciated! thank you so much. Dave

  9. I recommend this service. I hired them to pick me up with my dog to go to Tulum. It was spacious and very accommodating. I will be sure to sue them again.

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