A look at what the Marea 34 condo building is like in Playa Del Carmen

Marea 34

Marea 34 Condos

The Marea 34 condo building is a handsome newer building in the downtown of Playa Del Carmen. Here is a look at what it is like to stay there or live there. This is also a look at what is going on in the area of Playa Del Carmen because the same developer is building other condos in the area.

Some nice features of this condo building are:

  • Garage for parking below the building.
  • Elevator access for all floors.
  • Wide and open hallways.
  • Lobby doorman/security.
  • There are just 34 units in the Marea 34.
  • Large rooftop with pool and good views.

The rooftop of the Marea 34 condo building

With 34 units in the building the rooftop is nice and ample. It features a small gym, bar area where you can entertain, pool and relaxation areas.

Two nice features of this building are the fact that there is nothing in front of it to block the view and the height of the roof deck. There are five floors of units, and the roof is the sixth story. Since this building is taller than most, you get a commanding view of the center of Playa Del Carmen and even a nice slice of the ocean. Across the street is an athletic field where people play sports. This gives the area a more open feeling and not blocked in by buildings.

The pool has a shallow area which is nice for your children as well as deep sections. The front of the pool overlooks 34th Street.

From the rooftop you have a nice place to watch the sunset.

Marea 34
The rooftop pool at the Marea 34 building in Playa Del Carmen.

A look at condo unit at the Marea 34 building

The featured condo in our video is this two-bedroom one bathroom unit. As you can see it was tastefully designed in a modern and clean beach feel. The white clean look of these condo continues in the kitchen where the cabinetry hides away the refrigerator, microwave and closet.

This condo is good for a couple that wants to be in the center of Playa on vacation with some privacy. It gives you the option to eat in or go out to many of the good local restaurants.

Marea 34Marea 34Marea 34

What is the area like where this condo building is?

The Marea 34 condo building is on 34th Street between 10th Avenue and 20th Avenue. The area is developing into a more upscale area since it is in the general direction that Playa Del Carmen has been growing. This area is a little north of where the center was and not as built up in the past. Now there is an opportunity to build larger condo buildings in this area like this one.

You have close accessibility to 5th Avenue from these condos. It is about a block and a half to get to the pedestrian street and heart of the touristic part of Playa. You are also on the nicer end of 5th Avenue where more of the nicer shops and restaurants have opened.

Access to the beach is either via 38th Street or 28th Street where Mamita’s Beach Club is. These are the two closest streets that go to the beach.

There are also plenty of restaurants in the area that can fill your vacation with good places to eat. If you also want to live in this area, you are in between the more tourist center of Playa and the more residential downtown part where you can find non touristy restaurants.

Want more information? Vacation rental or buying in the area

If you like what you see, either the vacation rental here or are interested in a condo in this building or something similar, Lilia is one of our recommended realtors in Playa Del Carmen. She knows all the details of the building and can answer your questions. You can email her below.

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If you like learning about Playa Del Carmen real estate and the area, see our large guide here and also follow along as we are always adding articles to help readers know what the area is like.

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  1. I have stayed down the street from this building and really like the area. I am glad to see what it looks like inside, especially the view from the roof.

  2. Are you going to be making more videos of other buildings? I like how you present them and give people a look at features. I am looking to buy something in Playa del Carmen but see there are a lot of options. I follow your website and find all your articles very helpful. Thank you.

    • Hello Andrea

      We have had a big response to our articles and videos so we will be doing more. We have some planned for later this month. So we hope to bring you much more information on real estate in the area. We wish you the best with your search and let us know if you have questions about anything.

  3. I looked at this building before it was finsihed as a place to buy in. I kind of regret it now because that area is a good location in Playa. So many new places are crammed on side streets and have a lot of units. I still am searching and hope to find something from the same developer.

  4. Hello, I am thinking of buying in Playa del Carmen or Tulum area. I see you don thave anything about Tulum real estate on your site. I know you are Playa del Carmen information but will you do somethiong in the future about this?

    • Hello

      We will be going to Tulum shortly and give people an overview of what is going on there. We hope to give people an idea of what has changed recently and what new projects are there.

  5. We stayed here thus year and really enjoyed the location.
    Would like to try again in 2021 but having trouble contacting any one about rentaksv

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