Everything about the Valladolid Tren Maya Station and Connections

Tren Maya Station Valladolid

Valladolid Tren Maya Station

In the center of the Yucatan Peninsuala sits the colonial town of Valladolid. It is the second largest city in Yucatan State and offers a lot to tourists visiting. Because Valladolid is near to Ek Balam and Chichen Itza plus the city itself has a lot of charm and attractions, it is a good stop on the Tren Maya. Valladolid offers a good selection of restaurants and hotels to support all levels of tourism. Since there is a lot to see and explore here, this train station is surely going to stop for many. Here is a guide to getting to and from the station plus tips on Valladolid. 

Where is the Tren Maya Station in Valladolid?

The Tren Maya Station in Valladolid is north of the city center along the 180 Toll Highway. It is 6km from the center and takes 10 minutes in taxi. 

Note: Google maps does not have correct driving directions to the station as of now. 


Photos of the new train station in Valladold

Even though the station is open now, it is still getting the finishing touches. It does resemble the artist render at the top of this article. It will be interesting in 5 or 10 years to see how the Tren Maya Station in Valladolid looks like and functions. 

Valladolid Tren Maya Station
Looking toward the parking lot of the station.


the new train station in Valladolid Yucatan.
Looking westward in the station. You can see one resident, an Oxxo convenience store.


The reception desk of the Tren Maya in Valladolid.


Tren Maya Valladolid
The tile in the station is striking and beautiful.


Tren Maya Station in Valladolid
The ticket windows and entrance area for the train platforms.

How do you connect between the Tren Maya and Valladolid?

If you are arriving at the Tren Maya Station in Valladolid, your only option as of now is a taxi to the center. The cost is 150 pesos per car and up to four people can ride in the taxi. 

We will update this if a bus service is started or other form of transportation connecting the station to the center of Valladolid starts. 

How much are tickets to and from Valladolid station?

Here are some sample prices for train trips to and from Valladolid. The official website to buy Tren Maya tickets is here. The first photo is for national tourists from other parts of Mexico. There are two classes of tickets. Turista is second class and Premier is first class. Local prices for residents of the five states that the Tren Maya operates are not listed here. 

Tren Maya prices Valladolid

Below are the prices to and from Valladolid for international tourist in both classes of the Tren Maya. 

Tren Maya prices Valladolid

How is the Tren Maya now? See our video here!

We recently took the Tren Maya and wanted to show our readers what it is like. We show you the difference between first class and second on one train and talk about tips for taking the train now. 


Other Tren Maya Station Guides

 Information for Visiting Valladolid, Yucatan

If you are headed to Valladolid either by Tren Maya or other transportation, here are some details about visiting that can make your experience better. Our guide to visiting Valladolid is here. We also have a video of some of the things that we like in Valladolid and what to see. This is the video below. 


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