How to get to and from the Tren Maya Station to Merida

Tren Maya Merida Station
This is the Merida Teya Station for the Tren Maya.

How to get to and from the Tren Maya Station to Merida

If you are going to be visiting Merida on the Tren Maya or taking the Tren Maya from Merida, you will need to get from the downtown to the Teya Tren Maya Station. Here is everything you need to know about transportation options. The station is outside of town but is connected by a new futuristic tram that connects the station to the new Park La Plancha near the center of Merida. 

Update: The new website to buy tickets is here

The Merida Teya Tren Maya Station

The Tren Maya station for Merida is called Merida Teya (or a version of this). The station is large enough to handle the number of passengers arriving and departing. It is light and airy, but not super wow, just nice, think shopping mall from the early 2000’s. 

There is free parking at the station. It is not shaded. The station says it is not responsible for the car’s safety. So, if you plan an extended journey on the Tren Maya, you might want to take public transport to the station. 

The train station is handicap accessible. There are accessible bathrooms and elevators to the platforms. 

Merida Teya Station Tren Maya
Here is an inside look at the Teya Merida Station.


Merida Teya Tren Maya Station
Here is a look at the departure area of the Tren Maya Station in Merida.


Tren Maya bathroom in Merida
Each station has nice touches. In the Merida Teya Station, there are these cool mirrors in the bathrooms. The white design are lights. 

Platform of the Tren Maya Station in Merida

Where is the Merida Tren Maya Station?

The Tren Maya Station is located southeast of Merida near a famous Hacienda called Teya (hence the name). On the map below you can see it on the right. The green line is the IETRAM bus that connects to the center of town. The station is about a 25-minute drive by car or bus to the center. 

Tren Maya Station Merida

IETRAM tram route to the center of Merida and the Tren Maya Station

On the map above you can see the green line from the Merida Teya Tren Maya Station. This is the only real public transportation to and from the center of Merida. These new futuristic trams are 100% electric and offer a few routes in the Merida area. The IETRAM runs on dedicated lanes, so it is faster back and forth to the center of Merida. It takes about 25 minutes to make the connection. 

Buses (Trams) are scheduled to meet the Tren Maya arrivals and departures. Here is a link to the official page. The cost is about 50 pesos. There is a smart card you can buy that gives discounts. There is more information on the official website. 

If you arrive at the Teya Tren Maya Station in Merida and need tickets, there is an office in the station. The buses are just outside the station to the left. 

Where does the IETRAM connect to in the center of Merida?

The IETRAM bus leaves and arrives at the new La Plancha Park near the center of Merida. The stop is called Estacion de IE-TRAM (in Spanish) and is near Calle 39 and 42. From here you can easily take a taxi to hotels in the center of Merida. 

Park La Plancha is the new park in Merida which was the old train station in the center of Merida that was abandoned for years. Now this huge park is a bright spot in the city. There are walking paths, trees, a lake, the new home of the Train Museum, and much more. This area also connects with the new restaurant row street that takes you to Paseo de Montejo. 

Merida Tren Maya Station
These are the buses that connect the Teya Tren Maya Station in Merida to the center.

Tram schedule

Merida Tram

Taking the Tren Maya for the first time?

If you are just starting your journey on the Tren Maya, you might want to see our video about what it is like. We added some tips that might be helpful for new since everything is new and tips that will also help in the future. 


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Thank you for reading our article about the Teya Merida Tren Maya Station guide. If you have any questions of comments, please post them below and we will get back to you. 

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