The Tren Maya Izamal Station Guide

Tren Maya Station Izamal
This is the Tren Maya Station in Izamal , Yucatan.

The Izamal Tren Maya Station Guide

If you are heading to Izamal on the Tren Maya, here are some details about the station, transportation and other details. We are writing this guide as of March 2024. Currently not that many people use this station, and it is still being worked on. 

The station boasts an expansive open-air design, complemented by a substantial flat roof that provides ample coverage. Adjacent to the station lies a modest courtyard adorned with flora and designated areas for artisanal vendors and retail outlets. Towards the terminus of the primary station structure, there appears to be plans for a forthcoming water feature. Given Izamal’s typically warm climate, the absence of cooling fans within the station is regrettable. Presently, amenities such as vendors, water fountains, and vending machines are notably absent from the premises. So, if you are going to be waiting at the station, be prepared. 

The station itself is open air but with a large flat roof covering everything. There is a small courtyard of plants and spaces for artisans and shops to open. At the end of the main part of the station is what looks like a future water feature. As you might know, the weather is usually on the hot side in Izamal. It is a shame there are no fans in the station. Currently there are no vendors, water fountains, or vending machines in the station. 

In the center of the station is a ticket booth and information booth. 

Izamal Tren Maya Station
This is the station looking out to the exit and parking lot.


Tren Maya Station in Izamal
This is the other end of the station where it looks like a fountain will be installed.

How to get to and from the Izamal Tren Maya Station

The only transportation to and from the station are taxis. Taxis charge 100 pesos each way. Unless you ask for a different drop off point in town, they will most likely drop you off at the taxi stop in front of the cathedral. This is also where you can take a taxi back to the train station. This taxi stop is very central to everything in town. 

There might not be taxis when you arrive to the station. The Tren Maya staff can assist you in calling a cab. 

Where is the Tren Maya Station in Izamal?

The Izamal Tren Maya Station is about 6.9km outside of Izamal. A taxi ride takes about 6-9 minutes. 


Is Izamal worth a stop on the Tren Maya?

If you are looking to ride the Tren Maya and explore more, Izamal is a great stop for you on the Tren Maya. Izamal is a Pueblo Magico, meaning it has a special designation from the government. This means it has historical, cultural or natural significance to Mexico and the town agrees to protect and conserve what it has. Izamal has done this by preservice the colonial buildings and making it unique by painting many of the buildings in town, yellow. See our video below of our favorite things to show people in Izamal. 


The Tren Maya Station in Izamal
The exterior of the Tren Maya Station in Izamal.

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